“Not A Landscaping Service”: Guy Doesn’t Snow Blow His New Neighbors’ Driveway And Gets Blamed For Their Work Absence

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Good neighbors can really make life a lot easier. As you get to know one another, you can help each other out with chores and favors you can complete without even being asked. That’s the kind of relationship Reddit user Tazookeeper had with his neighbor Mr. B, who was getting a bit older, and they would go out of their way to help him. But when Mr. B passed away, new neighbors moved into the house and things took a weird turn. The new neighbor, who wasn’t as close to Tazookeeper as his old neighbor was, started to expect all these favors from him. One time, Tazookeeper decided he was done helping for free and now his neighbor is seriously angry at him that he doesn’t have a snowblower. Continue scrolling to read what happened between them.

A sweet old neighbor is missed by his community, who always lent a helping hand with groceries, meals and snow blowing.

tazookeeper | tazookeeper

A kind gesture honoring a 'neighbor’s' legacy and appreciated by his children.

tazookeeper | tazookeeper

Neighbors meet, but things don't go as expected. "Not a landscaping service"

tazookeeper | tazookeeper

Neighbor requested yard work, but was told to get landscaping service instead. "We told them they should get those things sooner rather than later."

tazookeeper | tazookeeper

Neighbor wrongly blames guy for missing work due to un-cleared driveway

tazookeeper | tazookeeper

Neighbors thought “Not a Landscaping Service” would help them to work 🤔

tazookeeper | tazookeeper

Guy doesn't do the neighbors' work and gets blamed for their absence. "Not a landscaping service!" 🤔

tazookeeper | tazookeeper

The neighbors got mad at him for not shoveling their driveway, but is he the one in the wrong?

tazookeeper | tazookeeper

Neighbor drama: 🤔❄️Not a landscaping service? 🤡

Our old neighbor, Mr. B, passed away last year and his house was subsequently sold to new neighbors. Unfortunately, a disagreement over snow blowing has caused a rift and brought up issues of responsibility and fairness. The new neighbors asked the original neighbors to snow blow their driveway, however, the original neighbor was not willing to oblige. The new neighbor became angry and blamed them for their inability to go to work due to the snow. Did the original neighbor make the right call, or were they wrong for not snow-blowing their neighbor's driveway? Let's dive deeper into this issue and explore the comments and reactions that followed.

NTA 🙅‍♂️: Neighbors' 🤬 entitlement 🤯

PlentyCarob8812 | PlentyCarob8812

The comment rejects the neighbors' sense of entitlement and the comment replies agree with the sentiment. Some suggest solutions, while others laugh off the absurd situation. Everyone agrees that the OP is Not The A**hole.

Neighbors helping each other 🤝

RecentRegister239 | RecentRegister239

Commenters describe positive relationships between neighbors in various contexts and offer support that the original poster is not the a**hole. Generally, they emphasize the importance of basic courtesy and kindness between neighbors, such as clearing each other’s driveways and providing small gifts in thanks. No one should expect help, but it is nice when neighbors give it willingly.

NTA: Stop the mowing 🙅‍♂️

That_Contribution720 | That_Contribution720

The section commenter, in agreement with the article headline, declares the person is not the a**hole for not snow-blowing the neighbors' driveway and stopping the mowing services too. The replies support the comment, with one reply asserting that spouses should snow blow the neighbor's yard if they think it should be done. Another reply abhors pushovers with entitled behavior.


Tish50 | Tish50

The commenter suggested that the OP is not the a**hole, as they are preying on their kindness. Replies included that all neighborly kindness should be gone and kept completely separate, as these people understand that they are not owed anything.

🤦‍♂️No free landscaping here!

picosapecosa | picosapecosa

The commenter is 'NTA' and calls out the neighbor for being an entitled prick for expecting free services. No a**hole here!

Neighbor's 🤨entitlement😱

halseydota | halseydota

The commenter called it 🤨entitlement😱 when a new neighbor expected the commenter to do his household chores for free just because they helped out the previous owner of the house. The reply stated that what the commenter did for the previous owner, who had mobility issues and was friendly, was understandable.

