Bride Calls Bridesmaid Fat, But Gets The Last Laugh At Her Own Wedding

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Bride vs. Bridesmaid
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Have you ever heard the phrase 'upstaging the bride'? It's a common phrase used to describe someone who takes the attention away from the bride on her big day. That's exactly what happened recently when a bridesmaid was accused of upstaged the bride at her own wedding. The bridesmaid had been invited to the wedding by the bride and her fiancé, and they had no idea what was to come.

Friend reunites with old classmate for a wedding full of surprises!

therosesbloom | therosesbloom

A bridesmaid overheard the bride call her "counterweight" for being obese, but the real surprise was at the wedding!

therosesbloom | therosesbloom

Bride publicly shames bridesmaid, but gets the last laugh!

therosesbloom | therosesbloom

The bridesmaid's incredible transformation: losing 35lbs in 6 months out of spite 💪

therosesbloom | therosesbloom

Bride reveals her ultimate prank - getting the last laugh at her own wedding with a tailored bridesmaid dress! 🤣

therosesbloom | therosesbloom

Bride's subtle revenge after bridesmaid was called fat at wedding!

therosesbloom | therosesbloom

A bridesmaid and groomsman had a conflict that led to a tension-filled wedding reception, but the bride got the last laugh.

therosesbloom | therosesbloom

When you get the last laugh at your own wedding 🤣

At Kate's wedding, her bridesmaid friend overheard her saying that she would be a "counterweight" to her fiance's friend Tim because they were both obese. The bridesmaid decided to take matters into her own hands and lost 35 pounds in six months. When everyone saw her at the wedding they were in shock, and Kate's real intention of setting her up with Tim was revealed. After the reception, the bridesmaid was left wondering if she was in the wrong.

NTA: 🤭 She didn't feel the pressure 💪

arsenicpixie | arsenicpixie

The commenter claims that the bride had no right to pressure the bridesmaid to lose weight, and that the bridesmaid was well within her rights to reject the idea of a date with someone. Replies to the comment include people sharing their similar experiences, and one even suggesting a romcom based on the story!

NTA! 🤣 OP gets the last laugh!

Arbor_Arabicae | Arbor_Arabicae

The commentor is not the a**hole (NTA) for not wanting to date someone just because they are walking together in a wedding ceremony. The rest of the wedding party are gossiping like middle schoolers and the bride is the typical mean girl. The replies agree with the commentor and add that the bride got mad at OP for not pity-dating some random guy she picked and applaud OP's pettiness in losing weight and packing on muscle out of spite.

Bridezilla gets the last laugh 🤣

scrapfactor | scrapfactor

The comment states that Kate, the bride, is an a**hole for making a jealous comment about the commenter's weight. The commenter is NTA for declining a date, and losing weight.

Bride gets a taste of her own medicine 🤣

JustAHighFlyingBird | JustAHighFlyingBird

NTA: Kate wanted the bridesmaid only for looks and b*tched her out for losing weight. She also wanted to set her up with a random person based on the fact that they were both heavier. Kate comes across as a very self-centered woman and the bridesmaid is NTA here.

Friend or foe? 😱

whateverisnttaken22 | whateverisnttaken22

The commenter declared that the bride was "NTA (not the a**hole)", implying that she was a terrible friend. A reply then agreed and stated that "That is NOT a friend".

💪 NTA and a great revenge story!

kidd_gloves | kidd_gloves

The commentator gave a resounding 'NTA' and praised the bride for her amazing revenge story and weight loss. They emphasized that the bride shouldn't worry about it as she would never see any of those people ever again.

Big 💪🏼, small 💬 💥

RhauXharn | RhauXharn

NTA comments that the bride shouldn't dictate who the person should hook up with, and they don't owe anyone a date regardless of their size. One reply said they were told they should be grateful for attention and should turn their life around for the better.

A**hole bride gets outsmarted 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commentor said the bride was an a**hole for calling her bridesmaid fat, but got the last laugh at her own wedding. No replies found.

Bride gets the last 🤣 at her own wedding!

I_might_be_weasel | I_might_be_weasel

The bride was called out for making a suspicious account long before her wedding, but her witty reply confirmed it was her own r/dirtypenpals account.

