16+ Memes That Tell It How It Is

Some might see memes as a waste of time, but I choose to see them as a lens through which we view society. Are they still a waste of time? Well, I mean, probably.

Every time.

Reddit | hishon01

It doesn't matter how carefully or lovingly you hold the burger. It doesn't matter if you rearrange the toppings. The first bite will create chaos, and you'll have to hold onto the burger until you're done because otherwise, it'll straight up disintegrate.

Like a warm, toasty cinnamon bun.

Twitter | @Dannycommockx

The best drug of all is clearly whatever happens in the brain when you're sleeping in. Somehow, your worries just melt away. Then, an hour later, you're at work and wish you were in bed again.

This guy!

Reddit | Drumdevil86

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, let this serve as a reminder to everyone to get their phones all charged up so they can ignore family members at holiday events.

Curse you, open world.

Reddit | z_ahmed523

One minute you're playing through an epic, poignant story about a doomed outlaw. Then you get bored and start running an escort mission that was clearly put in there as filler.

Good advice is no joke.

Instagram | @memes

I'm great at giving friends advice and neatly sorting out their entire existence. Then I look to my own dumpster fire of an existence and decide that maybe I'll figure it out another day.


Reddit | Concryeet

Keanu Reeves seems like a good guy, and John Wick movies are a good time, but there's something downright eerie about how popular both of these entities have become on social media.

The autumn of our years.

Reddit | Herna-

Do you ever pull yourself off the couch and resolve to enjoy the outside world? Does the outside world disappoint you time and time again? Don't worry, there's a meme for that.


Reddit | XGN_Carter1

This is awesome. First off, there's the lame way of conveying sarcasm, with an /s, which seems almost apologetic. Then there's the big, bold, brash way. It takes a little extra work with the shift key, but the results speak for themselves.

Does it belong in a museum?

Reddit | space-zebras

Sure, you can get a perfectly adequate charger from a gas station for a couple of bucks, but you just can't put a price on the convenience of stealing one from a loved one.

Cameras: finding new ways to peek at you.

Reddit | VangeeOP

Call me old fashioned, but I think smartphones only need one camera lens on the back. If we keep adding more, every phone's going to end up looking like R2D2.

It didn't cause cancer, either.

Twitter | @mattywin85

Matt's absolutely right, except for one thing: for the scary, tough children, the childhood equivalent of going out for a cigarette break was, y'know, going out for a cigarette break.

Another day.

Instagram | @memes

Before you arrive at work, there's always the tantalizing possibility of seeing your workplace disappear forever and getting a six-figure severence cheque from your boss. I mean, it's a remote possibility, but you can't just give up on your dreams.

Kill my voice with fire, please.

Instagram | @memes

I used to record my own voice mail greetings. Then I actually listened to what I sound like to other people. Now I just let a robot voice do the job for me.

We all grew up in these streets.

Twitter | @lilwhitegyall

This meme throws some shade, but seriously, these streets were a tough place to grow up. There were traffic accidents all the time, and cars would literally drive right through houses.

The first rule of Reddit.

Reddit | ocojoe

None of my friends or family have ever discovered my Reddit account, and I intend to keep things that way. I'd hate for them to find out how many cat pics I've commented on.

Sprawl for all.

Twitter | @AceSpur

Do you ever go to bed with the best intentions but wake up shaped like a pretzel with your comforter on the floor next to you? You're not alone.

Riddle me that, Samsung.

Reddit | TheManWithNoName88

The smarter these smart devices get, the dumber they start to seem. Just take Siri/Alexa/Google Home and try to ask them a simple question. They may unlock your car and turn off your lights, but they won't answer that question.

*Sadly claps*.

Instagram | @memes

It's endearing that Jarrett's misery has only really affected him for the past year. Real veterans know that this burnt out, exhausted existence is a lifestyle, not some passing trend.

He's hacked life itself.

Reddit | Berkoo43

Aviral says that he SPEEDED THE VIDEO to learn faster. I don't know if this actually works, but genius has to come from somewhere. Maybe this is how Elon Musk got started.

Take that, dad.


I mean, it's a fair point, but it's also whataboutism. Maybe dad isn't helping his wife, but that doesn't mean you can't help your mom. Maybe I'm overthinking this whole thing.