Kim Zolciak's Daughters Dismiss 'Crazy' Foreclosure Rumors of Georgia Mansion

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Kim Zolciak's Daughters
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There is a lot of fake news related to big TV personalities and their lives. Kim Zolciak is not different. The buzz around the rumored foreclosure of the star’s Georgia mansion is hard to miss. But is the news really true? 

Just Some Crazy Rumors  

Kim Kolciak daughters
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According to Kim’s oldest daughters, the news is nothing but “crazy” rumors. They completely deny any reports of their mom’s mansion and its upcoming auction.  

It Was Just A Misunderstanding 

Ariana Biermann had the following to say about this matter: “Don’t believe everything you hear,” the 21-year-old says. According to her, it’s all just a huge misunderstanding.  

They Don’t Plan On Leaving 

Kim Kolciak daughters

The girls, Brielle and Ariana, both mentioned sleeping at their mom’s house just a night ago. They mentioned that they were not leaving anytime soon.  

The Situation Seems Frustrating For The Sisters 

Ariana further clarified her family’s position regarding their mom’s mansion. “Everything is still there,” the girl emphasized, “We all live there.” 

Just Another Tuesday For The Family 

Brielle, 25, mentioned how similar the rumors today were to the ones that spread about their family in November. Kim had taken a similar stance as her daughters back then as well.  

What Were The Rumors In November?

Kim Zolciak
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Similar to the rumors spreading about the mansion today, it was said that Kim Zolciak’s home was foreclosed on for $257, 000. This rumor was proven to be false. 

Ariana Biermann Tries To See A Funny Silver Lining  

It’s always good to see humor in frustrating situations. That’s exactly what Ariena is trying to do. According to her, they’ll just “see what happens March 7.”  

Why The Rumors Began  

If you think that the rumors are entirely baseless, you’ll be wrong. The news regarding the foreclosure is actually due to a notice released by Fulton County. 

What Was The Notice?

Kim Kolciak
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Kim and her husband, Kroy Biermann, have defaulted on a $1.65 million loan, the notice stated. It’s why the mansion was going to be auctioned off by Trust Bank on March 7. 

How Did The Family React? 

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Despite everything, the family is going strong! They’re not letting the rumors affect their lives. When you open their social media, you’ll never notice that anything is wrong.  

Kim Takes It To Social Media 

Though the news of the action is steadily gaining traction, Kim is using social media to flaunt her lavish estate. The beautiful mansion is a treat to look at.  

Kim Zolciak Shows Off Her Mansion  

The mansion has so much to offer. The lavish estate is decorated with stunning crystal chandeliers, an elevator to travel, and even a spa. 

Kroy Biermann Vacuums His Home 

Similar to his wife, Kroy Biermann also took to social media to show off his mansion and his life. Kim shared a video of her husband vacuuming a bedroom in his boxers.  

It’s Business As Usual 

The family handled the rumors back in November in a similar way. Back then, Kim mentioned how she had spent “millions and millions of dollars” on her house. The 44-year-old had seemed frustrated with the rumors back then even. 

When Did the Couple Purchase Their House? 

The house was purchased back in 2012. It’s a large mansion with six bedrooms and was auctioned for $880,000.  

Zolciak and Kroy’s Wedding 

The glamorous duo married in 2011. The wedding was heavily featured on “RHOA”.The couple has gone on to share several parts of their lives. They seem very much in tune with one another. 

Their Family 

The couple has four children and Kim’s eldest daughters from a previous relationship. It’s a big family and their mansion fits their needs perfectly.  

The Couple’s Finances  

The couple has had some rough years when it comes to their finances. Back in 2020, Biermann was accused of owing $22,000 in unpaid fees to his former NFL agent. Kim, similarly, admitted to losing $250,000 in gambling.  

What Is Kim Zolciak Famous For? 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
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Most people know Kim Zolciak as a participant in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Despite their financial hurdles, Kim Zolciak still has a net worth of around $2 to $3 million.