NTA!🙂 OP was nice🤝

AlwaysAllWays73 | AlwaysAllWays73

Commenter agrees that the OP was not the a**hole (NTA) and was nice and neighborly to offer to lend them things and give them heads-up about the snow. Replies agree that OP should not keep enabling this behavior or he might end up mowing the lawn for the next 10 years. They suggest that if OP ever sees them mowing, he should suggest a trade-off of doing each other's lawn.

NTA: It's Not Your Job!

john35093509 | john35093509

The comment suggests that the commenter's wife shouldn't expect him to shovel his new neighbor's driveway and should do it herself. Replies agree that it's much easier to volunteer someone else instead of doing it oneself.

Neighbours demanding help 🗣️ NTA! 💯

bamf1701 | bamf1701

The poster's new neighbors demanded to know when they were going to clear their driveway snow as if they were some kind of "servant". The poster is "Not The A**hole" because they had repeatedly told the neighbors that they weren't going to do it, and it's not like the situation was a surprise to them. The reply adds that the neighbors should face the consequences of their inaction and not clean their driveway, in the hope that if it happens enough times they move again and the OP can get new, more reasonable, neighbors.

🤔 NTA, don't get exploited!

Mamertine | Mamertine

The comment states that the neighbor is using the speaker and is "NTA", or "not the a**hole". The replies suggest offering to call the neighbor's boss to explain the situation and also warn about a Judge in Michigan who wanted to jail a sick dude for improper lawn care.

👴🏼☃️⚙️ — Who's responsible for the lawn maintenance? 😮

cat-lover76 | cat-lover76

The comment questions whether the previous owner's children advertised for lawn maintenance included if the house was sold. The replies suggest another neighbor caused the misunderstanding and praise the original poster (OP) for being polite and gracious. The OP is Not The A**hole (NTA) in this situation.

NTA: Do good, get blamed 😔

Embarrassed_Ad4000 | Embarrassed_Ad4000

The commenter declared 'NTA' - not the a-hole - because the original poster had done a favor to an elderly gentleman by not snow-blowing the driveway.

NTA: 🤯 Neighbor's Attitude

Christovsky84 | Christovsky84

The commenter finds the neighbor's behavior bewildering. They are not responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their property.

No way this is real! 🤔


The commentator says "NTA - This seems like BS cause no one could be as clueless as your neighbors." One commenter agrees and adds that there is "no way this is real". 🤔

Is it neighborly to ask?

nanimal77 | nanimal77

The comment asks why his neighbors expect the guy to snow blow their driveway. A reply suggests that he was foolish enough to keep mowing the lawn after they moved in prompting the neighbors to expect more from him.

When one neighbor😒 said no...

RuutuTwo | RuutuTwo

The original comment expressed skepticism about the story, with one reply claiming it was a repost.

NTA:🙅‍♂️Call the cops❗️

NycBikerDude11 | NycBikerDude11

The comment’s author believes that the neighbor has no right to blame their work absence on them, calling them an adult toddler and suggesting that they call the cops in case the neighbor comes back.

NTA: Neighborly kindness 👍

Radijs | Radijs

The commenter puts forward the opinion that it is kind to help out a neighbor who is unable to do his/her own yard and/or driveway due to being unable to do the task. However, the commenter also believes that it shouldn't be something the neighbor has to do. The reply agrees and ponders the same thing.

NTA! ⚖️ Neighbors with unrealistic expectations.

Academic_Breadfruit1 | Academic_Breadfruit1

The comment declares that Not The A**hole (NTA) and expresses shock at the level of entitlement of the neighbors. The replies agree with the comment and suggest that the children of the old man might have told the new buyers that the neighbors would help keep the garden tidy, leading to unrealistic expectations that the neighbor will help with the snow blowing.

