Woman Is Told She’s “Childish” After Making Her Sister-In-Law Pay Above Average Rent For A Room In Her House

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In ancient times, there was a great philosopher who once said that revenge is a dish best served cold. Okay, the ancient philosopher was actually writer Truman Capote, but the essence remains the same – revenge is just better when it comes after a long time. And everything, of course, becomes even more unpleasant for those who became the object of revenge. However, sometimes people are able to avenge themselves much sooner and in much more ridiculous ways. For example, like this woman, whose story became popular in the AITA Reddit community. The original post received almost 30.8K upvotes and roughly 3.3K various comments in just a few days. So let’s try to figure out what exactly happened here between the author of the post and her husband’s sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law's checkered past leading to a sticky family situation with rent 🤔

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A family of five lost everything in a house fire, but thankfully were all safe 🙏

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SIL required $100/week rent and own food, family had no other option

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What was supposed to be a reasonable living arrangement turned into a cramped and expensive disaster.

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Sister-in-law's rent so high she was practically paying for her leisure activities - nothing short of unfair

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Grandma's house became "mine" - now a sister-in-law pays above average rent for one of the two extra rooms 😮

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Woman is asked to pay above-average rent for staying in her home

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After offering a room for below-average rent, she was accused of being childish. AITA?

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Family drama in this one. 😑

When lightning struck and caused a woman’s home to burn to the ground, she had to move in with her sister-in-law who'd wanted to make a hefty profit from the situation. After relocating to a new home, her sister-in-law asked to move in and the woman requested an above-average rent for the room in her house, only to be branded "childish". It sounds like a pretty sticky situation and leads to the question – Who is in the wrong? In this post, the woman is asking for advice from the internet on her decision. Let's take a look at the comments and reactions to this situation.

Thanks to math, NTA 👍

timespassing_ | timespassing_

Commenter agrees with the OP that it is a fair deal to charge her sister-in-law an 80% discount on rent for a room in her house. Replies to the comment express appreciation for the math and logical approach to the situation, as well as hilarious jokes about the situation.

NTA — Sis-in-law got 🤔 after rents were set 💰

Alienne8r | Alienne8r

OP was not the a**hole - the sister-in-law got what she deserved when OP set rents for the room according to what she thought was fair. The sister-in-law even took advantage of OP in a time of need, however OP handled the situation in a mature manner by setting the agreed upon rents.

The SIL reaps what she sowed 🤷‍♀️

KTB1962 | KTB1962

NTA and to be honest, not even petty. The commentor believes the sister-in-law is reaping what she has sowed and the OP is simply living by her ground rules - a responsible thing to do. The commentor also suggests that the SIL won't understand the magnitude of her choices until she has been forced to make a similar one.

Karma has arrived 👏

IFeelNothingness | IFeelNothingness

The comment affirms that the poster is Not The A**hole and also expresses appreciation for the sweet smell of karma. The replies unanimously agree that the poster is NTA and also use the famous CCR song "Fortunate Son" to emphasize their thoughts.

🤬 Sister-in-law mooches + 😡 $800 rent. NTA!

StarDMC26 | StarDMC26

The comment author is not the a**hole for making her sister-in-law pay $800 a month for a room in her house, as her husband is down south and she never apologized or offered a reasonable explanation for the exorbitant rent. Her reply revealed that her husband had set the rate, but he was never around to confirm or deny it.

👊🏽 NTA: Hero stands up to sister-in-law!

Lux--Ray | Lux--Ray

The commenter is Not The A**hole (NTA) because they are standing up to a sister-in-law who was extorting them in an emergency situation, despite being given a hard time for charging an above average rent for a room in their house. A reply agrees and applauds the commenter as a hero for their stance.

NTA - She took advantage 😤

Jnbntthrwy | Jnbntthrwy

The comment says the sister-in-law took advantage of the family at a low time, and that the commentor doesn't believe she needs to be in the home anymore. No replies were found.

Don't back down 💪🏼

Ginboy32 | Ginboy32

The comment encouraged the original poster (OP) not to back down and to stand firm in their decision to make their sister-in-law (SIL) pay more than average rent for living in the OP's house. One reply suggested taking the high road and offering to pay for SIL's fare to go down south as a conciliatory measure.

NTA woman gets 🔥 for taking 💰 advantage 🤦‍♀️

Ginger17a | Ginger17a

The comment says that the woman deserved the consequences for taking advantage of the OP and should have saved the money she was charged for taxes. One of the replies noted that the OP had paid her 17 years worth of land tax, so excuses were not acceptable.

