Pink and Christina Aguilera: Who's “The Original Pick Me”?

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Close up of Pink, Christina Aguilera and Mya
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Pink and Christina Aguilera have been going at it since they collaborated on Lady Marmalade in the early 2000s. Although it's been more jabs from Pink toward Aguilera and other pop singers, the Just Give Me A Reason singer is getting backlash for her actions.

Opening Old Wounds

During a recent interview on Sirius XM, Pink dredged up old beef by throwing shade at Aguilera once more which led Twitter users to defend Aguilera. They reminded Pink of her history of putting down women to uplift herself especially with the song, Stupid Girls.

Pink Throws Shade

The backlash started when Pink placed Lady Marmalade at the bottom of her best videos list despite the song winning a Grammy award. She excused her choice saying the song wasn't fun to make and implied Aguilera was a mean girl.

The Beginning Of The Fight

Pink's comment about Aguilera not being nice raised red flags because she openly complained about the song producer, Ron Fair, assigning all the high key verses to Aguilera despite Pink's capabilities.

Pink Gets Angry

During the meeting, Pink confronted Fair about his choice saying those parts shouldn't have gone to Aguilera without considering the other vocalists' abilities.

Christina Aguilera Opens Up

Meanwhile, Aguilera felt stressed and heckled by Pink's actions and she opened up to Andy Cohen during an old interview. The singer told the TV show host,

"She was heckling me in the audience behind the director, and I was like, what's going on?"

Pink Defends Herself

Pink defended herself in a series of tweets including one where she admitted that Aguilera had no say in the vocal arrangements on Lady Marmalade.

Pink Claps Back

When a fan swore at Pink saying she should kiss Aguilera's bum, she replied in another tweet saying she already kissed her mouth.

Settling Their Beef

P!nk on The Voice
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Although Pink claims they made up on The Voice while working together, her recent reference to the decades-old beef shocked fans. Pink clarified that recounting a situation is not reigniting beef, as netizens call it.

Working Things Out

Aguilera told Cohen that she worked things out with Pink and they're different people now; however, fans don't see it that way.

Twitter Users Call Out Pink

One Twitter user highlighted how often Pink shaded other pop stars online to separate herself from them. About 12 years ago, she joked about being the most put-together between her Aguilera and Britney Spears.

The 'Beautiful' Drama

Christina Aguilera's Dirrty
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Lady Marmalade wasn't the only source of Pink and Aguilera's beef as it intensified in 2002. Songwriter, Linda Perry, worked on Pink's Misundazstood and Aguilera's Dirrty which upset Pink because she felt Perry gave one of the best songs - Beautiful - to Aguilera.

Grammy Differences

Beautiful won the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. She has five Grammy Awards while Pink has three.

Shading Other Women On Tour

The singer remarked that Aguilera, Spears and Jessica Simpson looked like doppelgangers on stage during her 2001 AMAs performance. She mocked them for being superficial while praising herself as being different.

'Most Girls' Era

She sang Most Girls which was a jab at other women who "needed the world to validate them." She escalated her attacks to having blown up dolls in Aguilera's likeness for her Try This tour.

'Try This' Tour

During one of her performances, Pink sang Beautiful, Aguilera's Grammy Award-Winning song to the blow-up doll. It's now trending on Reddit.

'Pick Me' Anthem

Things escalated when Pink sang Stupid Girls in 2006 to mock the trending pop stars of that era including Beyoncé.

Attacking Other Women

Miley Cyrus VMAs 2013
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Netizens wondered why Pink bothered so much about the girls she claimed not to like. In 2013, she attacked Miley Cyrus for her "tacky" VMAs performance. and three years later, she shaded Kim Kardashian for posing nude online.

The Ultimate Pick Me

Pink Performs on stage
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With Pink's constant attack on other women to stand out as the superior woman, the internet has crowned her the "Ultimate Pick-Me" and her songs - Most Girls & Stupid Girls are the Pick-Me Anthem.

A Different Person

Pink claims to be a different person now that she's a mother, and fans explained her past attitude as a reaction to not fitting into society's ideal women standard.