Woman Who Returned Lady Gaga's Stolen Dogs Sues Singer for Not Paying Her Reward

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Lady Gaga
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After returning Lady Gaga's stolen dogs, Jennifer McBride takes the singer to court. What happens next? Read on to learn more!

Lady Gaga Being Sued

Lady Gaga is being sued by a dog-thief suspect that wants a $500,000 prize.

Jennifer McBride Is Suing Lady Gaga For $500,000

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After being detained concerning the kidnapping of Lady Gaga's canines, Jennifer McBride sued the Applause artist for the $500,000 given to whoever brought bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, back to the singer. She is not happy with Gaga’s lack of keeping a promise.

McBride Wants The Bag!

A woman accused of aiding in the theft of Lady Gaga's canines is attempting to collect the cash reward that was given in exchange for their safe recovery. Let’s see what we have here!

What Happened?

What happened?
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In a suit brought against the "Bad Romance" singer on February 24, Jennifer McBride, one amongst five individuals detained in connection with the 2021 violent dognapping of her French bulldogs, demanded $500,000 as the quantity of the cash the celebrity had assured anybody who found and brought her family pets.

Gaga’s Instagram Post For Her Dogs

Here's what Lady Gaga posted on her Instagram:

Return Of The Pets

The papers state that McBride contacted Gaga following the event and brought the pets to the LAPD. She brought them to the Olympic Community Police Station. According to the petition, McBride claims that the artist violated the agreement by "denying" to compensate her. 

McBride Accuses Gaga Of Lying

She's a liar
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According to the filings, McBride thinks Gaga made the $500,000 prize payment claim to mislead and encourage the general population, meaning herself, to depend on it while failing to act on the claimed offer by discovering and returning the bulldogs.

Hypocrite Much?

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McBride claims discomfort, emotional pain, and absence of happiness in her lawsuit against Gaga for punitive harm in the amount of $500,000. Looks like she is making the situation all about herself.

The Unfortunate Incident

Ryan Fischer, Gaga's dog walker, was exercising the musician's three dogs in February 2021 when, according to investigators, 2 of the canines were taken. In the course of the encounter, Fischer was wounded and hurt.

Fischer Taken To Hospital

Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Fischer, was wounded and taken to the hospital right after. Thankfully, he survived and lived.

Asia Escapes!

Dog runs
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As Fischer was wounded, the other dog, named Asia, managed to escape until being found by authorities. We are glad that she is okay and was not harmed.

Gaga Praises Fischer

In her post where Gaga is pleading for her dogs to be found, she thanks Ryan Fischer for his bravery. The star applauds him for trying his best to keep the dogs safe.

Investigation Continued

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Five persons were detained in relation to the matter in April of the next year, including McBride, who was accused of becoming an accomplice. She was given two years on suspension in 2022 after entering a not-guilty plea about one charge of getting stolen goods, as reported by the local newspaper, LA Times.

McBride Turns Out To Be An Accomplice

This is crazy
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The source reported that McBride's accessory allegation was withdrawn as part of a plea agreement, citing court records. This is crazy!

Accused Turned Out To Be Dangerous

They are dangerous
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Another man among the five accused entered a not-guilty plea with one charge of attempted homicide concerning the incident and was given a 21-year jail term. Man, these are some serious charges!

Why Were The Dogs Kidnapped?

The dogs were most probably kidnapped as they happen to be one of the most expensive breeds out there: French Bulldogs or Frenchies. They are sold for very high prices in the pet market!

Kidnapped To Be Sold Or For Ransom?

What's the reason
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We still don’t know the kidnapper’s motives behind the incident. Did they do it to harm Gaga? Was it for money? What was the real reason?

Gaga And Her Dogs

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Lady Gaga and her fans were ecstatic upon the dog’s return. They looked pleased and healthy when they returned to the singer.

Treated The Best

Dogs treated

Gaga treats her dogs in the best manner possible. We are happy and hope that none of her Frenchies are ever in harm’s way again.