Farrah Abraham's Daughter Celebrates Her 14th Birthday With More Piercings

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Farrah Abraham's Daughter
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Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia Abraham has been making headlines for getting new piercings as she channels major goth energy and celebrates her 14th birthday.

Turning 14

The only child to the former Teen Mom OG star is now all dyed hair and, it would seem, up for adding lots of jewelry to her face.

Farrah Leaves Fans Divided

Posting to Instagram, Farrah shared footage of Sophia getting two more piercings on her birthday. Sophia has six piercings in total.

Lip Piercing

Farrah Abraham
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In the post, Sophia wore a long-sleeved and printed shirt, plus her hair was dyed and matted. She was seen getting her lip pierced by a professional. "HAPPY 14th Birthday!' Farrah opened in a caption celebrating Sophia's special day.

Sharing With 2.9 Million Fans

Farrah, who was fired from the MTV franchise on account of her adult career choices, posted for her 2.9 million IG followers. Her post came as a video but was a collage of images.

'Earlobe Piercing Party'

Continuing in her caption, Farrah wrote:

"#earlobe piercing party! 6 piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match vour snake 🎂 can you even eat your cake? #fvp #birthday #birthdaygirl #birthdaygift #fy #lippiercing #genz #y2k #alt #grunge #gothic #emo #xyzbca #sophiaabraham #farrahabraham."

Mixed Reviews

Fans have been replying, and it looks like feedback to the post is mixed.

"Why are we ok with this? I know I’ll cop a lot of hate for this but she’s 14! Yes piercings can close up and heal perfectly, but where is the line drawn?" one fan wrote, adding: "Where is the innocence of being 14 gone? Maybe I’m old school, maybe I’m wrong but I feel like by allowing our children to dictate to us what they do is removing any parental rights we have."

Not Everyone Is Slamming Her

Farrah Abraham
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Farrah did, however, receive support from some users. One fan wasn't into the Nebraska native being shamed.

Sticking Up For Her

This fan received over 400 likes. "Teenage me wished my parents would have been okay with this. I love you supporting what makes her happy," they wrote.

A Controversial Mom

Farrah is often criticized for both being a woman with a sexy image and a mother. Fans have, in particular, felt that the reality star's time in Dubai some years ago was suspect, and they weren't happy that Sophia was there, too.

Fans Say It's Not Normal

Farrah Abraham
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Also gaining likes was a user questioning if Sophia getting her piercings at 14 was "normal."

"Y'all are wild thinking this is normal behavior between a mom and a 14-year-old....all these piercings on her face are too much at 14," they stated.

Her Own IG

Sophia is popular on social media and has her own IG account. She is followed by over 800,000.

Thanking Fans

In a recent share, Sophia marked her birthday, thanking fans for all the love she's been getting on TikTok. Farrah often reposts from TikTok.

Father Died Before Birth

Farrah raised Sophia solo. Sophia's father, Derek Underwood, died in a tragic car wreck while Farrah was still pregnant.

Visits To Grave

Farrah does a good job of reminding Sophia of the father she never met. She often takes Sophia to Derek's grave.

Influencer Game

Farrah Abraham
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Sophia joins her mother in influencing on both TikTok and IG. Extra cash!

Septum Piercing At 13

This isn't the first round of slamming for Farrah. Last year, Sophia got her septum pierced when she turned 13.

'Teen Mom' Stars Grown Up!

Farrah shot to fame on MTV's 16 & Pregnant before becoming a core member of Teen Mom OG.

Plastic Surgery

The mom of one is open about having undergone many cosmetic procedures, including breast and chin ones. Not everyone is on board.

A Proud Mother

Farrah Abraham
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Despite the hate, Farrah continues to mother in her way and fans on her side know the love is there!