Daisy May Cooper's Unbelievable Transformation since Split from Ex-Husband

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Daisy May Cooper
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Daisy May is back with a hot body to show for it. The actress, who split from her ex-husband in 2021, is glowing and gorgeous in her new physique, and we're tempted to ask her for the deets.

Keep reading for all the scoop.

Mirror Selfie

The 36-year-old broke the internet as she posed in front of a mirror in nothing but a busty bodysuit showing off her tiny waist and ample bosoms. The outfit left little to the imagination with its lacy edges and high legs.

How Did She Get This Fit?!

Daisy May
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The This Country star went on a keto diet last year to slim down, especially after the lockdown. Keto dieting involves eating foods that are low-carb and high-fat.

Interview With Grazia Magazine

In an interview with Grazia Magazine in October 2022, she discussed her transformation and revealed why she made that decision.

"I'm so for body positivity but when I was at my biggest I was at my most miserable and I had a massive food addiction. I wasn't healthy. I couldn't breathe when I was walking up the stairs. I was so unhappy."

She's Still Funny

Measuring Tape
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She added that she'd gotten disturbing messages asking why she lost weight and how she was not funny anymore.

"And I've had some messages like, "Well, now you've lost the weight, you're not funny anymore. What the f"k? Why do women have to be f king fat to be funny? That makes me so angry. I champion anybody. I think everybody should be happy with their body. But I wasn't."

Splitting From Her Ex-husband

The 36-year-old split from her long-term partner Will Weston in July 2021, citing that there's no real love between them.

One Of The Reasons For Divorce

Daisy May
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The talent blamed their divorce on irreconcilable differences, including her different sense of humor from her husband.

"I was with a man, as wonderful as he is, who didn't find This Country funny. It wasn't his sense of humor. 'It's like, how can I possibly be with a man who doesn't find my comedy funny? That's f**king mad! And he deserves better than me because he has things she needs that I can't give him."

Lockdown Had A Role To Play

The actress stressed that the Covid-19 lockdown had a role to play in the breakdown of their marriage, and she felt the need to be by herself following the stress of the pandemic on her and everyone.

The Arguments

She revealed how they began to argue more, especially when she was pregnant with their son Jack during the lockdown. They would argue about her not wanting to go out and grab dinner or join her family for a meal at home.

The Breaking Point

Daisy May
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The actress realized she couldn't take it anymore when her daughter Pip requested a pair of dungarees to be put on a Sylvanian Families figure from her childhood toy set.

Her daughter's reaction made her feel burdened, and she felt she couldn't cope at that time.

"I had tears streaming down my cheeks. I told my husband — well, my then-husband — 'I've got to go outside, just walk, on my own."

Considering Divorce

She added that she also read a publication by a woman in her seventies who had felt trapped in her marriage. She related to that and then began considering divorce.

Selin Hizli

Daisy May
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Her friendship with Selin Hizli, an old friend from drama school, also gave her the sign she needed to leave her marriage.

Honest Conversations

She added that they began to have honest discussions, and Daisy made her understand real love because she felt "understood" by her friend.

"Life's too short not to be happy."

Describing Will

The actress described her ex-husband as amazing, and an incredible dad.

Pressure To Settle Down

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May also blame their eagerness to settle down once they reached their thirties for the quick death of their marriage.

New Romance

Following her divorce from Will, she moved on to Ryan Weymouth.

A Whirlwind Romance

Their love was intense as she even got his name tattooed on her ring finger.


Daisy May
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But it didn't exceed five months, as they both went their separate ways two weeks after she got the tattoo.

Growing And Learning

The actress revealed in the interview that she doesn't care about the tattoo despite the breakup as she making mistakes she felt she couldn't make before.

'This Country'

Daisy May
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She became a household name with the BAFTA-winning BBC mockumentary This Country. She also created, wrote, and starred in the project alongside her brother Charlie Cooper.