12 Y.O. Refuses To Work With A Guy Who’s Been Bullying Her, Teacher Stands For Inclusion

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It’s no secret that adolescence is challenging. With changing bodies, hormones, and a budding brain becoming less uncertain and more disobedient by the minute, teens often find themselves in situations where they don’t know how to react. School becomes filled with misunderstandings, friendships end unexpectedly and thoughts are running rampant – leaving them vulnerable to anxiety attacks and mood swings. Apparently, standing up for yourself is one of those tricky things. Am I being too dramatic here? Well… no, actually. A recent story shared by a mother in the AITA subreddit shows how adults can even teach kids that going against someone else’s will is a crime straight out of Alice in Wonderland. You see, this protective mom has set boundaries with her daughter: young women don’t have to put up with anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable. They are able to choose who they spend time with. Sounds like a solid plan for an increasingly complex world, doesn’t it? However, the girl had to go through some unwanted attention at school which led to her getting in hot water with the teacher for not allowing a classmate join her group project. Instead, the mom felt it was too dangerous of a lesson to be taught, so she had to intervene. But she was unsure of how to approach the situation, so reached out for advice on the ‘Am I the [Jerk]’ community.

Teaching a 12-year-old the importance of self-respect by saying no to bullying

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

A 12-year-old student stands up for herself and her peers against bullying, with the teacher's support for inclusion

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

Brave 12 year old rejects bully’s advances and teacher stands up for inclusion

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12 y.o. refuses to work with bully, teacher stands up for inclusion 👏🏽

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

12 Y.O. takes a stand for inclusion, fights back against bullying with kindness

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

12 year old stands up to bully and teacher supports her decision

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

The teacher takes a stand for inclusion when a 12 year old refuses to work with a bully

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

A 12-year-old student refuses to work with a bully, and her teacher stands up for inclusion

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

This mom refuses to teach her daughter that bullying is acceptable.

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

Teaching her to stand up for herself and advocate for inclusion ✊

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Teacher supports 12 Y.O. who refuses to work with bully "Boy" at recess for inclusion

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A young girl standing up to a bully while being taught the importance of respect and inclusion✊

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Making sure our youth are supported and respected, no matter what!

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This comment shows appreciation for the teacher who stands for inclusion.

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12 year old takes stand against bullying and celebrates inclusion!

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12 year-old stands up to bullying and finds inclusion with teacher's support

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A parent's stand against a bully championed by their daughter's teacher

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

12 year old takes a stand for inclusion by refusing to work with a bully

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

This 12 year old refuses to work with a bully, and her teacher stands strong for inclusion!

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Four girls join forces to fight for their right to be treated with respect and inclusion

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The teacher stands up for inclusivity for a 12-year-old who refuses to work with a bully 🙌

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Standing together for inclusivity 💪

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Teachers & students working together to foster respect & inclusion

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Standing up for inclusivity and opposing bullying - the school takes a zero-tolerance policy.

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The teacher and principal apologized and the principal agreed to find ways to promote inclusion while respecting boundaries.

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

A touching story of a 12 y.o. standing up to bullying and a teacher who stands for inclusion ✊

protectivemommyg | protectivemommyg

Teaching young women to respect their own boundaries & standing up to bullies 💪🏼

This post tells the story of a mother teaching her daughter to respect and set boundaries for herself at a young age. A boy from her daughter's class had been giving her and her female friends trouble at recess and when he asked to join her daughter's group, her daughter refused and said that he should work with another group. The daughter's teacher then called the mother and told her that she had broken the class rules by refusing to include the boy, but the mother disagreed. She argued that teaching young women to ignore their own comfort level and expect them to include everyone regardless can be dangerous and not appropriate at that age. The family ended up having a meeting with the school administration to request training for the teachers on trauma-informed teaching methods and to ensure that harassment doesn't continue at school. This story highlights the importance of teaching young women to stand up for themselves and respect their own boundaries. As we will see in the comments and reactions, this resonated with many people.

A 12-year-old taking a stand 👊

Lisabeybi | Lisabeybi

🚨 NTA! Say no to bullies!

stroppo | stroppo

Parents: NTA 👏Protecting your daughter is not wrong!

Candy4Evr | Candy4Evr

NTA, teaching what's right👍

Any-Confusion-4526 | Any-Confusion-4526

Protecting kids from bullying 💪

He_Who_Is_Right_ | He_Who_Is_Right_

🤦‍♀️ Teachers stand for NTA+EH and body autonomy!

jlwolfe6983 | jlwolfe6983

Standing up against bullying 💪🏼

tareable1 | tareable1

Fighting bullying with consent 👌

teresajs | teresajs

NTA: Girl refuses to work with bully🤝Teacher is wrong.

ketita | ketita

👊Stand firm for your daughter👊

Qwertyu858 | Qwertyu858

👏 A parent stands up for their child's safety!

