Nipsey Hussle's Killer Eric Holder Gets Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison

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Eric Holder in Court
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It's been almost four years since gunmen murdered rapper, Airmiess Joseph Asghedom a.k.a. Nipsey Hussle, in front of his store in South Central Los Angeles but he finally got justice yesterday. A Superior Court sentenced his killer, Eric R. Holder Jr. to 60 years incarceration.

Hussle's Death In 2019

Nipsey Hussle
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Hussle was at his store, Marathon Clothing in South Central Los Angeles at 3:18 p.m. on March 31, 2019, when Holder Jr. and his associates ambushed him. They shot Hussle ten times, kicked his head, and injured two other innocent bystanders.

Hussle Didn't Make It

The rapper, 33, didn't survive the hit as the hospital pronounced him dead by 3:55 p.m. although the other bystanders recovered from their wounds.

Police Arrest Holder Jr.

Immediately the police started investigating Hussle's murder, they picked up Holden Jr., 29, in April, 2019, as the first suspect, and confirmed his involvement. They discovered the duo had bad blood between them due to an undisclosed personal matter.

Holden Jr.'s Indictment

Montage of Eric Holden Jr. and Nipsey Hussle
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In May 2022, a Grand Jury indicted Holden Jr. on Hussle's murder, and the attempted murder of the two bystanders. The prosecution also added charges of assault with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Holden Jr.'s Defense

The accused claimed he didn't intend to kill Hussle but to scare him and that he acted passionately rather than calculatedly as the elements of murder suggests. During the trial, Holder Jr. revealed the personal matter that triggered his argument with the rapper.

Hussle Thought Holder Jr. Was An Informant

Holden Jr. told the court that Hussle accused him of being a criminal informant for law enforcement. By July 6, 2022, the Grand Jury found Holden Jr. guilty on three counts - one murder and two attempted murders.

No Remorse For His Actions

Holder Jr. remained emotionless during his conviction as Judge Clau Jacke III read out his sentencing which amounted to 60 years.

Not Enough Time

Hussle's family and friends believe the murderer didn't get enough time for his crime. The late Herman Douglas pre-emptively said,

"I don't care how much time this guy gets. It's not about the punishment time... Why would somebody do this?"

A Great Loss

Herman wasn't the only one who believed Hussle's death was a great loss to the entire black community. The rapper used his influence to help his community by rapping about injustice to running several charities.

Stopping Gang Violence

Nipsey Hussle performs
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Hussle was an activist against gang violence and worked with the Los Angeles Police Department to rehabilitate young people in his neighborhood.

Posthumous Success

Hussle posthumously won two Grammy awards at the 2020 ceremony for Best Rap/Sung Performance (Higher) and Best Rap Performance (Racks in the Middle). His last album, Victory Lap also rose to a peak of 2 on the Billboard 200.

A Walk On Hollywood Boulevard

Hussle got a posthumous Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His partner before death, Lauren London, industry associates, and surviving family attended the ceremony on his behalf.

Lauren London Speaks

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London at a basketball game
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London who shares her five-year-old son, Kross, with the rapper, spoke on his behalf saying,

"Nip would've been honored by this moment."

She wanted people to commit to moving forward.

Holding His Memory

London continues holding Hussle's memory and shares sweet words for the late rapper on her Instagram feed. She withdrew from the industry after Hussle's death but got support from family and friends.

Back In The Spotlight

London returned from her self-inflicted retirement earlier this year in the Netflix movie, You People opposite Jonah Hill.

'Respecting' Hussle's Memory

You People received scathing reviews especially for the lack of chemistry between London and Hill. It worsened when fans realized the kiss at the end of the rom-com wasn't real because the actress wasn't comfortable with getting intimate on screen yet.

She Needs to Take Her Time

Fans said the actress needed to grieve before getting on-screen in order to deliver the best performance.

Running His Clothing Store

London runs Marathon Clothing now, and she's taken it to the next level. Her latest collaboration was with PUMA

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