Father Of Child Influencer, Everleigh Rose, Died of Fentanyl Overdose

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Tommy Smith and his daughter Everleigh Rose
instagram | Tommy Smith/Instagram

In 2022, the world was surprised to hear about the tragic demise of child influencer Everleigh Rose's father, Tommy Smith. About five months after the terrible news, a police report has revealed the cause of death as an accidental drug overdose. Here are the details.

The Public's Questions Are Answered

On February 21, 2023, the Orange County Sheriff Coroner answered the burning five-month-old question about how YouTuber Everleigh's father died.

Tommy Died From A Drug Overdose 

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It was revealed that Tommy tragically died from an accidental overdose due to acute fentanyl intoxication. The public was also told that even though the cause of death was determined, the case remained open.

Savannah Announces Tommy's Death

On September 14, 2022, Everleigh's mom and Tommy's ex-partner, Savannah LaBrant, sent shock waves around the internet when she shared the news of Tommy's demise at 29.

Savannah Expresses Sadness

On Instagram, Savannah posted a picture of her daughter and Tommy, expressing the immense sadness the family felt as they processed his death.

Savannah Asks For Privacy

The YouTuber described Tommy as an amazing father who loved Everleigh very much. Savannah asked for privacy as the family continued loving the little girl, praying, and grieving with her.

Savannah And Tommy's Relationship 

Savannah and Tommy first crossed paths a few years ago when the former was still a teenager. The pair became romantically involved in 2012 and welcomed Everleigh in December of the same year.

Savannah And Tommy's Split

For a while, the family of three lived happily as Savannah and Tommy focused on being amazing parents to their daughter. But sadly, after dating for four years, the pair went their separate ways.

Savannah Finds Love Again

Following their break up, Savannah met YouTube star Cole LaBrant, and after dating for a short time, they exchanged wedding vows in July 2017. 

Savannah And Cole Welcome Three Kids 

Since tying the knot, Savannah and Cole have welcomed three more kids, Posie, Zealand, and Sunday. The large brood is a social media sensation, sharing videos of their daily lives.

The Couple Is A Social Media Sensation

Savannah and Cole have garnered over 13 million subscribers on YouTube and over 29 million loyal followers on TikTok.

Tommy Had A Girlfriend

On the other hand, Tommy found love again in the arms of Orange County hairstylist Courtney Santaella. The pair were a couple when Tommy died.

Courtney Pays Tribute

Following Tommy's demise, Courtney took to social media to pay tribute to her late boyfriend. In the post, the hairstylist revealed that her heart was broken into a million pieces.

Courtney Wishes Tommy's Death Was Just A Nightmare

Courtney said she felt numb and couldn't think of words to say other than she wished Tommy's death was a terrible nightmare she could wake up from. She revealed she would not be the woman she was without Tommy.

Courtney Remains Grateful For Tommy

According to Courtney, her late boyfriend taught her so much, and she was forever grateful that Tommy came into her life and made many amazing memories together.

Courtney Promises To Preserve Her And Tommy's Memories 

Courtney concluded by relaying that she would cherish the amazing memories and hold them tightly to her heart for the rest of her life, after which she expressed certainty that Tommy was dancing and cracking jokes in heaven.

Savannah Gives An Update On Everleigh 

Since Tommy died, Everleigh has had a hard time coping with her dad's absence. In October 2022, Savannah shared an update on how her daughter was doing.

Savannah Says It Has Been Difficult For Her Daughter

In an Instagram post, the doting mom disclosed that it had been difficult for Everleigh, adding that they were transitioning into a new normalcy.

Savannah Says They Will Love And Support Everleigh 

Savannah explained that the grief process was unpredictable each day, especially for a child, and as parents, they yearned to heal and fix. But in the end, all they could do was love, support, and focus on Everleigh.

Savannah Is Blessed To Have Amazing People 

It was a blessing for Savannah and her family to have family, friends, and amazing mentors to help guide them during that season and to help them make Everleigh feel loved.

Savannah Says There Will Be Good And Bad Days

The YouTuber concluded by pointing out that anyone who ever lost someone knew that grief was strange, after which she shared that there would be good and bad days moving forward.

Everleigh Was Close To Tommy 

Everleigh shared a close bond with her dad, and the 10-year-old never shied away from revealing how grateful she was to have him. So naturally, it will be a difficult road for the little girl, but hopefully, she will come out strong.