NTA🤦‍♀️: Don't snow blow for free!

tinyshy0 | tinyshy0

The commenter believes the neighbor's behavior is entitled and advises the OP not to do any more favors without the same hourly rates a service company would ask for. The reply agrees, warning against helping the 'A**holes' long term.

NTA - 🤬 🤯

cammyboy1980 | cammyboy1980

The comment states that the poster is not the a**hole and severely criticizes the guy, suggesting not to lend him anything ever again or do any favors for him again. 🤬🤯

A clever solution to a snow problem 😉

thedarlingcas | thedarlingcas

The comment suggests talking to a landscaping business and charging the neighbors double the price before providing the service. This way, the commenter can avoid getting blamed for their work absence.

Neighbors demand snow-clearing 😩😤

rudebish | rudebish

The neighbors banging on the comment author's door and demanding they clear their driveway is outrageous. NTA, they should never give in to this kind of behavior, they can clear their own driveway like every other homeowner. The comment author's husband didn't give in either and knows it's not a snow-clearing service.

🤔 Is this deja vu?

Traditional-Concept1 | Traditional-Concept1

Commenter questions if this post is a repost, with replies confirming that it is an identical repost and they've seen this before.

NTA! It's not your responsibility 😤

HypeKo | HypeKo

The commenter says the neighbor is an a**hole for expecting the protagonist to shovel their driveway and they are NTA - not the a**hole - as it is the neighbor's responsibility.

NTA: 🍪Denied!

AreTheySingle | AreTheySingle

The commenter is advising against giving in to their neighbor's demands, as it might lead to more expectations in the future. They make it clear that their opinion is 'NTA' or 'not the a**hole'.

NTA: 👨‍⚖️🤷‍♂️

Ecstatic_Being8277 | Ecstatic_Being8277

The comment stated that the neighbor was not the a**hole (NTA) because it's unreasonable to expect a neighbor to shovel the snow unless they are being paid for the service. The comment suggested a possible reply of offering to snow blow the driveway for $300 in cash, upfront.

Neighbors try to sponge off NTA's good nature.

Retsamllik | Retsamllik

The section comment suggests that the commenter is 'NTA', not the a**hole, and tells the neighbors to plan ahead and get their own equipment instead of sponging off their good nature.

NTA👊🏼 You did the right thing!

Substantial_Onion_50 | Substantial_Onion_50

The commenter insisted that the commenter was not the a**hole (NTA) because they had done the snow blowing for an elderly neighbor who couldn't do it themselves but did not do it for their new neighbors as they were both able-bodied.

Don't ❄️ shovel them again👍🏻

Alert_Sorbet4016 | Alert_Sorbet4016

The commenter advised the OP never to shovel his new neighbors' snow again, and not to mow their lawn either. Clearly, the commenter thinks the OP is NTA (not the a**hole).

New neighbor blames OP 👩🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻

Natef_Wis | Natef_Wis

OP is not obligated to provide free services to their new neighbors, and they make it clear that their services are not landscaping services. NTA, their neighbors should be responsible for their own property.

No obligation to help 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter argued that NTA (not the a**hole) as the original poster (OP) was under no obligation to help their neighbor with yard work, and suggested that the OP was not obliged to keep doing it in the future. One reply suggested to 'fuck' them, while another lamented on how ungrateful the neighbor was.

NTA: Entitled Neighbor

NefariousnessGlum424 | NefariousnessGlum424

The commenter states that NTA (not the a**hole), and the behavior of the neighbor are not acceptable, implying that they are an a-hole for expecting the commentator to snow blow their driveway.

🤯NTA: neighbors 🤬beyond 🤬insane!

YuukiiTomari | YuukiiTomari

The commenter calls out the new neighbors for blaming the commenter for their own work absence. Commenter suggests avoiding and ignoring the neighbors due to their 'disgusting' behavior.

Neighbors blaming each other 😬

StreetForever | StreetForever

The commenter noted that they had read a similar post in the past, suggesting that the neighbors blame each other often.

Not 👉👈 your problem!