NTA: Why pay rent when you can have free housing?

stickydebater | stickydebater

The commentor condemns the sister-in-law for being "dumb"; they suggest that she should have just paid the annual land tax to have her own free housing, instead of having to pay rent to stay in her own house.

NTA! 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment and its reply agree that the woman is not the a-hole in this situation, even though she admitted to being petty. Her sister-in-law truly screwed her and her family in a time of need.

NTA👊🏻 Sister in law gets a fair rent agreement!

No-Jellyfish-1208 | No-Jellyfish-1208

The commenter is not the a-hole in this situation, as they are merely informing their sister-in-law of the new rent agreement before they move in, which was changed after the sister in law had treated them poorly in the past. One reply acknowledges that the sister in law changing her price is illegal in some places and goes on to say that she should have borrowed the land tax from family and paid it off in 10 months, indicating she's not good with money.

👩‍🤝‍👩 Should SIL pay more rent to OP?

hannibe | hannibe

The comment argued that SIL should be the a**hole (TA) for demanding more rent from OP, who was unable to rent an apartment due to lack of certainty in the insurance coverage and duration. Replies suggested that OP should've rented a one-bedroom apartment instead, as it would be cheaper than living with SIL, and that renting a place for the family might be difficult because of short-term lease prices.

NTA: 👠👟shoe on 👉the👈 other foot

gingasmurf | gingasmurf

The commenter declared that the poster of the issue was Not The A-hole in the situation, as the poster was putting her sister-in-law in the same situation as the poster was in when she needed help from her sister-in-law.

Grandma an a-hole, too?

StellalunaStarr | StellalunaStarr

Comment asks if there were rooms available before and mentions that grandma might be an a-hole too. Replies agree and add that it's a great catch.🤔

Grandma's house with four rooms but still no bed for the grandchild 😕

i-d-even-k- | i-d-even-k-

The commenter questions why the grandmother in the story didn't allow her grandchild to stay in her house with four empty rooms, even though it would've been the logical option. A reply explains the grandmother's story is probably fake and doesn't make sense with the circumstances.

😠 NTA: “Screw her”

MidwestWickedWitch | MidwestWickedWitch

The commenter was not the a-hole and called out the sister-in-law for making the woman pay above average rent for a room in her house.

👉 NTA: Treat others + 👉 You get what you give!

whynot246810 | whynot246810

The comment suggests that the sister-in-law should "treat others the way you want to be treated" and that she should have reflected the same respect for the original poster that she was expecting to receive. "You get what you give" is the implied message.

NTA: Justified pettiness 💪

cattripper | cattripper

The comment asserts that the woman's behavior was not the a**hole (NTA) in light of her history with her sister-in-law. They deemed her response as perfectly "petty" and the offer of the room to be "extremely fair."

NTA claiming kids for 💸!

simplylisa | simplylisa

The person commenting is not the a**hole for claiming her sister-in-law's kids for food stamps; she suggests that this story is really fishy. A reply further investigates the possibility of fraud given the forms necessary to accurately list the dependents' names and other detail.

SIL took outrageous advantage 😠 NTA!

waterfall_blue | waterfall_blue

Commenter's shock and anger at the Sister-In-Law's outrageous demands is palpable. The commenter was also astounded that no one in the family helped out during the family's misfortune. Replies explain the family's financial strain, and the lack of help from other family members, as well as the SIL's unethical behavior. Everyone agrees the SIL is NTA (Not the a**hole) for her actions.

Don't mess with the 🐊

ggjmnhgg | ggjmnhgg

NTA - OP's sister-in-law is a malicious and bad person for taking advantage of her family and refusing to pay her bills. Replies point out how every notice should have been a warning sign that her house would go into tax sale, yet she chose to ignore them.

Karma catching up 💁‍♀️

El-Wolferino | El-Wolferino

The commenter stated that the woman was "NTA" (not the a**hole) and that this was an example of karma.

NTA: What goes 🔄👀

theoptionexplicit | theoptionexplicit

The commenter believes that the woman is NTA (not the a**hole) for making her sister-in-law pay above average rent for a room in her house, as the action serves as a lesson in treating others with respect.

NTA: 👏👏 some comeuppance!

Time_Highlight89 | Time_Highlight89

The commenter declared NTA (not the a**hole), noting that the situation was comeuppance, and that they never get tired of it.

