Gwendlyn Brown Slams Father, Kody, for Keeping Ex Meri in 'Loveless' Marriage

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Gwendlyn Brown
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Gwendlyn Brown is grabbing the bulls by the horn and speaking up for her stepmom, Meri Brown, and how her father handled his relationship with her. Meri is no longer in a marriage/relationship with Kody, as she ended it all last year.

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Gwendlyn Brown

Gwendlyn Brown
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Gwendlyn, Christine and Kody's daughter, criticized her father for his decision to end things with Meri and how he gave her false hope toward the end of his marriage to Meri.

"The thing is, he is just leading her on at this point."

Sorry, Meri!

Kody Brown

The 21-year-old expressed her sympathy in a YouTube video after watching an episode of the TLC series where Kody declared that he didn't consider himself married to her and would be fine with the 52-year-old moving on.

Criticizing Her Dad

She called Kody's reaction unfortunate in the reaction video.

"It is so unfortunate to see my dad going off on how he and Meri basically have this done relationship."

Meri Had No Idea He Was About To Leave Her

Gwendlyn compared Meri's situation with her mom (Christine), who had a conversation with Kody before ending the marriage. For Kody and Meri, the decision to end things by Kody was one-sided and unfair.

Manipulative Kody

Sister Wives
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She described her father's approach as manipulative for keeping such information from her and keeping her trapped in a loveless marriage with a "false hope that things are going to get better."

Questioning Her Father's Decision

Meri and Kody
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The vlogger had a few questions for her dad following his decision to get married to multiple women.

"How does it benefit him to stay with all of these women? Does he consider them trophies? Does he consider them his path into heaven? I don't understand why he feels this humongous necessity to be with them still."

Happy For Them

Sister Wives
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She did not mask her excitement for the three wives who chose to leave the arrangement and regain their freedom.

Meri's Account

The 52-year-old closed the curtains on their marriage after she discovered Kody had decided on their marriage behind her back.

"Even since being in Flagstaff, he has led me to believe that he was trying. Our first anniversary here in Flagstaff, cheers to a new beginning as opposed to this."

Kody And Meri Meeting

The estranged couple met through Meri's sister, a mutual friend who introduced them when Meri was 19 and Kody was 22.

A Short Courtship

The pair revealed they dated for six months after meeting before tying the knot and making it official.

"I was just young and in love," Meri previously admitted why it took them such a short time to get married.

Kody On Their First Time

Meri Brown
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Kody also reminisced on how he fell in love with Meri in the family's 2012 memoir, Becoming Sister Wives: The Unconventional Marriage.

He described her as very cute and sweet when they met, and he had difficulty hiding how he felt back then.

Meri Is No Stranger To Polygamy

Meri Brown
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The 52-year-old mentioned she grew up in a plural marriage background and therefore had no problem with Kody's decision to marry more women.

"My family was in the LDS faith but converted [to the Fundamentalist Mormon faith] when I was about six or seven years old, so I grew up in a plural family with five mothers and 25 brothers and sisters. My parents never pushed me into this lifestyle though.'

Janelle Brown

Three years after Kody and Meri tied the knot, he married Janelle Brown in 1993. Christine entered the picture one year after Janelle's entry. Meri was Kody's only legally and spiritually wedded wife.

Robyn Brown

He married his third spiritual wife, Robyn, in 2010. However, the three women revealed in the series that Meri agreed to get into a plural marriage, which also caused them to marry Kody.

Polygamy Is Illegal In The United States

His decision to spiritually marry the three other women is because the law of the United States only recognizes monogamous marriages. He also called it God's testimony for him to have multiple wives.

The Browns Rise To Fame

Sister Wives
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The family became famous for his lifestyle when their show premiered on TLC in 2010, showcasing his life with four wives.

How Many Kids

The 54-year-old is a father to 17 children and a grandfather to a couple of grandchildren.

Christine Brown

Christine and David
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Christine Brown recently revealed she's dating someone new and went Instagram official with him on Valentine's Day.

1 Wife Left

Sister Wives
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Following the exit of three women from the marriage, Kody is currently left with his last wife, Robyn.