Just-Collar-5517 | Just-Collar-5517

✊️ Parenting done right!

R3dmund | R3dmund

NTA: Teachers should stand for inclusion

Own-Tone1083 | Own-Tone1083

NTA - bullying must end!

lichinamo | lichinamo

Student 👨stops 👮bullying 💥with teacher's support

copper_rabbit | copper_rabbit

👏Kudos to the 12YO!

ShadyVermin | ShadyVermin

🤝👍 NTA encouraging inclusion

theory_until | theory_until

Standing up against bullying 💪🏼

pnb10 | pnb10

Student follows rules and says no 🤔

Double-Corner-5323 | Double-Corner-5323

A teacher's inclusion policy✋

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom stands up for daughter who was bullied!

trekqueen | trekqueen

NTA: Teaching inclusion 🤝

TwoCentsPsychologist | TwoCentsPsychologist

👍👏 You're not alone! Parent stands for inclusion.

Captain_Quoll | Captain_Quoll

"Mother asks school to 👮 protect daughter from bully"

53Thatswhatshesaid53 | 53Thatswhatshesaid53

👍🏼 NTA: Nothing inappropriate

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA 👏🏼 A parent's love!

Unique-Yam | Unique-Yam

NTA - Standing ⚖️ for Inclusion 🤝

sucksatchess666 | sucksatchess666

Teacher stands for 🏆inclusion 🏆

Jesh010 | Jesh010

💪 Standing up for inclusion 💪

DeepFudge9235 | DeepFudge9235

👏🏼 Supporting a 12 Y.O.'s agency!

elizabethjanet | elizabethjanet

NTA: Standing for inclusion 💪✨

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A mom's 💪 stance to protect her daughter — NTA!

VeterinarianAbject23 | VeterinarianAbject23

💪 NTA ✊ Standing for 🤝 inclusion 🤝

Perswayable | Perswayable

👏🏻 No one deserves to be belittled!

Conspiring_Bitch | Conspiring_Bitch

NTA - 🤝 looking forward to the meeting

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Way to go Mom! 💪

mel_9060 | mel_9060

Be proud! 💪

RestInPeaceLater | RestInPeaceLater

Protecting 👩‍🏫inclusion vs 🤬bullying

miasabine | miasabine

Teacher vs. Principal! 😱

VintageSed | VintageSed

NTA: Teacher's email 🚫

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👊🏿 Stand strong and proud!

monkmasta | monkmasta

NTA! Bullying should not be tolerated 💪

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👊🏽 NTA: Stand up for yourself!

BJntheRV | BJntheRV

NTA Go Harsher 👊

MummyAnsem | MummyAnsem

Teacher and parent 🤝 NTA 🔑 good luck 🤞

hellabliss | hellabliss

Young bully matures with 💡 lesson 🤝 of inclusion 🤝

notrunningfast | notrunningfast

A perfect email 💯 NTA

salserawiwi | salserawiwi

NTA: Supporting 👍🏼 daughter's 👩🏻 right to say no 🚫

CatAnne119 | CatAnne119

NTA ✊🏼: 12 Y.O. stands up to bully

Livetorun123 | Livetorun123

👊NTA and 🙌 for standing up for inclusion!

bizianka | bizianka

NTA! A 12 Y.O refuses 👎🏻to work with a bully in the classroom 😠.

xluvnyax | xluvnyax

NTA. 🤷‍♂️ Pocket knife?!

toune86 | toune86

💪 NTA. You're protecting your daughter 💕

ChihuahuaMafia | ChihuahuaMafia

NTA: 👊🏼 Standing up for🤝 inclusion!


🙌 A 💯 for standing for inclusion!

asianinindia | asianinindia

👏 NTA: Parenting is about love, not trauma 💕

EtonRd | EtonRd

NTA: Child has ✊🏻 to exclude bullies!

Reason_Training | Reason_Training

💪 NTA: Standing up for what's right!

AshlandSouth | AshlandSouth

NTA 🙌👊 Empowering a young girl to stand up for herself.

Scarletzoe | Scarletzoe


HeathenStar | HeathenStar

👩‍🏫 Teacher stands for 🤝 inclusion 🤝

throwaway-983527 | throwaway-983527

💪 NTA: Setting limits is ok!

AmyPont | AmyPont

Parents fight for 💪🏽 inclusion!

SuLiaodai | SuLiaodai

Teacher says 💯 NTA 💪

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