NTA! 🤩 Friends who lose weight in a healthy way deserve to be proud!

DexterDDresden | DexterDDresden

The comment acknowledged that the bride was NTA (not the a**hole) for not considering the bridesmaid's personal improvements. The reply shared that losing weight in a healthy way is commendable and should be celebrated. 🎉

ESH drama at a wedding😮

kal_el_diablo | kal_el_diablo

The comment suggests that the original poster (OP) could have held a grudge and had a bad attitude throughout the wedding. Replies point to a classic Everyone Sucks Here (ESH) situation, with the OP possibly trying to upstage the bride with her "revenge body". The replies agree that the bride was an a**hole, but wonder how deep the OP's spite runs.

😳 Bride's wedding takes an unexpected turn!

PlaySalieri | PlaySalieri

The comment questioned if judgement was necessary, and a reply agreed that the OP was not wrong."

Revenge body 💪, ESH 🤮

Afraid-Pomegranate88 | Afraid-Pomegranate88

The bride was awful, but the OP went through months of hard work to show up to her wedding with their revenge body. Everyone sucks here for the bride's behavior, but OP's plan resulted in a last laugh.

Bride gets the last laugh⚡️

StingerAE | StingerAE

The comment states that a 30 year old woman should not have to lose, put on, or maintain weight for any reason other than her own health and peace of mind. It also adds that she is under no obligation to date someone she isn't interested in just because of their similar weights.

👏Bride gets the last laugh👏

Driftwood1884 | Driftwood1884

The comment says NTA (not the a**hole) and praises the bride for cluing in to the fact that she was being used as a bookend and then getting her revenge by losing weight and 'upstaging' her friend at the wedding.

Bride gets jealous😒 NTA!

crazycatlady45325 | crazycatlady45325

The commenter states that the bride was jealous of the bridesmaid's weight loss and is not the a**hole. The replies affirm that the bride was jealous and reiterate that the bridesmaid is not the a**hole.

Bride gets 🔥 revenge 🔥

the_lamper | the_lamper

Bride planned a 🤫 sneaky 🤫 revenge on the bridesmaid who called her fat. She ordered a size down for her bridesmaid's dress and wore the tightest Lululemons when she met them. Replies to the comment included that the term "rounding out" is commonly used to refer to the sum of individuals in a group, not a particular person.

Bride 🤩👏 NTA 💪 💃

schnoodle2017 | schnoodle2017

The comment congratulated the bride for her weightloss and for ditching an unsupportive friend. No replies found.

The a-hole comes full circle!

Actual_Geologist_316 | Actual_Geologist_316

The comment's author questioned whether or not the original poster was the a**hole, but it turns out that the original poster is actually proud of the weight they lost. The comment's replies revealed that they felt weird admitting it, but they weren't telling everyone out of spite.

Bride gets the last laugh 😆

OrgoQueen | OrgoQueen

The comment questions the authenticity of the article, expressing disbelief that something like this would happen. Replies to the comment provide further context and back up the claim that the bride did indeed get the last laugh at her own wedding.

A bride gets the last laugh 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter claims the bride is the a**hole for sharing this story, as they feel it makes them dumber for reading it.

Bride gets the last laugh😆

Kam_the_devil | Kam_the_devil

The comment congratulated the bride for losing weight out of spite, and expressed approval of her friend being "knocked down a peg or two."

Bridezilla gets the last 🤣

WasPrettyFly1ce | WasPrettyFly1ce

The commenter finds the bride to be NTA (not the a-hole) but her friend to be an a-hole (AH).

👏🏼 Friend group drama!

Away_Trade_3850 | Away_Trade_3850

The commenter is Not The A-hole, but suggests that they need to "call them or on their sh*t" to stop them from "lambasting" them.

Bride gets last laugh 👰💃

Heraonolympia123 | Heraonolympia123

The comment praises a bride's 'spite workout' as a way of getting back at her bridesmaid who called her fat. It also calls Kate, the bridesmaid, a 'nasty person' and declares the commenter as 'NTA.'

Bride's wedding: 👰💥 Revenge 💥

ScarletBaron0105 | ScarletBaron0105

The comment expressed shock at the story with the phrase 'What kind of revenge fantasy novel is this lol'. No replies were found.

