The Guy Gets Sick Of Being The Less Favored Child, Exposes His Parents’ Favoritism To His Brother, Then Leaves The Family Home

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Growing up is tough. But it’s even harder when your parents aren’t there to support you and show you the meaning of unconditional love. While it’s true that everyone needs to learn what it means to be an adult and take care of themselves, it would be helpful if your parents would at least set the example and show you how it’s done. But what if they don’t? What if you notice that your parents are treating you differently than your siblings? It might be tempting to blow it off and think that it’s just their way of showing their love. But if you’re not sure whether you’re being paranoid or the truth is actually starting to get to you, it’s best to confront them. This online user recently shared his story on the AITA subreddit, where he exposed his parents’ favoritism for his younger brother and asked for advice after being told that there was “nothing” to it. He then took the next step and moved out. More info: Reddit

Guy realizes he's the less-favored child, exposes his parents' favoritism, and leaves home

just-a-big-brother | just-a-big-brother

The protagonist confronts his parents about their favoritism and leaves home to find financial stability.

just-a-big-brother | just-a-big-brother

Guy exposes unfair favoritism, leaves in protest of his parents' actions

just-a-big-brother | just-a-big-brother

He uncovers the truth behind his parents' favoritism and decides it's time to leave

just-a-big-brother | just-a-big-brother

The less-favored child takes back his power and leaves home, exposing the favoritism of his parents.

just-a-big-brother | just-a-big-brother

Dad's favoritism exposed: 'Rent money' for brother, none for him

just-a-big-brother | just-a-big-brother

Grandpa came to the rescue and defended his 'less-favored' grandchild, exposing his parents' favoritism and disowning them if they retaliated.

just-a-big-brother | just-a-big-brother

The guy leaves home after exposing his parents' favoritism to his brother

just-a-big-brother | just-a-big-brother

The Guy Leaves His Family Home After Exposing His Parent's Favoritism

just-a-big-brother | just-a-big-brother

Favoritism exposed: "I asked if that meant he would never have to pay rent like I did when he turns 18" 🤯

The protagonist of this story gets sick of being the less favored child and decides to expose their parents' favoritism towards his brother. After confronting his parents, the protagonist finds out that there was nothing behind their favoritism, they just liked his brother more. The protagonist packs their bags, moves out and accepts their grandparent's offer to move in. After a heated discussion between his grandparent and his father, his grandparent disowns his father and the protagonist leaves without a word. The protagonist is now in a new place, with new opportunities and the support of their grandparent. In the next section we will discuss the comments and reactions to this story.

🤯 After exposing his parents' favoritism, a guy leaves home 🚪

MalcolmLinair | MalcolmLinair

The guy gets sick of being the less favored child and exposes his parents' favoritism to his brother, which is the show stopper for him. His parents are irredeemable a**holes and his grandpa is an incredible person who's there for him. He leaves the family home and gets support from his grandparents.

A hard-earned car & 🧐 credit check

duhhitzobvious | duhhitzobvious

The comment sympathizes with the original poster (OP) for the unfair treatment from his parents, and commends OP for his hard work in buying his own car. An edit to the comment warns OP to check his papers and credit score regularly, as his parents might open a credit card in his name when they are desperate.

Parents favoritism exposed😱

Snarkybish03 | Snarkybish03

The commenter expresses outrage at the dad's audacity to favor one child over the other, mentioning that the parents even took the OP's college fund to buy her brother a car. Replies included that this was the most flagrant case of favoritism seen and that the parents were only sad OP was moving out due to the loss of rent money.

Grandma's the 💪🏼😘! 🤗

SashaAvacado | SashaAvacado

The commenter recounts a heartwarming story of his grandmother defending him from bullies. The replies contain admiration for the grandmother and similar stories of their own.

🤦‍♂️🤬An unequal love story!

AngelicaIsMyName | AngelicaIsMyName

The comment expressed sympathy towards the child and called out his parents for not being able to love both their kids equally and similarly. The replies expressed agreement and added that parents should not have kids if they can't commit to love them equally.

Guy escapes unfair family 🔥

OreSanjou1234 | OreSanjou1234

The guy realizes that his parents have been favoring his brother over him and decides to leave the family home. He also manages to save his grandparents from being taken advantage of. He's glad he was able to escape the unfair situation.

