Is Complaining About Racist Daycare Practices Being a 'Karen'?

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A mother was shocked when her eight-year-old grandchild reported that the daycare was denying her sunscreen because she was black. To make matters worse, the daycare segregated the black and white kids on a field trip and forced the black kids to sit in the sun.

Grandma was furious and wrote a bad Yelp review, but the daycare owner threatened to fire the workers if she didn't take it down. Grandma is now considering taking her story to the news.

Is Grandma right to take action, or is she being a Karen?

A recent update to a thought-provoking post on racism in daycare settings

mediocre_scallion_96 | mediocre_scallion_96

Parents seek support after hearing daughter's experience with racism at daycare 🤔

mediocre_scallion_96 | mediocre_scallion_96

Parents take action against racist daycare practices and face backlash from the owners.

mediocre_scallion_96 | mediocre_scallion_96

Parents unite to prevent further racist daycare practices, but is it enough?

mediocre_scallion_96 | mediocre_scallion_96

The manager and her friends were just flexing their power. Reporting the incident wasn't a viable option.

mediocre_scallion_96 | mediocre_scallion_96

Parents of 8 yo speaking out against unfair daycare practices 🗣

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Daycare's racist practices exposed: black kids in the sun, white kids in the shade 🤔

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I'm not a Karen, but this daycare's practices are unacceptable!

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Lady in charge refused to address racist daycare practices despite the evidence

mediocre_scallion_96 | mediocre_scallion_96

Is speaking out against racism a case of "Karen-ing"?

mediocre_scallion_96 | mediocre_scallion_96

Is speaking out against racism a “Karen” move? 🤔

A parent recently shared the troubling experience their child was having at daycare on Reddit. The child had asked for sunscreen but was told that black people do not need sunscreen. On a field trip, the black children were made to sit in the sun, with the white children in the shade.

When the parent contacted the daycare owner, they were told they were blowing it out of proportion and when the parent posted a negative Yelp review, they were asked to take down their review. The parent was then told by their friend that they were being a “Karen” for complaining publicly.

In the context of this post, what does it mean to be a “Karen”? Is it justified for the parent to speak out against racism?

As we move into the comments and reactions section, we'll explore the answers to these questions.

Parents beware: 🔥

BADartAgain | BADartAgain

👏👏 NTA! Standing up for your child and other kids.

mishpaa | mishpaa

Reporting racist daycare: NTA

Xazangirl | Xazangirl

Courting justice 🔔

Stormry | Stormry

🤯 No a-hole here! 🤯

UndeadBeedril | UndeadBeedril

Can't be racist against white people? 🤔

Murderobscura | Murderobscura

😠 Outrage over 🤬 daycare practices

TildRin | TildRin

Standing up to racism 💪🏼

artieart99 | artieart99

Making a stand against racism 💪

AwesomeSpeed33 | AwesomeSpeed33

😡 Mom takes on daycare over racism

SalamanderDisco | SalamanderDisco

No one deserves racism 💔

userwife | userwife

NTA👍🏻 Mom calls out racist daycare practices!

absolutejessie | absolutejessie

Make a change 📢

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Don't take it down!

Sharkoslotho | Sharkoslotho

🤬 Stop the racism! 🤬

howmanycatsandbears | howmanycatsandbears

🤦🏽‍♀️NTA: Protecting your child

slymm | slymm

Fighting racism is 👊🏽

pandachica | pandachica

Don't be a Karen! 🤦‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

When is it okay to be a Karen?

dupedairies | dupedairies

🤯 NTA and you need new friends!

capitoloftexas | capitoloftexas

Parents: 🗣️ Spread the word! 🗣️

TRoseee | TRoseee

NTA: Caring ≠ Complaining

LittleMissRawr78 | LittleMissRawr78

🤔 NTA: Kids should be safe!

Marzipan_civil | Marzipan_civil

🔥NTA: Drag them through the mud!🔥

SuchRepresentative63 | SuchRepresentative63

Getting proof of 🤬👎🏼

AnxietyInAMeatSuit | AnxietyInAMeatSuit

Standing up to racism 💪

Bdubz29 | Bdubz29

Endangering the lives of black people 🆘

WatcherYdnew | WatcherYdnew

Everyday racism persists 🤦‍♂️

tonedbootyjudy | tonedbootyjudy

🤯 NTA: Taking action against racism

1LurkinGurkin | 1LurkinGurkin

🤯 NTA: Call out the daycare!

