Bretman Rock Slams 'White People' For Ruining The Beauty Community

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Bretman Rock
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The famous vine star turned beauty influencer known for his off-the-charts humor, and stunning makeup looks opened up about the drama in the beauty industry in his interview for his new memoir.

Bretman Rock has been a part of the beauty community since 2015, after one of his makeup videos went viral. With such a huge following on his social media and devoted fans worldwide, his fans are curious to know what must have happened that made him make such a statement. Well, we are here to spill the sauce regarding rock’s statement. Stay tuned to find out!

The Interview Where It All Went Down

It all went down during Bretman’s interview with them, an LGBTQ+ storytelling platform. Rock went down memory lane to reflect on his most notable moments of becoming what he is today.

Reflecting On All That Sass

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The 24-year-old Filipino star looked back on his vine era and his first vine that blew up along with his makeup tutorials while looking back at all the beautiful people he met along his journey.

From Vine Era To The Beauty Guru Era

We have come a long way
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Bretman shared his journey from wearing a fake Versace scarf in his vine to wearing blue lenses under a pink eyeshadow to reminisce the cringe that brought him here today.

Bret’s Mom’s Views On His Work

While getting candid about his early rise to fame, he opened up about his mom thinking he sold drugs until the day he appeared in the Forbes 30 under 30.

Expressing His Dislike Toward The Beauty Community

I hate them

Looking back at his viral makeup tutorial, Bret commented that it's no longer a beauty industry nor a beauty community

The 2021 Announcement

I won't stay here
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During the interview, Bret commented on his 2021 live stream, where he had announced to leave the beauty industry. He expressed how he didn’t want to be associated with the beauty industry anymore.

Accusing The White People of Destroying The Beauty Community

They are racists

Following his earlier remarks, Rock held the white people responsible for ruining the beauty industry and making him lose interest in it.

The Motivating Force Behind His Work

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Bret revealed that the motivating force behind his content was his closely-knit beauty community and his strong love towards it.

The Beauty Genre Turns Ugly

Nothing lasts forever, and the same happened with the beauty community. The closely-tied beauty community turned ugly with the rise of scandals and controversies as the number of  white people in the industry grew.

Scandals, Controversies, And More...

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It all started with racist tweets from other famous creators like Jeffree Star, Gabriel Zamora, and  Laura Lee, followed by false advertising to spread misinformation and tear other creators down.

The Endless Controversies Of James Charles

James Charles
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What started small went on a step further with the endless controversies of James Charles as news of him being involved in sexual messaging with minors surfaced on the internet.

Feud With Tati Westbrook

Tati Westbrook
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From thereon, James' controversies only escalated as he was later seen in a public feud with former close friends and mentor whom he called mom.

The Morphe Mishap

James Charles and Morphe
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When all seemed to go well with James and his collaboration with Morphe, his eyeshadow palette was reported to stain people’s skin and cause hives.

Sexual And Physical Assaults

Jeffree Star
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To worsen things, one of the prominent beauty community members, Jeffree Star, was accused of assaulting people and offering the victims money to silence them.

Apologies And Amendments

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With every passing controversy emerged a new one. Then came the apology texts and videos that, too, faced a lot of backlash from viewers.

Apology Videos Turned Into Meme Content

As apology videos grew popular, meme creators hopped on the bandwagon to use the note app apologies as a common meme phrase.

The Core Reason Behind Departing From The Community

I am disturbed
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About all the conflicts and scandals, Bret confessed that the frequency with which they occurred made him leave the beauty community.

The Beauty Community Becomes The Sorry Community

Rock criticized the community members for their long and exaggerated apology videos of them crying and told them to say sorry and not do it again.

Final Verdict

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From making funny vines that made us roll over while laughing to inspiring us all to feel confident in our skin, we have watched Bretman grow. That said, we respect his decisions and are here to support him through every path he chooses!