Grandpa takes a stand 💪

AmazingDoomslug | AmazingDoomslug

Grandpa suggests an idea of updating his will so that the share of the estate his son would get is split equally between his children. A reply agrees that this is something grandpa would do, and another reply suggests that the idea needs to be taken one step further for OP's benefit.

👩‍👧 Unconditional love 💗 and moral courage!

OtterBoleynGirl | OtterBoleynGirl

The comment offers insight into the emotional experience of growing up as the less favored child, talking about the value of learning to self-soothe and develop an independent mindset. The comment replies explore the motivations for the favoritism, with the comment providing a thought-provoking explanation that the child was unlike the parent and that the parents may have been orbiting around the preferred child as a reflection of their own love for each other.

Family betrayal 😢

loudent2 | loudent2

The comment reveals the heartbreaking reality of being the less favored child in a family, with the parents having "no reason" to prefer the other sibling. The reply to the comment further acknowledges the betrayal and determines to never trust the parents again.

Grandparents stand their ground 💪

Stanhours | Stanhours

The commenter praised the protagonist for standing up to their parents' favoritism and leaving the family home, and also gave them luck for the future.

Grandpa takes action ✊

codeverity | codeverity

The commenter's grandpa confronted the commenter's father and expressed his disappointment. He also threatened to cut financial support, prompting the commenter to leave the family home.

Good 👍🏻: Guy gets fed up and leaves home

Smokey_Katt | Smokey_Katt

The comment's author encourages the original poster to maintain contact with his brother, since it does not seem to be his fault. One reply suggests that the brother might experience either entitlement or guilt due to the parents' favoritism, while the other one suggests to wait until the holidays to see how he is doing.

🤔Is it real?🤔

Veauros | Veauros

The comment and replies express skepticism about the story, as the details of the story seem too perfect and unlikely. Everyone agrees that it reads like the fantasy of a disgruntled 16 year old, with almost no details that seem realistic.

Family favoritism 🤦‍♂️

sinyueliang | sinyueliang

OP was upset to learn that their parents were counting on their rent money to help with their brother's college fund, and questioned why he would never have to pay rent like OP did. Even though their parents are terrible, OP's other family members are still good. The comment replies showed appreciation for their family's support and hope that their brother learns from this experience.

A family's 🤔 favoritism 🤔 exposed 💥

JCWa50 | JCWa50

OP is glad things are going to be alright and encourages the individual to get professional help to unload the emotional baggage. They emphasize caution when it comes to their parents and brother, and suggest freezing their credit and getting their grandfather's perspective. OP also suggests that their parents' favoritism could backfire in the future, with their brother being the one to bail them out instead of OP. The replies to the comment discuss the younger brother's complicity, with one reply disagreeing that the younger brother is guilty because he is still a child.

OP leaves home after💔exposing family favoritism

Alarmed-Hamster-4047 | Alarmed-Hamster-4047

OP was treated unfairly by their parents, and was glad that things were working out for them. They deserved better than what their parents gave them, and were encouraged to live their best life going forward.

🤔Op leaves family home after 💔parents' favoritism exposed🤭

LadyStoneBridge84 | LadyStoneBridge84

Op was able to leave the family home after exposing his parents' favoritism to his brother. He was also able to get his important documents like girth certificate, passport and social security card from his parents. His parents, however, could still mess up his credit if they still had these documents.

OP leaves family home, finds solace with grandparents 🤗

Arbor_Arabicae | Arbor_Arabicae

OP left their family home and found solace with their grandparents after they had enough of their parents' favoritism towards their sibling. They received best wishes from the commenter.

👏 A bittersweet victory

scaryspice99 | scaryspice99

The comment congratulates the person for finally achieving a hard-fought victory, after leaving their family home due to feeling like the less favored child.

💰 Protecting finances from family 💰

Bardsie | Bardsie

The comment advises the OP to take precautionary measures to protect their finances from their parents, such as closing any bank accounts shared with their parents, doing a full credit check, applying for financial aid, and filing their own taxes. "When it comes to money, and the possibility of being stuck with life crippling debt, it's much better to be pessimistic than to be optimistic."

