Dad Takes Toddler Son On Manicure Date After Teacher Told Him 'It's Only For Girls'

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TikTok | Mr. Shearhod

Challenging gender stereotypes is every parent's job, especially in today's society. With increased numbers of teachers discouraging children from embracing their interests, especially when it doesn't align with their expectations, there's no time than now for parents to step in.

TikTok user @mr.shearhod recently shared a story in which he revealed his son's teacher discouraged the pre-schooler from painting his nails because the act "is for girls." So, the boy's father took matters into his hands and organized a manicure date for his son.

Check out the wholesome interaction below.

Ashton Feels At Home In The Nail Salon

The Californian man said his son was upset when recounting the incident with his teacher earlier that day. So, Shearhod took him to a manicure salon in West Hollywood for a boys' day out.

The toddler couldn't contain his excitement from the moment they left their residence. Shearhod let him lead the date by choosing the color, and, sure to infuriate the teacher, he picked PINK!!!

Then he asked for a pedicure as well saying he wanted the color on his hands and feet. Once the manicurist finished with his nails, the toddler blew on them to ensure the polish dried. Shearhod said he didn't know where he learned the skill (definitely his parents.)

Shearhod Speaks On NBC News

After going viral, the video garnered over 4 million views, leading NBC News to invite Shearhod for an interview. The father of one shares the three-year-old, Ashton, with his girlfriend, and they live together.

His son's account upset him, so Shearhod and his girlfriend planned to uplift his spirit. They also took it a step further by speaking to the school authorities. The TikToker said,

"I told them, I'd appreciate it if you didn't say that kind of thing to Ashton, kind of let him do his own thing.'"

Ashton attended school the following day with his pink-painted nails and blue hair.

TikTokers Share Their Experiences With Gender Stereotypes

TikTok users shared their stories on gender stereotypes, from mothers living with effeminate sons, to fathers and their tom-boy daughters. One parent said she also has a son who loves pink like Ashton, which was normal.

Most users applauded Shearhod for speaking to the teacher as they claimed they wouldn't be civil in the same situation.

One user claiming to be a teacher said Ashton's tutor was rude to him, while another said educators should focus on important things and not frivolous thoughts based on their ideas.

Painting one's nails pink as a boy doesn't equal being gay, and Shearhod ensured he clarified that misconception in the comments.

How Can Teachers Help To Break Gender Stereotypes

Children holding hands
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"I always tell my students there aren’t ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ things. Just things that we like."

UNICEF lists ways for teachers to break gender stereotypes, including blurring the lines between boy and girl games. Anyone interested should get the opportunities if they qualify, regardless of their gender.

Also, teachers should encourage all students to be expressive no matter how they choose. The change starts with you as an adult - break the stereotype.