WelshRareDit | WelshRareDit

NTA: New neighbors are physically capable of shoveling the snow and it's not the commenter's responsibility to help them.

Neighbor's entitlement ✋

Amelia_the_Mouse | Amelia_the_Mouse

Commenter believes the neighbor is an entitled a**hole for expecting the homeowner to snow blow their driveway.

🙅‍♂️😮Neighbors Blame Guy for Snow⛄️

MicciMichi | MicciMichi

NTA, the guy was sweet for taking care of his neighbor's empty house while he was away. However, he made a big mistake by catering to the ungrateful neighbors and he was blamed for their work absence. Suggestion: Maybe get them a shovel for Christmas.

Neighbor from hell?! 🤔

Flaky_Sleep | Flaky_Sleep

NTA: The comment suggests that the neighbors may have misunderstood something when they bought their house and expected the comment poster to snow blow their driveway. The comment poster did tell them to either get their own tools or hire a company, but the neighbors still expected it to be done for them. This could indicate entitled behavior, and the commenter urges the comment poster to nip it in the bud before it turns into further issues.

NTA: Neighbor's Absence isn't Your Fault 👊

AnemoAlchemist | AnemoAlchemist

The comment asserts that the neighbors are extremely entitled and the person is under no obligation to help them in any way. They were offered to borrow a shovel when they had no way to clear the snow, but their absence from work is ultimately their own fault.

NTA & 🤔🤷‍♀️

ballbrewing | ballbrewing

The commenter is Not The A**hole and wonders what is wrong with the person's wife to think they should be a doormat and parent. They suggest being more direct in the situation.

Entitlement gone wild 😮

gratefulnothateful11 | gratefulnothateful11

NTA - The entitlement of the neighbors is out of control and the OP should not be responsible for their snow removal. OP's wife is dead wrong for asking for them to do the neighbors' work. The neighbors sound like the worst kind and a tall fence is recommended.

Entitlement taken to an 👀 level 🤯

ilikepurse | ilikepurse

NTA (Not The A**hole): The commenter expresses surprise at the new neighbors expecting free snow blower service. They point out the absurdity of the situation and express shock at the entitlement level.

Neighbors not entitled to ✋┇NTA

lunardia | lunardia

Commenter suggested that the OP wasn't obligated to help their neighbor since they weren't getting paid, notifying them that they weren't entitled to help. OP got no a**hole here for refusing to help their neighbor with snow blowing their driveway.

Guy refuses to clean neighbor's driveway and faces the consequences 😆

roeravid | roeravid

The commenter found the situation funny and believes the guy is NTA and should send the neighbor a bill for any time he has cleaned the driveway in the past since they accused him of being a landscaping service.

NTA: Neighbor not obligated to help

Round_Raccoon95 | Round_Raccoon95

The comment stated that the neighbor was not the a-hole and the blame could not be placed on them for the other's work absence. The commenter suggested that the other party was just being lazy and had not pre-planned, and thus the neighbor wasn't obligated to help them.

Neighbor’s entitled 🤦‍♀️ behavior 

Careful-Self-457 | Careful-Self-457

The commenter believes the neighbors are displaying entitlement and suggests the guy to either find a Home Depot or start charging for his services. The commenter concludes that the guy is Not The A**hole in this situation.

Guy gets praised 🤗for not helping

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter was praised for not helping with snow-blowing the new neighbor's driveway, even though it wasn't his job to do so.

NTA: Neighborly ❌kindness❌ yields servitude 🙅‍♂️

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

The comment calls out the neighbors for taking advantage of the kindness of the commenter and expecting him to service their needs when he's not a landscaping service. The comment also advises the commenter to ignore the neighbors, not do any services for them, and politely decline their requests.

Neighbor doesn't help out😳

Cobblestone-Villain | Cobblestone-Villain

The commenter declared NTA (not the a**hole) for the subject in question, for not taking on their neighbor's work. The commenter suggested that the subject should have questioned their neighbor as to why they assumed their help.

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