A Husband Makes a Surprising Request of His Wife During a Restaurant Celebration — Did She Do the Right Thing?

Husband asks wife to pay the bill
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In a story that paints a complicated picture of a marriage, a husband and wife were out celebrating his bonus at a restaurant. The husband made a surprising request of his wife - he asked her to pay the bill, saying he had assumed she would want to celebrate with him. She refused, and the situation quickly escalated, with his family criticizing her and him getting angry and leaving the kitchen. Did the wife do the right thing? Read on to find out reactions and comments on Reddit about the situation.

A husband's unexpected request leads to a heated debate — what do you think?

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

A husband makes a special request of his wife during dinner — did she make the right decision?

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

The husband planned an extravagant celebration for his bonus — but did his wife do the right thing when he made his surprise request?

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

A husband surprises his wife with an unexpected request during their restaurant celebration. Did she make the right choice?

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

He asked his wife to pay for his and his family's meals - did she do the right thing?

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

She refused her husband's request, causing a commotion and a heated argument. 🤯

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

He wanted his wife to pay for the bill, but she wasn't feeling it. What would you do?

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

After a celebratory dinner, tensions flare when the husband makes an unexpected request of his wife. "Juvenile antics" and heated words follow.

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

A husband's surprising request has sparked a debate — what do you think the wife should do?

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

A husband makes a controversial request and an argument ensues — what happens next?

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

He's pretty irritated yet laughing sarcastically — what will his wife do? 🤔

valley-mountains3453 | valley-mountains3453

A husband makes an unexpected request of his wife during a restaurant celebration. Did she do the right thing? 🤔

He planned the celebration, but did he pay? 🤔

Evil_Mel | Evil_Mel

The husband's request is 👎 NTA!

TheQuixoticTribble | TheQuixoticTribble

Marriage issues 🤔

charley_warlzz | charley_warlzz

NTA. He👎🏼 made a presumptuous request😱

shelballama | shelballama

NTA: He didn't ❤️ to spend money on the celebration!

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA! A conversation was warranted 🤔

unionmom4 | unionmom4

🤔 The husband's request

Kris82868 | Kris82868

NTA: 🤔 Splitting the check makes sense!

JoBenSab | JoBenSab

👤 A surprising request 🤔

gwenixia | gwenixia

A husband's🤔 shocking request 🤔

nurselife1225 | nurselife1225

👇🏻 Husband's surprising request at a restaurant

Potential_Speech_703 | Potential_Speech_703

NTA: Don't invite and ask someone else to foot the bill 🤷

The_Boots_of_Truth | The_Boots_of_Truth

NAH 🤔 Who does he think he is?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Can separate finances work? 🤔

U_PassButter | U_PassButter

NTA: He should pay 💰

Ok_Point7463 | Ok_Point7463

Is communication 🗣️ the key to a successful marriage? 🤔

mobyhead1 | mobyhead1

Husband's rude request 🤔

Same_Hurry8142 | Same_Hurry8142

NTA: He tried to manipulate his wife into paying the bill 🤦‍♂️

Status-Pattern7539 | Status-Pattern7539

NTA: He can't assume 🤔

GreekAmericanDom | GreekAmericanDom

Should you demand finances from your spouse?

VapidRudesby | VapidRudesby

When marriage ⛔️🤔

CodnmeDuchess | CodnmeDuchess

NTA: 🤔 Not Okay to Spring Payment 💰

flora069 | flora069

🤔 Is it time to separate?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Celebration gone wrong 🤯

jsodano | jsodano

Husband's shocking request 👀

rmric0 | rmric0

🤔 Who pays the bill?

Tricky_Individual_81 | Tricky_Individual_81

NTA: He set her up 🤔

GoddessOfDilettantes | GoddessOfDilettantes

NTA: 🤯💰

Glittering_Living693 | Glittering_Living693

🤔 NTA, OP's husband has a logic problem 🤔

Clevergirluk | Clevergirluk

A surprising request 🤔

These-Process-7331 | These-Process-7331

A husband makes a 🤯request of his wife 🤔 Did she do the right thing?

Castyourspellswisely | Castyourspellswisely

Husband's request leaves wife in shock 😱

Patrick_Kanes_Mullet | Patrick_Kanes_Mullet

🤔 A shocking request! 😮

TransportationFew824 | TransportationFew824

A husband makes a surprising 🤔 request of his wife at dinner,🍴 NTA!

Zieglest | Zieglest

Husband's money request NTA

Abanditttt | Abanditttt

NTA: Husband's 👎 Surprise Request 🤔

BarracudaLeft5993 | BarracudaLeft5993

NTA: Who should foot the bill for the party?

just_peachy1000 | just_peachy1000

NTA: He didn't ask beforehand 🤔

LavishnessGeneral | LavishnessGeneral

A strange 🤔 request in a restaurant?

electricman420 | electricman420

NTA: Husband's request surprises wife

shadynasty55 | shadynasty55

The consequences of 🤔 assuming 🤷‍♀️

Murderbunny13 | Murderbunny13

NTA: Husband's request was disrespectful 🤬

Ok_Sea_4405 | Ok_Sea_4405

🤔 Did marriage last? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: 🤨 Party payer shocker 🤔

SaikaTheCasual | SaikaTheCasual

Inviter pays 💰

superwholockian62 | superwholockian62

NTA: Husband's ❓surprising❓ request

VixedVexen | VixedVexen

NTA 🚫 Husband's shocking 🤯 request!

quirkyhermit | quirkyhermit

Married couples in trouble 🤔

Bellbell28 | Bellbell28

🤔 An unusual 🤝 request 🤔

Gummy_yumyum | Gummy_yumyum

🤔 Did the husband make a fair request?

CleanCucumber620 | CleanCucumber620

A shocking request 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: 🚨Run away from this guy🚨

highoncatnipbrownies | highoncatnipbrownies

Entitlement gone wild 🤯

defiantothend | defiantothend

🤔 Husband's bonus, his call!

ApoxyCornishSeagull | ApoxyCornishSeagull

NTA: Husband's surprise request 👎

freyesphinx | freyesphinx

Celebrating a special occasion 🎉

Alive-Combination-92 | Alive-Combination-92

Husband's 🤔request: 🤔NTA 🤔

stromtrooper_ | stromtrooper_

🍻 Celebrating with drinks! 🍻

IamPlatycus | IamPlatycus

NTA: Husband's surprise request 🤔

CinnamonBlue | CinnamonBlue

Everyone's an a-hole? 🤔

Kayliee73 | Kayliee73

NTA: Keep your finances separate 💰

JaneAustenismyJam | JaneAustenismyJam

🤔 Did she do the right thing?

Someonelz | Someonelz

What would you do? 🤔

wookieejesus05 | wookieejesus05

NTA: 🤯 Celebrate money with someone else's $$?

huokai | huokai

Couples, separate finances or not, should not be 'holding money against each other'!

RaRa_Badger | RaRa_Badger

A husband's surprising request 🤔

sdemps43 | sdemps43