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤬 🤯 NTA: Don't tolerate racism!

balubalu1983 | balubalu1983

NTA: 🤔 ignorance, 🤬 denial, 🤷‍♀️ lack of caring 🤯

LillithHeiwa | LillithHeiwa

🤔 Is speaking out worth it?

myworkthrowaway87 | myworkthrowaway87

Making a stand 👊

ConfettiConfessions | ConfettiConfessions

No a-hole here 👍

Rich-Veterinarian-66 | Rich-Veterinarian-66

Racist daycare 🤬😡

no__cause | no__cause

Calling out racism 🗣️

Charlay6424 | Charlay6424

Standing up against racism 💪

pinkpurplebluepride | pinkpurplebluepride

Calling out racism 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

👿💥 WTF?! 💥👿

JKB8282 | JKB8282

Standing up against racism 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Shutting down racism 🤐

BroadElderberry | BroadElderberry

Racists: 🤦‍♂️😡

Mezz_Dogg | Mezz_Dogg

NTA: 🤦‍♀️ Growing up in a non-diverse area can lead to 🤯 mistakes 🤭

cheesewitch7 | cheesewitch7

💔Don't let them get away with it!

Iyasumon | Iyasumon

No one deserves this 🤬

superfastmomma | superfastmomma

Standing up👊 to racism!

yentna | yentna

NTA: 🤔 Who thinks like that?

ifrankenstein | ifrankenstein

Calling out racism 👊

withoutwingz | withoutwingz

Calling out 🤬 racist daycare 🤦‍♀️

crazygranny | crazygranny

NTA: Leave the 📝review and 📞call the news!

educatedvegetable | educatedvegetable

Reporting racism: 🚨

flukefluk | flukefluk

Reporting racism: NTA 🤬

icantdodge | icantdodge

Parent fights back💪

Ronalineeee | Ronalineeee

It's not OK 🙅‍♀️

psychotickitty78 | psychotickitty78

Time to expose 🚨 the racist daycare practices 🤬

shaybabyx | shaybabyx

Caring parents 🤗 take action!

awjohnston | awjohnston

Parents need to know 😠

Doechi | Doechi

Fighting injustice 💪

basicpurpur | basicpurpur

💯 NTA: Protect your skin! 🧴

Shieldor | Shieldor

🆘 Call out racism 🆘

AthyriumNiponicum | AthyriumNiponicum

👊🏼 Standing up against racism!

StarlitSylveon | StarlitSylveon

Protecting children's safety 💪

therapy_works | therapy_works

🤬 Racism in daycare!

Fuji_Momma | Fuji_Momma

Taking a stand against racism 💪

Spirited-Committee-7 | Spirited-Committee-7

🤬 NTA: Holy racist BS!

stitch18ih | stitch18ih

Racism in daycare: 🤔

theblackswan88 | theblackswan88

Sue daycare for neglect of 👶🏽 children's skin color

Oz365 | Oz365

Make your voice heard! 😤

cerebus19 | cerebus19

NTA 🤔 Racist daycare practices

leedlelamp913 | leedlelamp913

Confronting racism 👊

SpaceCheeseLove | SpaceCheeseLove

🙅‍♀️Racism in daycare!?

blue_pirate_flamingo | blue_pirate_flamingo


rarathenoisylion | rarathenoisylion

Speaking up for the little ones 🗣

anonymity012 | anonymity012

No one here is a Karen 🤷‍♀️

babamum | babamum

NTA 👊🏾

batplane | batplane

👍🏼 NTA! 💯

Jelly-bean-Toes | Jelly-bean-Toes

NTA - Protect your 🧒! 🤔

Clama_lama_ding_dong | Clama_lama_ding_dong

🤬Don't let them get away with it!

tacklebox18 | tacklebox18

Mom calls out daycare 🔥

asrei | asrei

Racist daycare practices 👀

Frozen-Nexus | Frozen-Nexus

NTA - 🤯 Racism hurts!

OneSmolBean | OneSmolBean

Take a stand 💪

CannedAm | CannedAm

Protecting your child 💪🏽

janewilson90 | janewilson90

Calling out racism 🔥

TigerDude33 | TigerDude33

👎🏼 Exposing racism!

warecareflare | warecareflare

👎🏽Take it higher!🆙

Shneancy | Shneancy

No one deserves this 🤬

pakaura | pakaura

Time to take action 🔥

ProfessorHermit | ProfessorHermit