Woman Lies On Side Of Road And Feigns Injury To Gain Homeless Dog's Trust

Chisom Ndianefo
Dog rescue in progress
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Dogs have held the position of man's best friend since forever, but we rarely talk about how humans reciprocate the energy to their pets and even strays. A seven-year-old video is making its rounds again as the internet reminisces on Amanda Guarascio and her girlfriend Dylan Parkinson's kindness.

In an interview with The Dodo, the two women revealed they first heard the news of a stray dog wandering around their locality of Evans Creek one day in 2015. It tugged their heartstrings, and they decided to help the pet locate its owners. After sighting the pup on the roadside, they hatched a rescue plan. but the untrusting animal didn't budge.

Realizing the starving stray didn't trust them, Parkinson and Guarascio formed another unconventional plan to earn its trust. Although they failed at first, they didn't give up.

Watch the clip below.

Failing The First Rescue Attempt

The stray was malnourished and sickly when they got to the Evans Creek roadside yet it didn't accept food from Guarascio and Parkinson. They offered the stray (whom they named Bear) bologna and hot dogs but it refused.

Running out of options, the Guarascio went for a drastic move. She laid down in a fetal position to appeal to Bear's empathy and it worked for 20 minutes until the dog lost interest and left.

She returned to her vehicle to warm up her body and strategize when she noticed Bear laying in the grass.

Gaining Bear's Trust

The homeless dog
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Guarascio took it as an invitation to try again, and she did. Rather than approach Bear, she returned to her fetal position and then inched closer to the stray very slowly. Eventually, she reached his position and switched to the next phase of her plan.

She yawned and whimpered to signal Bear that she was vulnerable and not there to hurt him. The dog moved closer to her and sniffed around before determining Guarascio wasn't a threat. He snuggled closer and warmed her up after sensing the cold weather was bothering her.

Succeeding On The Second Rescue Attempt

The plan almost failed when a truck passed by and scared Bear away. However, the rescue team continued their progress and returned to the spot an hour later. They found the stray waiting in the same place and were pleased.

Unlike the first time, she didn't curl in a fetal position to gain his trust. Instead, she walked slowly until she reached the stray, covered him with a slip lead, and took him home.

Finding A New Family For The Stray

The stray wanted his rescuers to carry him everywhere because he was exhausted from wandering the area, and they didn't mind. They were just pleased to have achieved their goal of rescuing Bear.

Guarascio and Parkinson struggled to find Bear's owners and planned to take him to a local shelter as a backup plan. The Useless Bay Sanctuary held Bear and gave him medical care while Parkinson and her friend searched for his owners.

Since they couldn't find the owners, the rescue kennel promised to find a worthy family to adopt him. Interested pet owners are always encouraged to adopt rescue dogs.