Brad Pitt Is 'Doing His Best To Move Forward' As New Romance Unfolds

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Brad Pitt
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Brad Pitt is said to be doing his best to keep things moving as he enjoys his new romance with his girlfriend, Ines de Ramon. Here are all the details you need to know about Pitt's latest romance.

No More Brangelina

Brad Pitt
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The Fight Club star, who married and divorced Jennifer Aniston and then Angelina Jolie, is settling in nicely with Ines - sources are now dishing on how things are going.

She's Fresh From A Divorce

Brad and Ines have something in common — both are divorced. The ex to Paul Wesley is said to be "very giddy, and her friends have never seen her like this before. She has that new crush feeling and it's very cute," per sources at ET.

Private And Low-Key

While Brad had flaunted his past loves with PDAs and red carpet ops, it's more under the radar with Ines.


"She's glad to be starting this new chapter and really enjoys Brad's company," the source continued. "Ines is trying to protect their relationship as much as possible. She's keeping things private and low-key. Her loved ones and co-workers are happy for her."

A Timeline

In September 2022, a rep for The Vampire Diaries star Paul confirmed that Ines was separating from him. They had been married for three years. By December 2022, Brad and Ines were making headlines as a reported couple.

He's Working On Himself

Brad Pitt

Brad has spoken out since his marriage to Oscar-winner Angelina collapsed. “I was looking at my own life and really concentrating on owning my own s–t. Where was I complicit in failures in my relationships, where have I misstepped," he has said, per Us Weekly.

2014 Marriage To Ange

Brad was married to 54-year-old Aniston from 2000 to 2005 and fell in love with Angelina on the set of the movie Mr & Mrs Smith. In 2014, after a long relationship, the two were married.

Father Of Six

During his time with Jolie, the Babylon star, Pitt, adopted three of Angelina's adopted children. He also fathered three biological kids with the MCU star.

Enjoying Ines' Company

Per ET, Brad is also having fun with Ines, 29. "He enjoys her company, and they share a lot of laughs together," the source also shared.

That Age Gap

There's a massive age gap, though. Ines is a whopping thirty years younger than the Inglorious Basterds star.

Age Is But A Number?

Brad Pitt
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Looks like love trumps all, though! Brad is slightly older than Jennifer Aniston, and with even more of an age gap for Jolie — but nothing like this.

Spending Time At His House

Insiders further claim that Ines is hanging out a lot at Brad's luxurious California pad.

"Ines has spent a lot of time with Brad at his house when he is home in L.A., and they enjoy being low-key together. Brad has been busy filming but has made an effort to maintain the relationship and they talk frequently when he isn't on set," they said.

Battles With Angelina

Since parting ways, Brad and Angelina have made continued headlines for an ugly divorce battle, one including a custody fight and disputes over the winery both purchased back in 2012.

New Year's In Mexico?

It's also said that Brad and Ines dashed off for a romantic Mexico getaway to ring in the New Year!

Will He Marry Her?

If Kanye West can go for a quickie wedding after years of marriage and divorce, perhaps Brad Pitt can as well?

Ines Is A 'Go With The Flow' Type Of Girl

Brad Pitt
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Per the ET source, Brad really digs Ines' personality. "She is a very 'go with the flow' type of woman and that is what Brad appreciates," the outlet states.

Angelina Spotted With Kids

Angelina, meanwhile, continues to be spotted out and about with her six children.

Jen Forgotten?

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Brad does not speak much of his first marriage to Friends star Jen, although she has opened up.

Watch This Space

It's a new couple alert and only time will tell where these two go!