Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley Refrain From Communication In Lisa Marie Presley's Legal Battle

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Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley
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Riley Keough and her grandmother, Priscilla Presley, used to have a close relationship. That all changed when Riley’s mom and Priscilla’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, died on January 12 from an apparent cardiac arrest.

Lisa Marie Amended Her Will

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It was later found that Lisa made an amendment to her will in 2016, naming her daughters, Riley and twins Harper and Finley Lockwood, as her heirs.

Priscilla Is Challenging Its 'Authenticity And Validity'

Elvis and Priscilla Presley with infant Lisa Marie
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Priscilla then filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court challenging the “authenticity and validity” of the amendment. She was a co-trustee alongside Lisa’s former business manager, Barry Siegel, before the will was changed.

Riley And Priscilla Have Fallen Out

Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley, Riley Keough and Lisa's twin daughters
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Now, granddaughter and grandmother have reportedly become estranged.

They're 'Not Talking'

A longtime friend of Lisa told Page Six, “Riley and Priscilla are not talking. Their relationship is changing, that is true … it’s just so sad. This is the time Riley would really need her grandmother.”

'A New Side Of' Priscilla

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The source added that the Mad Max: Fury Road actress “is seeing a new side of her grandmother.”

More Info From A Graceland Source

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A Graceland source has weighed in on the issue, saying, “Riley’s not looking for a war. She always had a good relationship with her grandmother.”

Lisa And Priscilla Had Issues

Priscilla Presley with toddler Lisa Marie
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“Lisa had her issues with her mother, but … she didn’t drag [her kids] into [their] personal issues,” the insider added.

The Trust 'Was Always Meant' For Riley

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The Graceland source also explained that the amendment wasn’t meant as a personal affront to Priscilla, saying, “In essence, there should be no in-fighting within the family over a trust that was always meant to go to Riley and Benjamin [Lisa’s deceased son]. Lisa was meant to outlive her mother.”

Riley Is Ready With Her Legal Team

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Riley is prepared for the legal battle, though, and has an expert team helping her, Page Six has learned. A court hearing has been set for April 13 in Los Angeles.

What Is At Stake

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At stake is Lisa Marie’s trust, which includes 15 percent ownership of her father Elvis Presley’s estate as well as his mansion, Graceland.

Riley Has A New Show

In the meantime, the actress is busy on the promotional trail of her new miniseries, Daisy Jones & The Six.

Her First Red Carpet Since Her Mother's Death

On Thursday, she attended the show’s premiere in Los Angeles, marking her first red carpet appearance since her mother’s death.

She Did Not Attend The London Premiere

The series previously premiered in London on February 16. However, she opted not to attend as she was still grieving over the loss of her mom.

Questions About Lisa And Priscilla Are Banned

Closeup of Riley Keough
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The production has made adjustments for her as far as the press tour goes. Reporters have been told not to ask the Zola actress questions about Lisa or Priscilla.

Her Role In The Show

In the adaptation of the best-selling novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Riley plays the title role, the lead singer of a fictional 1970s band.

Sam Claflin Costars With Her

She stars alongside British actor, Sam Claflin, who plays her love interest and fellow vocalist.

Her Family's Musical Legacy

The costars sat down with ET recently to talk about the show. While the conversation didn’t touch on Riley’s personal family affairs, she did mention her grandfather’s musical legacy.

'A Really Fun Experience'

“I don’t know if there is continuing my grandfather’s legacy … But it was a really fun experience for me …” she said.

Release Date

Daisy Jones & The Six debuts on March 3 on Amazon Prime.