Family Desperate for Answers After Five-Year-Old Girl's Sudden Passing

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A family of 5 in North Lanarkshire loses their youngest member after she falls ill because of a suspected tummy bug. The reason for her death is still unknown, and here is what the family has to say about the case.

A 5-Year-Old Dies


Isabella Grace Docherty, aged 5, fell ill and suddenly passed away the same day after collapsing in her family home in Newarthill, North Lanarkshire.

Nothing Too Serious

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Her mother explained that Bella had vomited a couple of times, and since several of her friends from school were ill, the family concluded that perhaps she had contracted the tummy bug.

Still So Spritey

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Although she was unwell that entire day, Bella was still "bossing" her family around and asking for McDonald's.

A Shocking Turn of Events

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At around 4 in the morning, her father was helping her down the stairs since the 5-year-old had difficulty moving on her own. After reaching downstairs, she threw up again and suddenly collapsed.

A Call For Help

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Bella's mother revealed how her husband called out for her holding the unconscious little girl in his arms.

A Mother's Instinct

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As her mother removed the hair from her face to perform CPR, she knew that Bella was gone, "my instincts told me she was gone."

Waiting For Help

They called the paramedics, and a neighbor stepped in to help out until the ambulance arrived, but things only worsened from then onwards.

The Last Moments

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Although the paramedics tried their best to keep her alive, Bella passed away in the emergency room of Wishaw General Hospital.

A Sickness That Changed Her Life

Talking about Bella's medical history, her mother revealed that she had contracted chicken pox in the summer of 2022, after which her behavior changed completely.

A Brain Abnormality

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After getting an MRI and CT scans following chicken pox, it was revealed that Bella had an abnormality in her brain stem, but the doctors assured her parents that it wasn't life-threatening.

Another Assurance

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While the doctors were unaware of the exact nature of the abnormality, they told the parents that it had nothing to do with Bella's death.

A Lack of Answers

Bella's family has no answers as to what killed their youngest member, and they're scared that they may never be able to find out, "She was due to go into the hospital last week as an in-patient for some testing, but unfortunately, suddenly, she's gone."

Post-Mortem Reveals Nothing

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Even her Post-Mortem results came as inconclusive, but the family is waiting and hoping that the results of further tests may have some answers for them.

Damaged Beyond Repair

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Pamela confessed that her other two children, Ellie and Leon, are distressed, and the family's world has come to a standstill.

A Grieving Family

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She further revealed that she was helping her husband to calm down the other two children, "the kids are devastated. Ellie saw everything, so she's pretty traumatized. She shared a room with Bella so she's not come home yet."

Life of the Party

Reminiscing about her daughter's time on Earth, Pamela explains, "Bella was our funny, caring little diva, and now we just want the world to know how amazing she was."

A Local Fundraiser

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A fundraising page has been organized for the family to help them prepare for Bella's funeral as they grieve their loss.

Helping Hands

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The organizer shares her intentions behind the fundraiser explaining that, "With permission from the family, I have set this page up for anyone who wishes to help the family at this devastating time."

Do Your Bit!

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As the family attempts to recover from being separated from their little ball of sunshine so soon, participating in the fundraiser is the only thing we can do to help.