“Am I The Jerk For Skipping Christmas With My Parents Since They Won’t Treat Me Like An Adult?”

Christmas with family
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Parents expect their children to behave in a certain way, and they are always ready to remind them how they should do that and what they shouldn’t do. And even though the children are adults and know what is right and wrong themselves, they are still trying to make their parents happy. Or at least that is what this woman thinks who Redditors were quick to judge when they read the post she made asking if she was a jerk for skipping Christmas with her parents this year because they still don’t allow her to have a sleepover with her boyfriend even though she is engaged to him.

A 27-year-old is debating whether to skip Christmas with her parents since they won't treat her like an adult 😕

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A mom's refusal to "treat [her] like an adult" has one reader wondering if they should "skip Christmas" with their parents.

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Struggling to be seen as an adult, but mom won't let go

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Visiting bf's parents in Mexico for Christmas but they won't treat him like an adult 😔

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“A dilemma of whether to attend family Christmas despite not being treated like an adult”

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Feeling frustrated with being treated like a child, this Redditor contemplates skipping Christmas with their parents.

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The OP reaches their breaking point after their parents won't treat them like an adult and responds with a stern message.

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Parents don't agree but some people do: is it okay to skip Christmas?

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Parents taking it too far by trying to "make their kid look good" after the decision to skip Christmas?

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Family drama is tough, should this adult skip Christmas to avoid it? 🤔

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Can adults still be 'told' what to do by their parents?

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Should skipping Christmas with parents who won't treat you like an adult be considered a jerk move?

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What's the best way to visit family for the holidays 🤔

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A 27-year-old woman skips Christmas with her parents who won't treat her like an adult. 🤔

A 27-year-old woman finds herself in a difficult situation. With her mom refusing to let her and her boyfriend of two years share a bed when they visit, she decides to skip Christmas with her own parents and visit her future in-laws instead. Even though her parents took down their posts and apologized, the woman still feels that she is being treated like a child instead of an adult. People have responded with mixed reactions, leaving her to wonder if she is the jerk for making such a decision.

👊 NTA: OP is not the a**hole for standing up to a controlling, manipulative parent.

walnutwithteeth | walnutwithteeth

🤔 Should OP have been upfront?

sr9876 | sr9876

NTA 💯 Just tell the truth!

MelodyRaine | MelodyRaine

👨‍👩‍👦 Is Dad an 🤔 enabler?

KitchenDismal9258 | KitchenDismal9258

NTA: Block & 🚫 interact 🛑

stollentrollin | stollentrollin

🤔 Is it wrong to skip Christmas with parents who won't treat you like an adult?

gover2087 | gover2087

Stand up for yourself! 💪

CogentHawk | CogentHawk

🤔 Everyone's wrong in this battle 🙅‍♀️

idgafemp | idgafemp

Family dynamics 🤔

Jeschalen | Jeschalen

🤔 Everyone's in the wrong here 😔

IndiaMike1 | IndiaMike1

NTA: Respect is 🔑

Jordan-Peterson_Fan | Jordan-Peterson_Fan

Avoiding the drama 💃

lumpyspace_stay | lumpyspace_stay

NTA 100%: 🚫NC w/parents?

Seaguard5 | Seaguard5

A family with different views

mxcmpsx | mxcmpsx

NTA: Honesty is Key 🔑

VeryFluffy | VeryFluffy

NTA. 💬 Avoid the drama 🙅‍♀️

JunieBeth | JunieBeth

NTA: You're not the jerk!

SlothLordMcMarekat | SlothLordMcMarekat

🤔 NTA - Parental control

theholybookofenoch | theholybookofenoch

🤔NTA, but ESH

Able-Dress1678 | Able-Dress1678

NTA: You deserve to be treated like an adult ☝️

SnooSprouts6712 | SnooSprouts6712

NTA 💯 You did nothing wrong!

VeryFluffy | VeryFluffy

Parents won't treat OP ⚖️

Sourlifesavers89 | Sourlifesavers89

NTA: Be your own adult 👊

CutEmOff666 | CutEmOff666

NTA: Petty but understandably so 🤷‍♂️

Nikkian42 | Nikkian42

👏 Outplay them!

Konstantin_22 | Konstantin_22

Is skipping Christmas the 👎 or 👍 move? 🤔

AliAlex3 | AliAlex3

Setting boundaries 📝

sunnyreece | sunnyreece

NTA: Mom's passive-aggressive 🤦‍♂️

Forsythia77 | Forsythia77

NTA: You don't owe anyone

whatever_67890 | whatever_67890

Good for her! 🙌

jojodolphin | jojodolphin

NTA! 🤗 Live your life.

Shmoopy326 | Shmoopy326

Family drama: 🤦‍♀️🔥

FigureFourWoo | FigureFourWoo

Parents won't treat them🤔


NTA: Not invited for 🎄

NiobeTonks | NiobeTonks

Everyone hates this 🤦‍♂️

Forsythsia | Forsythsia

No one should be forced to follow someone else's religion 🙅‍♀️

cloudDamballah | cloudDamballah

🤔 Skipping Christmas

Ohhnoubehindert | Ohhnoubehindert

Adulting can be hard🤔

axley58678 | axley58678

Is lying to avoid drama ok? 🤔

theshekelmaster | theshekelmaster

NTA - No Rent Here!

johnny9k | johnny9k

NTA: No one's the a**hole!

C_Majuscula | C_Majuscula

Setting boundaries 🤝 💪

Hfx_bike_commuter | Hfx_bike_commuter

Difficult family dynamics 🤔

Fishy_Fishy5748 | Fishy_Fishy5748

NTA 💪 Skipping Christmas 🎄 with parents to protect self 🤝

Catri | Catri

NTA: 💪 Standing up to a controlling family!

Pdvsky | Pdvsky

Breaking familial bonds 😣

FilmYak | FilmYak

Parents won't treat adult? 🤔

Cent1234 | Cent1234

NTA! 💪🏼

Friendly-Beyond-6102 | Friendly-Beyond-6102

Don't fight for your rights 💪

NumbersGuy22 | NumbersGuy22

NTA - Stand your ground!

miflordelicata | miflordelicata

Don't let them define you 💪

Ladykaesong | Ladykaesong

Families can be toxic 💔 #NTA

UberN00b719 | UberN00b719

NTA: 🔥🔥🔥 Put your foot down against the 'Handmaid's Tale' nonsense!

roodafalooda | roodafalooda

Family conflict leads to resolution 🤔

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