Joe Exotic Diagnosed With Possible Bladder Cancer, Refusing Treatment

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Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin
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Trouble for Joe Exotic? Is it just Joe's adamancy that is something really cooking? Read on to learn more!

Joseph Maldonado, Aka Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic

Joseph Allen Maldonado, famously known as Joe Exotic and nicknamed "The Tiger King," is a businessman, personality, and convicted felon who operated the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park.

Is Joe A Murderer?

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Believe it or not, he was also convicted of multiple wildlife violations, including killing five tigers, selling tiger cubs, and falsifying records.

Joe Exotic Is Currently Serving A 22 Year Prison Sentence

Well, talking about real life, not some movie. 59-year-old Joe Exotic is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for his involvement in a failed murder-for-hire plot to take out his sworn enemy, Carole Baskin.

The Reason is Not What You Think It Is!

Joe Exotic
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Prosecutors allege that he paid a man $3,000 to carry out the hit in Florida in 2017 after Baskin had publicly criticized him for animal abuse in the popular Netflix series.

Animal Abuse Is Not a Case To Neglect

Joe Exotic

Exotic has been widely condemned for mistreating animals, with Carole Baskin leading the charge. His actions have been so egregious that the USDA launched an investigation.

Reveal Of Prostate Cancer In 2021

He has cancer
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In May 2021, Exotic revealed his prostate cancer diagnosis and called on President Biden to release him on compassionate grounds.

An Appeal For Joe’s Release

Joe Exotic has maintained his innocence, and his attorneys argued that he wasn't being serious. In November 2022, he expressed dissatisfaction with his living arrangement, highlighting the need for his release.

Meeting With The Urology Specialist

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After meeting with his urology specialist on Wednesday, it was determined that Joe's cancer had likely spread to his bladder.

Joe Is Clearly Willing To Give Up

Joe Exotic

Joe is understandably concerned about the prognosis, but will he fight the disease with all his strength? For that, we are not so sure.

Joe Noticed Blood In His Urine

Blood in urine

Joe revealed to TMZ that he has been experiencing a lot of blood in his urine and bleeding heavily during his prostate cancer treatments.

Joe’s Cancer Has Now Spread

Doctors fear Joe Exotic's prostate cancer has now spread to his bladder, but incarcerated former zookeeper refuses further treatment.

Diagnoses Have to Worsen Joe’s Life

Tiger King

Exotic, the former star of Netflix's Tiger King true-crime series, is already serving a prison sentence, and now this diagnosis has worsened Joe’s life.

Decision Made By Joe For Not Seeking Any Treatment

Joe Exotic

He decided not to seek treatment, writing, "I want to stay here and just let it take its course.” This left all the people in silence. Is Joe letting his emotions cloud his decision?

Joe’s Fight For Justice

Joe Exotic

He refuses to give up his fight for justice, proclaiming, “The world must be made aware of the injustice of our justice system... If I have to be the one to die an innocent martyr in this struggle for truth, then perhaps people around the world will finally stand up for what is right.” 

How Long Does It Have To Live?

how much longer?
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We can’t decide how long Joe will survive, but we know that he doesn't have any longer if he doesn’t decide about the treatment.

Will Joe Die Behind The Bars?

Die behind the bars
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Well, it does seem that Exotic will die behind bars, as he has chosen not to pursue any treatment. It does sound foolish of him not to get treatment.

Joe’s Dying New Will Is Making Headlines

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TMZ broke the story that Joe had recently written up a new will, leaving everything to his fiancé, Seth Posey, whom he had met over the internet.

Relationship Between Joe Exotic And Seth Posey

The couple had been dating for several months and had grown close, but now both have been officially engaged! He also wrote a letter that clearly shows that Joe's still got Seth on his mind; he concluded his recent letter by saying, "I could care less about dying, my birthday is coming up soon, and all I want is to see Seth.”

How Much Time Does Joe Has Left Of His Sentence?

Joe Exotic

Joe has left 20 more years to serve behind bars; seeing him in this condition is heartbreaking. So what do you think? Does he deserve it?