Flight Attendant Reveals All The Dirty Secrets About Airplane Bathrooms

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Airplane Aisle
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A former flight attendant has revealed disturbing secrets about airplane bathrooms that discourage you from realizing your dreams. Moreover, it'll likely make you more than a little paranoid about using the bathroom.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the attendant said they're the dirtiest parts of an airplane due to their dimensions and other elements.

In an interview with The Sun, they also shared tips on how to minimize the risk of contracting a disease in the bathroom. From wearing a mask to wearing gloves and using sanitizers - here are secrets about airplane bathrooms and tips to bypass them.

Don't Touch The Toilet Seat - It's Covered In Germs

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It goes without saying that a communal toilet, like those on Airplanes, is often riddled with germs regardless of class. Certain germs still linger on the surface, whether the user flushes the Water Closet or washes it with soap and disinfectant.

When the closet's water bubbles mid-flush, it splashes tiny particles around the cubicle, causing germs to latch onto whatever surface they find. So, don't touch anything inside the cubicle, including the door.

Instead, use a disinfecting wipe (or tissue paper) to clean and touch the surfaces. Avoid direct contact with your naked skin.

Protect Your Health - Wear A Face Mask

Wear a face mask in the toilet
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In the aftermath of the COVID-19 virus, the importance of face masks has become more apparent. Although many airplanes have reduced their flight policies and restrictions, it shouldn't stop you from wearing your face mask.

If you don't wear it while sitting in your chair, ensure you have it on when visiting the bathroom. The air in the cubicle is condensed and filled with gas from other passengers mixed with their excretion odor!

The flight attendant added,

"The [airplane toilet] is essentially a cupboard with no clean air. There's no window and the ventilation is poor."

Do your self a favor and mask up - it doesn't hurt to be proactive.

Avoid Using The Water - Disinfect After Washing Your Hands

Sanitize your hands
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Don't brush your teeth with water from the airplane's bathroom tap because it's often unfiltered. Every tap on the plane draws water from the same tank source, so it risks mixing with unwanted elements.

This tip seems counterintuitive because you're conditioned to wash your hands after using the toilet. However, if you've paid attention from the beginning and kept your sanitizer or wipes or both handy, it's no problem.

Also, use sealed bottled water to rinse your mouth if you brush your teeth, although the flight attendant strongly discourages that.

Don't Take The Germ Home - Shower Once You Land

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No matter how careful you've been on the flight, disinfect yourself at your destination. Remove your travel clothes and wash them as soon as possible (storing them allows the germs to spread.)

Then get into the bathroom and wash every inch of your body. Use an anti-bacterial soap and disinfectant in your water. You'll be surprised at the amount of grime and dirt that comes off with the soapy water.

Read The Sun for more tips.