Congrats on the weight loss! 🎉

Sammakko660 | Sammakko660

The commenter congratulates the bridesmaid on her weight loss out of spite. The commenter goes on to say they're Not The A**hole (NTA) for the situation, and questions the logic of setting two overweight people up together at the wedding. A reply adds more context to the situation, explaining how the bridesmaid and groomsman were paired together.

Revenge is sweet... 🤫

IamHighVoltage | IamHighVoltage

The commenter admits that they would have taken the 'a**hole route' too, but OP chose the revenge route instead. One of the replies states that OP's weight loss does not make them an 'a**hole', and that they are not responsible for someone else's opinion of their body.

Bride gets the last 🤣


The comment states that the bride was wrong for lying to people on the sub, and deservedly got the last laugh at her own wedding.

🤦‍♀️ Bride's friend gets called out!

Substantial_Pin2711 | Substantial_Pin2711

The comment states that the bride's friend was not really a friend, rather she was using her to "round out" her wedding party. No replies were found.

NTA ✌️ Congratulations 🎉

mysteresc | mysteresc

The comment expresses agreement with the bride, saying that she doesn't need such a friend and congratulating her on her personal fitness journey.

Bride gets revenge on 👰🏼 bridesmaid 👥

RanchoCuca | RanchoCuca

The comment acknowledges that the bride Kate is an AH for her Discord comment and generally the way she treated her bridesmaid. The bridesmaid also admits to losing weight out of spite, but it was a price she was willing to pay to get revenge on the bride.

Bride gets embarrassed 😮

Admirable_One99989 | Admirable_One99989

NTA (not the a**hole). The bride invited the bridesmaid because she thought she was below average looks, but the bridesmaid ended up outshining her. The bride is the festering a-hole and it could be an entertaining wedding to witness.

😂 Bride gets the last laugh!

SlidAnotherStand | SlidAnotherStand

The commenter declared 'NTA but your friend sure as hell is' - implying that the bride was not the a**hole, but her friend was. The bride ultimately got the last laugh at her own wedding.

Bride gets the 😅 last laugh!

nearly_nonchalant | nearly_nonchalant

The commenter found the situation hilarious and declared the bride Not The A**hole.

NTA! ✊️💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment declared that the bride was 'Not The A**hole' for her insecurities not being the commenter's problem. The commenter also congratulated the bride on her weight loss.

Bride gets 👊🏾 for her rude 💬 about bridesmaid's size

JHawk444 | JHawk444

The bridesmaid was not obligated to lose weight to please the bride, who was being unreasonable by making those kinds of demands. Nobody should be a "communist dictator" and control the smallest details of others' lives.

🤩 Congrats on the weight loss!

redvood00 | redvood00

The section comment praised the bride for her weight loss and declared her NTA (not the a**hole). No replies were found.

Bride gets the last laugh 👏

hoaxx__ | hoaxx__

The comment encourages the bride to lose weight for her own wellbeing, not to please others. No replies were found.

Friendship fail: 👎🤦‍♀️

Red-Droid-Blue-Droid | Red-Droid-Blue-Droid

The commenter deemed the bride's behavior NTA (not the a**hole) and questioned what kind of friend she is.

Good for you! 🙌

SnooBooks007 | SnooBooks007

The comment reflects a tone of admiration and respect for the commenter's accomplishment of losing weight and gaining muscle in a short amount of time. The commenter is also praised with an acronym NTA (not the a**hole).

🤷 Not obliged to date or look certain way? NTA!

JakeRogue | JakeRogue

The comment affirms that the original poster is Not The A**hole in the situation, as they are not obliged to date someone they're not interested in, nor look a certain way or be healthy for someone else. They are advised to maintain their class in dealing with these people.

Bride gets the last🔥laugh!

Maraudogs | Maraudogs

The commenter said NTA (not the a**hole) in the context of the bride's prank, suggesting it was a form of petty revenge. No replies found.

Bride gets the last laugh!

Anxiety-Tough | Anxiety-Tough

The commenter declared NTA (not the a**hole), saying that it's the choice of the bride to date someone she doesn't want to, regardless of giving them the chance or not.

