Tensions High Between Madonna and Pink As The Latter Describes Unfortunate Encounter

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Close-up shot of Madonna
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While Pink may adore the legendary singer Madonna, it may not be mutual as Pink is spilling all the tea on her not-so-great relationship with Madonna.

On Wednesday, February 22, Pink joined Howard Stern to discuss her new album Trustfall, touring, being a mother, and other topics on his SiriusXM radio show.

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Baring It All

Pink didn't spare any details during the interview as Stern questioned Pink about her longtime idol, Madonna, at one point in the conversation. The 43-year-old singer responded, "Madonna doesn't like me," when asked if they were friends.

Why Some People Don't Like Her

Pink claimed that because of her "polarizing" personality, people don't always get along with her.

“Some people just don’t like me. … I’m a polarizing individual.”

How Madonna Tried To Play Pink

But she asserted that there was a more significant factor at play with Madonna.

"She tried to kind of play me on Regis and Kelly, and no. I'm not the one," she said.

A Fan Girl

“She was such an inspiration to me," Pink added, "but it sort of got twisted around that I was, like, fangirling and was dying to meet Madonna, when in actuality she invited me into her dressing room."

The Joke That Didn't Go Well

Pink continued;

"And so, I just said a joke when Regis brought me out. He's like, 'How does it feel to meet [Madonna]? I mean, I heard you're just falling over yourself backstage. How does it feel?' I’m like, ‘I thought she wanted to meet me.’ That didn't work out. It didn't work out for us."

Still A Die-Hard Fan

Pink, however, asserts that she still considers herself a Madonna fan in spite of what transpired.

"I fucking love Madonna. I love her no matter what. Like, I still love her, no matter what."

Pink Idolizes Madonna

Pink has always adored Madonna from her childhood and seeing she still does, it's safe to assume she will always love the singer.

What Madonna Thinks Of Pink

Madonna hasn't commented on any of this to this point, but a few years ago, she told Ellen that Pink was "cool" and that she liked her.

On Causing A Stir At The Grammys

Madonna caused quite a stir with her appearance at the Grammys apparently, before the event, the singer had surgery which had her face a bit swollen at the time and of course, fans didn't waste any time in calling the singer out.

Twitter Users Go Wild

Fans went wild over her look, and they didn't waste time sharing what they thought of her look.

Madonna Slams Fans

On the other hand, Madonna wasn't having any of it as she slammed fans for being so focused on her look rather than savoring the history-making moment when she presented the first trans-woman performing at the Grammys.

Madonna Shares Her Disappointment

Madonna took to her Instagram, in a lengthy caption to highlight her disappointment at fans and she didn't hold anything back.

"Instead of focusing on what I said in my speech which was about giving thanks for the fearlessness of artists like Sam and Kim- Many people chose to only talk about Close-up photos of me Taken with a long lens camera By a press photographer that Would distort anyone’s face!!"

Madonna On Ageism And Misogyny

"Once again I am caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny that permeates the world we live in. A world that refuses to celebrate women past the age of 45 and feels the need to punish her if she continues to be strong willed, hard-working and adventurous."

She added.

Madonna Reveals Why Her Face Was Swollen

While getting dragged for her look, the Frozen singer took to Twitter a few days ago to candidly reveal her face, hinting she had surgery before her appearance at the awards.

Guess Who Defended Madonna?

However, we didn't see this one person defending the Legendary singer, who is none other than Pink.

Pink Defends Madonna

Pink on stage
Giphy | BRIT Awards

The singer defended Madonna earlier this week after the icon cited "ageism and misogyny" as the causes of the backlash surrounding her appearance at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Pink On How To Treat People

“Let’s just give the people the respect they deserve and have earned, and be a bit nicer. Can we all be a bit nicer? I want to be nicer, to myself and others,” she told Mirror UK.

Pink's New Perspective

She continued;

“When a person walks out, the first thing I think is not, ‘Holy s— did you see their face?’ I don’t think like that. I think, ‘Holy s—, that person has been amazing for so long.'”

A Busy 2023 For Pink

Pink has a fairly busy schedule for the year because the UK leg of her tour in support of her ninth album, "Trustfall," begins in June.