A young man leaves his toxic home✋

anngrn | anngrn

The father in law, a sweet man, was beaten by his mother as a child. His father moved him into a hotel to protect him. Later, a football team sent him a letter for a tryout but his mother intercepted it and destroyed it. The comment replies agree that this is plain toxic and that they are glad they moved out and changed their address.

Grandparents ❤️ Legends!

SteveJones313 | SteveJones313

The commenter praises their grandparents, calling them legends.

Grandparents to the 🦸‍♂️ rescue!

jasemina8487 | jasemina8487

The commenter is amazed that the guy's grandparents intervened in the situation and is happy that it worked out great for him in the end.

Make the most of this time 🤗

ronearc | ronearc

The comment encourages the person to show respect for their grandparents by helping out with chores and learning new skills from them. It suggests to make the most of this time to benefit from it for the rest of their life.

OP leaves home after 💔💔💔

flickercat | flickercat

OP experienced favoritism from their parents, and has decided to leave the family home. The commenter reassures OP that this says nothing about their worth, and encourages them to go and live their best life.

💪 Congrats on taking control!

Kitonami | Kitonami

The commenter congratulates the original poster on leaving their family home after exposing their parents' favoritism to their brother.

Exposing family favoritism 🤯

PukedtheDayAway | PukedtheDayAway

The original commenter asked how their parents acted towards them after the favoritism was exposed. The reply revealed that the father was cold and silent, the mother was depressed, and the brother was neutral.

Finding out about your parents' favoritism can be heartbreaking 💔

27catsinatrenchcoat | 27catsinatrenchcoat

The comment acknowledges that it's difficult to learn that your parents have no real reason to favor one child over the other, but encourages the original poster to remember that their parents' behavior reflects on them, not on the original poster. Getting away from their parents is seen as a positive step in the future.

Leaving home after 🤯 discovery!

risqueandreward | risqueandreward

The commenter expressed shock and disbelief after learning that their parents spent their college fund on their brother and expected them to pay rent to further supplement their brother's college fund. They ultimately decided to leave the family home.

Breaking away 💪🏼

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter encourages the protagonist to 'F your parents' and side-eye his brother, while expressing hope for the protagonist's healing from the situation.

🤯 Guy shocks his family!

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

The guy exposed his parents' favoritism towards his brother and left the family home when they were counting on his rent money to help with his brother's college fund. One reply suggested Pluto as it's the coldest planet.

Breaking 💔 from 💔 the 💔 less 💔 favored 💔 child.

Crafty-Emotion4230 | Crafty-Emotion4230

The commenter shares their story of being the less favored child and reveals that their grandparents saved them from such evil people. They take comfort in the fact that they are going to soon get their masters degree.

🙌 Congrats on taking a big step 🙏

2old4thissh_t | 2old4thissh_t

The commenter congratulates the person for taking a big step in standing up for themselves. They remind the person that just because they are family, they don't owe their parents or their brother anything. They suggest avoiding toxic people and taking care of themselves and their grandparents.

The sibling rivalry 🤔

CrazyPants333 | CrazyPants333

The comment discusses how the less favored child in the family is feeling and that his brother probably blames himself. One of the replies suggest that the brother is an opportunist, leaving it unclear as to where he stands.

The Guy Exposes His Parents' Favoritism To His Brother 🤯

FewDish9878 | FewDish9878

The commenter commended the guy for revealing his parents' true colors and recording them. The guy's grandparents were likely mad that they were trying to use all the money only on his brother's future. In the replies, the guy mentioned that 5K went to his brother's car, but he had no idea how much went into the fund or what he would get as his half if his parents were forced to divide it. He added that the money was now tainted to him after everything that happened.

🤔 The Guy's Parents Play Favoritism, But What About Their Extended Family?

sezit | sezit

The commenter is curious about the Guy's extended family - if any of them reacted with support for him. The commenter also talks about how the Guy has become tough and strong, while his brother has become dependent and weak due to the favoritism. They suggest that the Guy's brother examine the situation and reject the wedge that their parents have driven between them.

Grandparents stand up ⭐

MattrixK | MattrixK

The comment applauds the grandparents for not siding with the parents' favoritism, and for not taking the rent money from their grandchild to help with their other grandchild's college fund.