NTA: 🤩 Revenge is sweet!

mrbnlkld | mrbnlkld

The comment states that the bride knew she was not muted when she made insensitive comments to the bridesmaid, and was probably looking forward to bullying her at the wedding. However, the bridesmaid showed up at the wedding looking like a million bucks, making it a sweet revenge for the bridesmaid. One reply then adds that the bride was just explaining things to her fiancé.

🤣 Petty wins! 🤣

harrisxj | harrisxj

The commenter is Not The A**hole, and suggests that this is an example of successful petty revenge. No replies found.

Bride 🤦‍♀️ gets the last laugh!

wizardyourlifeforce | wizardyourlifeforce

Kate made a comment about her bridesmaid being skinnier than her, suggesting she has a personality disorder. A reply revealed that Kate had a couple of drinks by that point."

The goat gets the 👍🏼

Cefitie | Cefitie

Commenter humorously approves of the bride's decision to bring a goat to her own wedding, indicating that it is a better option than the bridesmaid she called fat.

Bride gets the last laugh 👏

NancyNuggets | NancyNuggets

The commenter suggests that the bride's 'last laugh' may have been exaggerated, as 35 pounds would not be enough to 'show up the bride.' No replies found.

No A-hole Here 😉

Librarian-Voter | Librarian-Voter

The comment states that "people suck and weddings are dumb," and it's designated as NTA, meaning "not the a**hole."

Bride gets the last laugh at her wedding!

M3ghan_ | M3ghan_

The comment mentioned that the post was featured on 'The View', and replied that the bride was 'NTA'. The reply was 'WAIT WHAT?'

Bride called bridesmaid fat, 👏 but she got the last laugh!

ChilindriPizza | ChilindriPizza

The commenter declared Not The A**hole and said that the bridesmaid did not owe anyone a date, regardless of her weight.

Toxic bridesmaid 🤬 gets the last laugh 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter said the bridesmaid sounded "toxic af", and encouraged the bride to not need people like that in her life. 💛


Lizardgirl25 | Lizardgirl25

The commenter expresses disbelief and agrees that the bride is 'Not the A**hole' in the situation.

🤣 Revenge is sweet!

NinjaBabaMama | NinjaBabaMama

The commenter declared 'Not The A**hole' (NTA) and applauded the bride for losing weight as revenge for the bridesmaid's rude comments.

Congrats 🎉🎊 NTA!

Happy_Way6890 | Happy_Way6890

The bride received congratulations for her wedding and was deemed "Not The A**hole" (NTA)! The commentor also asked how the bride lost weight, requesting tips in the process.

NTA: 🎉 Congrats on 200lbs lost!

WinternallyScreaming | WinternallyScreaming

The comment congratulates the bride on the roughly 200 pounds lost from working on her body and leaving a toxic 'friend' behind. The commenter believes she deserved to be upset and that the bridesmaid's behavior was terrible towards her.

NTA! 💪 🤗

Apprehensive-hippos | Apprehensive-hippos

The commenter said that the bride's behavior was wrong and encouraged the bridesmaid to move on and to focus on her health and happiness. No replies were found.

🤣 Bride gets the last laugh!

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

The commenter declared that the bride was 'not the a-hole' in the situation.

Bride gets the last 😏

BirdsLikeSka | BirdsLikeSka

Commenter says NTA (not the a**hole) as bride's motivation to lose weight was out of spite. No replies found.

Revenge is sweet!

fumbles912 | fumbles912

The commenter shared that if someone spoke about them like the bride did about her bridesmaid, they would agree to be a bridesmaid and then not show up to mess up the wedding as revenge.

Bride gets a taste of her own 👄

SubRedditLurker08 | SubRedditLurker08

The commenter declares the bride NTA for her catty comments, and for setting up a date for the bridesmaid and someone else just because they were both obese. The commenter finds it hilarious that the bridesmaid upstaged her by losing weight.

Bride gets the last laugh 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter declared NTA, saying that all of their bridesmaids were skinnier than them due to their height, despite the bride's comments.

Bridesmaid gets revenge😏

Fit_General7058 | Fit_General7058

Not the A**hole, the commenter relates a story in which they were chosen to be a bridesmaid due to being overweight, but when they arrived at the wedding, they were no longer overweight, infuriating the bride. The commenter suggests that it's better off not knowing the bride.