Living rent free ❌ NTA!

overseas-mango | overseas-mango

The commenter said that the woman is not being "childish", but is refusing to be a doormat. No replies found.

Treat people well on the 🔝,👇️!

bamf1701 | bamf1701

The comment says NTA (not the a**hole) to the original poster - basically arguing that her behavior is justified for making her sister-in-law pay more rent than average, especially since her SIL was using the original poster's kids to commit fraud with food stamps. The comment then goes on to use a proverb to emphasize the idea of treating people fairly in all scenarios.

Grandma's mansion 🏡 but no help 🤦‍♀️

Kittykateyyy | Kittykateyyy

The commentor states NTA (not the a**hole) for the woman making her sister-in-law pay for rent for a room in her house. A reply chimes in that the woman's grandmother had the luxury of a mansion with four spare rooms but 'passively watched this occur.'

NTA: What goes around, comes around 🔁

Possible_Nobody_8929 | Possible_Nobody_8929

The commenter expressed that they are 'Not the A**hole' in this situation and conveyed the message 'What goes around, comes around' - suggesting justice will be served in the end.

Karma delivered 👍

heatherlincoln | heatherlincoln

The commenter NTA (not the a**hole), suggesting that the woman is being fated by karma for making her sister-in-law pay higher rent than average.

NTA: What goes around, comes around 😉

czndra67 | czndra67

The commenter thinks the woman is in the right for making her sister-in-law pay above average rent for a room in her house. They suggest that the woman should offer her a lesson, but doubt that it will be learned.

NTA: Living with grandma better deal?

loudent2 | loudent2

The comment suggested that the woman should've lived with her grandmother instead of making her sister-in-law to pay above average rent for a room in her house - implying that it would be a better deal for her.

Choosing independence 🤔

No-Amanuensis | No-Amanuensis

The commenter questioned the original poster's decision to stay in her sister-in-law's house given the price she was paying for it, suggesting that she could have found a better deal elsewhere.

Fighting the rent battle💪

TheWhipDaddy | TheWhipDaddy

The commenter thinks that the woman's actions were "NTA (not the a**hole)", and that it was a good story.

👍 Good for you!

highoncatnipbrownies | highoncatnipbrownies

The commenter applauds the original poster for not letting their sister-in-law's "deplorable behavior" go unnoticed.

💪 Standing up for yourself!

purplehippobitches | purplehippobitches

The commenter encourages the woman to be 'petty' and stand up for herself after her sister-in-law offered her a similar deal which she accepted. She is also encouraged to put the insurance cash from the house to her savings.

Don't let 🔥 enter your home!

Difficult-Mix8911 | Difficult-Mix8911

The commentor is "Not The A**hole", and they suggest that the woman rescind her offer to let her sister-in-law into her home. It would be a mistake to be too nice, as it could lead to her and her offspring embedding themselves, not paying rent, and tormenting her children, so the best option is to not let them in.

Your house, your rules 💎

AdAnxious3677 | AdAnxious3677

The commenter is NTA and praises the original poster for standing their ground and setting boundaries with their sister-in-law; they suggest that the sister-in-law shouldn't "look a gift horse in the mouth."

NTA: Don't let her step inside!

Severe-Inspection-67 | Severe-Inspection-67

Commenter advises not to let the sister-in-law step in the home, as her presence would be hard to get rid of.

🤣 NTA for the pettiness!

Beautiful_mistakes | Beautiful_mistakes

The commenter affirms that the woman is not the a**hole for making her sister-in-law pay above average rent for a room in her house and praises her for her pettiness.

Sibling rivalry 🤭

artemisthewild | artemisthewild

The comment critiques the poster's move to make her sister-in-law pay an above-average rent for a room in her house, suggesting that the poster is being childish. The comment affirms that the poster is not the a**hole in the situation.

Karma comes knocking!

IllustratorNo622 | IllustratorNo622

The commenter declared that the sister-in-law was NTA (not the a-hole) and that karma was a b*tch for making her pay above average rent for the room in her house.

A classic family 🤣 drama!

Im_a_surly_duck | Im_a_surly_duck

The section comment approves of the woman's decision to make her sister-in-law pay above average rent for a room in her house, labeling it as "petty" but also "awesome". NTA (not the a-hole) for sure.

Turning tables 🔄

deakers | deakers

The commenter stated that NTA (not the a**hole) and justified the rent difference with the response of 'Turn about is fair play.' with a $200 discount given to the sister-in-law.