Nicola Peltz Poses in Provocative Outfit Amid Chaotic Brooklyn Beckham Wedding Lawsuit

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Nicola Peltz
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Nicola Peltz appeared unbothered in new Instagram pictures following her wedding planner lawsuit. The newlywed also sparked pregnancy rumors after showing off her bulgy belly.

Nicola Poses In Her White Robe

Nicola Peltz Beckham posing ina white robe
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Peltz posed in a white robe showing off her pink lace underwear and clavicle tattoo. The actress wore her blonde hair in a neck-length crop with curls and kept her makeup balanced - smoky eyes and glossy nude lips.

Upcoming Movie

The picture is a behind-the-scenes shot of her time on the set of her upcoming movie, Lola James. It's her directorial debut, and fans are excited to see where she goes with the indie production.

Meet Lola James

The 28-year-old used a picture of herself in sweats showing a baby bump that sparked pregnancy rumors. However, as part of a b-t-s carousel, her character in Lola James may be pregnant.

What's Lola James About?

Lola James follows a young woman struggling to make money to save her younger brother, Arlo, from a toxic home situation. She encounters a tragedy that forever changes her and Arlo's life.

Release Date TBD

The movie doesn't have a release date yet, but it's expected to hit theaters or streaming later this year or next.

Wedding Planning Drama

Meanwhile, Peltz is dealing with marital issues alongside her 23-year-old husband, Brooklyn Beckham. They're involved in a lawsuit filed by Peltz's father, Nelson, against the wedding planners Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba.

Parents Of The Bride File The Suit

The older Peltz accused Grijalba and Braghin of withholding the $159,000 deposit they paid for the ceremony last Spring. As the bride's parents, Peltz and his wife, Claudia, hired the duo's company, Plan Design Events.

It Was A Short-Term Employment

Plan Design Events joined the Peltz-Beckham wedding planning six weeks before but dropped out nine days before the ceremony. They complained about the size of Peltz and Beckham's guest list, saying it surpassed their abilities.

The Planners Made Several Mistakes

Part of the lawsuit cited incompetence from the planners with evidence of text message exchanges between Peltz and Plan Design Events. The 28-year-old said she was tired of correcting their mistakes, including one where they wrongly RSVP'd Lewis Hamilton.

The Planners Got Overwhelmed

One of the planners, Grijalba, explained that the company was struggling to navigate the virtual guest list they used. The actress wasn't impressed with it, and they parted ways almost two weeks before the wedding.

Accusations Of Unprofessionalism

Peltz sr. also accused Grijalba and Braghin of working drunk and allowing alcohol impairs their abilities to deliver.

A Fairytale Wedding

Once the Peltz's parted ways with Plan Design Events, they hired Michelle Rago who delivered a fantastic ceremony considering the short notice.

Endless Honeymoon

Besides the wedding planner drama, Brooklyn and Nicola have been in an endless Honeymoon state since they wedded last April.

Showing Off His New Ink

The chef recently got a bold tattoo of his wife adding to his 19-piece collection. This new one showed a full portrait of Peltz and he's not stopping anytime soon.

A Sign Of Love

Beckham said he wants to cover his entire body with markings of his wife because it's his way of expressing love. He told E! that the obsession with inking his body with Peltz's markings started shortly after they started dating, and now "he's half-covered in ink."

Nicola Is Always Pleased

Despite having about 70/100 (per Beckham) tattoos dedicated to Nicola, it never fails to surprise the actress when her husband gets a new one.

Lucky To Have Each Other

Apart from plastering his wife's mementos all over his body, Beckham also loves her out loud on Instagram. On Valentine's day earlier this month, he wrote that he's the luckiest man alive because he has her.

A Valentine's Day To Remember

He bought her red roses shaped like a giant heart and Peltz concurred saying, she's also a lucky woman to have him as a spouse.

Making New Friends

As a couple, Peltz and Beckham also made new friends after their wedding including Selena Gomez who's always ready to support them.