Hayden Panettiere's Brother Was Allegedly 'Popping Pills Like Gumballs'

Chisom Ndianefo
Close-up shot of Hayden and Jansen Panettiere
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The famous actress, Hayden Panettiere's, brother, Jansen Panettiere, passed away over the weekend at 28 years of age. According to Daily Mail, Jansen Panettiere, the brother of Hayden Panettiere, developed an opioid addiction and sought treatment for it a year before his shocking demise.

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Was Jansen Clean?

According to his neighbors on his opioid abuse, he had been "popping them like gumballs" for years while abusing prescription painkillers, likely Oxycodone.

He Recovered After Rehab

According to sources who spoke to DailyMail.com, Jansen, who was residing in Nyack, New York, appeared to have sobered up after completing rehab last year, but then relapsed in more recent months.

He Was Discovered Unconscious In His Room

The 28-year-old was discovered unconscious at his apartment on Sunday evening, and after unsuccessful attempts to revive him, he was declared dead, according to police reports released on Tuesday.

Still Investigating The Cause Of Death

The Rockland County Medical Examiner has not yet determined the cause of death, and Orangetown Police have stated that the investigation is still ongoing.

What His Neighbors Think Is The Actual Cause Of Death

Although since Jansen was frequently seen returning to his apartment in the early morning hours looking "wasted" and "shabbily dressed," neighbors say they wouldn't be surprised if the actor-turned-artist had overdosed and passed away.

He Vanished For A Year

According to one, the star of The Walking Dead resided in an apartment building on Main Street until a year and a half ago, when Jansen mysteriously vanished for "a good year."

He Was Seen Wasted On So Many Occasions

One of his neighbors, according to Dailymail revealed;

"He'd come out of a car at 4am wasted,' said the local. 'He said he was just coming back from a shoot. He looked destroyed."

He Was Described As Humble

The neighbor described Rockland County-bred Jansen as a "regular, friendly," and "unpretentious" guy who never brought up his famous sibling or acting career.

His Neighbors Describe Him As Kind

"He was very nice guy, very friendly, he was an artist and an actor. Very friendly and generous; he would always offer me help," he added.

How He Disappeared For A Year

"When he moved out of here; he disappeared. Then his father came and got his stuff out and said I have to get him out of here. Then he left for a year."

He Moved To Another Apartment After Disappearing

The next-door neighbor claimed that Jansen "resurfaced" in the community at some point last year but had relocated to a different apartment a few blocks away.

Did Jansen Go To Rehab?

However, his neighbor thought he had entered rehab as he added;

"He moved out, and his dad grabbed his stuff."

Going Downhill From Recovery

The neighbor continued;

"When he came back he looked okay in the beginning. He looked like a different person. He came back straightened up. Then he went downhill from there."

How He Was Discovered

According to a police report, three friends who frantically attempted CPR found Jansen's body in his home after finding him "unresponsive" in a chair.

Friends Were Worried When He Didn't Show Up

Friends went to visit Jansen at his home in Nyack, which is close to the town of Palisades where he and Hayden spent their formative years after they became "concerned" when he failed to show up for a scheduled meeting.

They Tried To Resuscitate Him

The friends, who have been named Benjamin Brown, Joe Fails, and Lars Arianti, arrived and discovered Jansen "sitting upright in a chair unresponsive." They frantically started performing CPR, hoping to bring him back to life.

His Friends Called His Father

Fails dialed 911, and one of the others spoke to Alan "Skip" Panettiere, the father of Jansen and Hayden, who arrived on the scene as Brown was performing chest compressions.

His Dad Confirmed Speaking To Him A Day Before The Accident

Skip said he spoke to his son "via telephone the night before," and that call went well.

Jansen, 28, was found "lying on his back on the living room floor, not breathing, and cold to the touch with lividity" when EMTs arrived at his house. A Nyack EMT declared him dead at the scene.

No cause of death has been determined yet, according to Orangetown Police Sgt. Peter Maher as per Daily Mail.

Hayden Is Heartbroken Over The Passing Of Her Brother

Although, as of the time of writing, Hayden hasn't made a statement about her brother's passing, insiders tell the outlet that she's been inconsolable since losing her only brother and best friend.