Eminem's Blessing: How Hailie's Fiancé Asked The Rapper For His Daughter's Hand In Marriage

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Evan McClintock, Hailie’s fiancé, had to stand before one of the most iconic rappers in the world, Eminem, and ask for his blessings to marry his daughter.  

He Looked Calm And Ready 

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Hailie’s longtime boyfriend was nervous but, on the surface, he tried to look calm and ready. The 27-year-old knew that he only had one shot and wasn’t planning on letting this opportunity go.  

What You Need To Know About Eminem 

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When it comes to the world of rap, there’s no bigger name compared to Eminem. The rapper has engraved his mark on the world and has created a legacy that will be difficult to surpass for generations to come.  

Eminem’s Long Time Muse Has Been His Daughter, Hailie 


Fans of the rapper have had many opportunities to listen to several of Eminem’s songs and lyrics which refer to his daughter, who he had with his ex-wife Kim Scott. Hailie has long been credited as Eminem’s muse and has been referred to several times in his music.  

Here’s What You Need To Know About Hailie And Evan’s Relationship 

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Evan and Hailie have been in a six-year-long relationship. It's only recently that Evan popped the question. The 27-year-old tried to hide his plans to propose as long as he could.  

Evan in Hailie’s Podcast  

He explained everything that happened in detail with Hailie during an episode of Hailie’s podcast, Just A Little Shady. Evan had been thinking about proposing since last summer.  

When Did Evan Propose To Hailie? 

“Over the holidays, I was looking for an opportunity not to make it too obvious,” Evan explained. He finally got an opportunity to pop the question on February 4th. 

How Did Eminem React? 

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Unlike his daughter, the rapper was already aware of Evan’s plans to propose. His future son-in-law had taken him aside for a moment to ask for his blessing on Christmas Day.  

“I Gotta Do it Right Now.” 

“I Gotta Do it Right Now.” 
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Hailie’s birthday falls on Christmas Day, making it the perfect day for Evan to ask Eminem – or Marshall Mathers which is the rapper’s real name – a moment to talk.  

Evan Recalled How Nervous He Had Been  


Hailie’s fiancé had watched Eminem go downstairs and decided to follow. “‘I gotta do it right now, or I’m not doing it today,” Evan remembered thinking.  

Searching For That Perfect Ring 

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Evan had thought that getting the rapper’s blessing would be the most difficult part. He was wrong. Finding the perfect ring was a difficult task.  

The Perfect Diamond Sparkler 

McClintock had started to look for a perfect ring during Thanksgiving but to no avail. The 27-year-old was at a loss about what to do next.  

Alaina Marie Scott Came To His Recuse  

Sister help
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It was only after Alaina, Hailie’s sister, came to help that Evan managed to find the perfect ring for his future wife. 

How Did Alaina Help? 

Alaina and Hailie are known to be close. According to McClintock, Alaina basically told him what not to get. For confused people, that’s a good way to help them get started.  

Hailie Knew What Wanted Her Ring To Look Like 

I know what I want
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Like most girls, Hailie had also thought a lot about how she wanted her ring to not look. She told all her dislikes Alaina.  

Alaina And Hailie  

The couple can be seen speaking candidly in the podcast. “It’s funny, so your sister really helped me out,” Evan commented. “That’s all I told her, so it makes sense,” Hailie said after hearing about how her sister helped her fiancé. 

Hailie Had No Idea 

I had no idea
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Eminem’s daughter had no idea that her boyfriend was heading out to look at rings. “The day after my birthday, you got it?”, she exclaimed. “That’s crazy.” 

How Did Hailie Announce Her Engagement? 

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Like most people, Hailie is also active on Instagram. She can be found @hailiejade and uses her social media account to promote her business and podcast. 

Hailie’s Engagement Post 

Hailie posted a few pictures of the proposal and wrote a short but incredibly sweet comment. “Casual weekend recap… 😭💗 2.4.23,” She wrote under the couple’s picture, “💍 I love you.”  

When Did Hailie And Evan Start Dating? 

The couple is college sweethearts, having met each other back in 2016 at Michigan State University. The first picture Hailie posted of Evan was also in December 2016 as she celebrated her birthday with him.