🤔 Revelations of a family's favoritism 🤔

rognabologna | rognabologna

The comment wonders why the narrator's mother quit her job, when she obviously needs the money, to be a full-time mom for two >16 year olds. The comment further states that the story is bizarre and asks if the brother has special needs.

NTA: 🤯 OP's parents' sense of what's fair is messed up!

somedude456 | somedude456

The commenter declared OP 'Not the A**hole' and said their parents' sense of what's fair is messed up. They praised OP's initiative to leave the family home and be independent, and advised them to make the most of their time with their grandparents, asking questions about their childhood and first jobs to make memories.

Angry for the guy 🤬

kaleighdoscope | kaleighdoscope

The comment expresses anger towards the guy's mom for tearfully telling him that his rent was intended to pad out his brother's college fund, making it seem like he had to rethink his move. The comment also expresses happiness that the guy's grandparents have his back.

Grandparents 🙌 come to the rescue!

StreetofChimes | StreetofChimes

The commenter expresses their joy that the grandparents are supporting the person and encourages them to save the rent money for college. No replies found.

Exposing favoritism 💪

teeterleeter | teeterleeter

The commenter congratulates the person for their courage to leave the family home after exposing their parents' favoritism to their brother.

OP's parents exposed for their favoritism 🤯

shanee_michelle | shanee_michelle

OP's parents showed their true colors by favoring one of their children and expecting the other to pay for college tuition. OP's grandparents thankfully helped out and OP can now move on without having to worry about the consequences later. 🙌

Grandpa is 🍻 worthy!

[deleted] | [deleted]

A comment praises the grandfather for being an honorable dude and suggests he deserves a beer.

🤯Family drama!

BigDweebEnergy | BigDweebEnergy

The commenter suggests that the guy's parents "suck a**" and offers to chat if he ever needs to vent. The commenter also praises the guy's grandparents.

Things start to get better 💪

MajorNoodles | MajorNoodles

The comment acknowledges the difficult situation the guy is in and expresses hope that things will start to be better for him in the future.

OP stands up for self✊, exposes family's favoritism🤐, and leaves home😔

CorruptedSiren | CorruptedSiren

OP stands up for themselves against their parents' favoritism, exposing the injustice and leaving the family home. Commenters are proud of OP and suggest therapy and reconciliation with their brother once the adrenaline of the situation fades.

❤️ Grandfathers are 🔥

Magoogooo | Magoogooo

The comment is an appreciation of grandfathers and how they deserve extra hugs or other forms of affection, like coffee and bacon.

OP leaves family home 🏠 after learning of parental favoritism 🤔

FoxtrotUniform11 | FoxtrotUniform11

OP learned their dad had always favored their older brother over them, which had caused them to resent their brother without understanding why. They talked to their mom, who urged them to get help and start therapy, which has been helpful in processing their feelings. They suggested OP talk to their grandparents about seeing a therapist to help work this out.

OP takes a stand 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

The OP is urged to come back with an update in a year when their life has improved drastically. No replies found.

Grandpa is 🔥👏

Some_Anxious_dude | Some_Anxious_dude

The commenter praised the guy's grandpa, with no replies.

OP leaves home after 🤯 revelation 🤬

uglypottery | uglypottery

The commentator finds it unbelievable that the original poster's parents were counting on their rent to pay for their brother's college fund and expresses sympathy for the original poster, suggesting they show their supportive grandparents the comments they’ve received.

💔 An estranged family story

MrJackdaw | MrJackdaw

The commenter shares a heartbreaking story of being the less favored child in his family, and how his parents' favoritism has caused him to leave the family home. He acknowledges that his parents would do anything for their children, but encourages the original poster to cherish the love of his grandparents and stay in touch with his brother.

Grandparents are 🌟🌟!

gytherin | gytherin

The commenter appreciates the protagonist's grandparents, who are seen as *stars* in their eyes.

Grandparents have his back 💪🏾

Silver-Sparkling | Silver-Sparkling

The commenter expresses dismay about the parents' favoritism and hopes that the guy's brother doesn't buy into their ideas. They also mention that they and their brother were once played against each other but managed to talk it through and are now close again. They are also happy that the guy's grandparents have his back.