Are We Seeing a Generous Side to Thrifty Rock Legend Rod Stewart?

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Rod Stewart
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Rod Stewart, popularly regarded as “Tight as two coats of paint” by his friends, made headlines after reportedly taking in Ukrainian refugees and paying for their scans. But what made the Thrifty Rock legend create such a shift in his demeanor?

Netizens call out his old age to be the reason behind his generous acts. Read ahead to find out more about the sudden shift in his actions while we spill some piping hot tea about his past and the recent events that ensued.

Where Did He Get His Former Title?

Ronnie Woods
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The 78-year-old British popstar, a former band member of Faces, received the title of “Tight as two coats of paint” from his good friend and bandmate Ronnie Woods.

Rewinding to the Rock Legends Past

Britt Ekland
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Rod's ex-girlfriend, Britt Ekland, revealed that the self-proclaimed shrewd popstar was no less than a mean bad boy in his times. She says, “ he was so mean that he charged his girlfriends to rent.”

The Messed-Up Relationship Dynamic of Rod and Britt

Messed up relationship
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Britt further revealed that his ex-boyfriend made her pay even after hitting the big time. Britt stated: “I used to pay $100, which was £42 per month in the 1970s. I would watch him buy his clothes from St Laurent but nothing for me."

Rod Admits His Doings After His Title Earned Popularity

I admit
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The famous singer, after being branded as “Tight as two coats of paints”, admitted that he used to refill his children’s fizzy drink bottles once they drank them.

The £200 Million Net Worth Star Speaks Up About Managing Finances

Rod Stewart
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Rod revealed that he is careful when it comes to managing finances. He likes to hand over the credit to his father for passing on this trait to him. The singer confessed, “My Scotsman father taught me to look after finances. I’m shrewd. Some people may call me tight.”

Sean Stewart Claims His Father is “Cheap.”

He's cheap
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Stewart’s 28-year-old son called him “ cheap” in an American TV show. He said that his father once bailed him with money that he owed to their trainer. Sean added, “I had to pay back the money he gave. My dad's cheap.'

 A Turn of Events for the Penny-Pinching Star

Rod’s eternal penny-pinching personality took a turn when he was recently found helping a poverty-stricken family in a war-struck Ukraine. The singer did not only rescue and buy them a three-story house, but he also promised to pay their rent for a year.

Rostyslav Kurtiak Speaks Up About Receiving Aid From the British Popstar

He is a great man
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Kurtiak, the dad of the family of seven, spoke with utter gratefulness as he informed MailOnline about receiving help from the star. He said, “Sir Rod is a great man who saved my family from danger. Now my children are secure and are receiving education like normal children.”

The Survivors Pay Tribute to Sir Rod

Pay tribute
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The seven-year-old family rescued by Sir Rod informed how they loved playing his music daily in their new home after being saved from war-struck Ukraine.

A Great Singer and A Great Man

Rod Stewart
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Apart from playing Stewart's music around the clock, Rostyslav reported that the singer was a real-life hero and used to love his music, but after being saved from his life’s tragedy, he has become his biggest fan.

The Rhythm of My Heart Comforts The War-struck Ukrainians

After involving himself in rescuing the Ukrainian refugees, Stewart dedicated his song “the rhythm of my heart”, which he had originally written for the Vietnam war.

A Helping Hand For The Nursing Student

Huge donation

Natasha Jenkin, a second-year nursing student, had to pause her studies while she battled for her life on the ventilator. Upon hearing this, the British Star sends her a £5,000 cheque to help her through hard times.

Natasha Speaks Up About Receiving the Cheque From the Man Himself

Jenkins stated that she was completely gobsmacked after receiving the cheque. She said, “When I saw what Rod Stewart had sent me, I was totally gobsmacked. It was a really kind thing for him to do."

Raising Funds for the British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation
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Rod, along with his wife Penny, sold off their expensive items at an auction to raise funds for the British heart foundation.

Signed CDs and Designer Accessories

The couple sold off some exorbitant items like signed CDs of Rod’s music, while his wife gave away her designer accessories and clothing items from high-end brands like Dolce Gabbana.

The Director Was All Praise Over This Kind Gesture

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Jane Flannery, one of the Directors at BHF, thanked the couple for their kind gesture and generosity towards the millions of people living in the UK with heart diseases.

What Has Rod Learned Over the Years

Rod Stewart
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Over the course of his life, rod admits to being an improved version of himself. He has become a good listener and can sit back and listen patiently, unlike his previous self.

Busting Myths About Him Being “Tight As two Coats of Paint”

The star opens up about his former title as a myth and says he was tight-pocketed during his early band days to avoid being a rip-off. However, things have changed now.

Final Verdict

People do change

Keeping in mind Rod's shift from being the shrewd pop star to his humanitarian acts of kindness, one can conclude that the star has evolved.