Woman Steals SIL’s Wallet And Brings It To Restaurant When She Conveniently Forgets It Again, Drama Ensues

Sister-in-law leaves wallet at home
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When you’re related to somebody, and you’re closer to them than to any other people in your life, you don’t expect them to be a huge pain. But they can be. And if they are, then you’re not obligated to engage in any kind of financial relationship with them. Financial relationships are important to maintain, but there should be some kind of balance between what people give and what people get. If there is no reciprocation, then sometimes it’s OK to take matters into your own hands. A Redditor shared a story about her sister-in-law Amy constantly asking for people who make more money than she does to cover her share of the bill when they go out for dinner. This wasn’t just a one-time thing either. She even implied that the Redditor specifically should cover it. But the Redditor grew tired of doing so and came up with a brilliant plan, as described in the story that she shared online. She got Amy’s wallet so that nobody would have to cover the bill this time around, however, that led to some fiery confrontation afterward. Scroll down for the full story and how the internet reacted once the redditors shared what happened next.

When 'Amy' visits, her wallet always goes missing - sparking drama and headaches for all.

slow-pianist-4431 | slow-pianist-4431

Money drama arises when SIL conveniently 'forgets' her wallet and asks to be reimbursed!

slow-pianist-4431 | slow-pianist-4431

SIL brings her wallet to an expensive restaurant and drama ensues 😳

slow-pianist-4431 | slow-pianist-4431

The protagonist 'pretends' to forget something and steals away the SIL's wallet 🤭 🤫

slow-pianist-4431 | slow-pianist-4431

When SIL "forgot" her wallet again, an unexpected family drama ensued

slow-pianist-4431 | slow-pianist-4431

Woman's 'forgettable' wallet causes dramatic dinner conflict – but is she AITA? 🤔

slow-pianist-4431 | slow-pianist-4431

A moment of drama when a wallet is stolen and returned ⚡️

slow-pianist-4431 | slow-pianist-4431

Conflict arises when she reads the post, leaving no room for further drama.

slow-pianist-4431 | slow-pianist-4431

Stolen wallet, stolen heart 💔 Drama ensues! 🤯

My SIL Amy always comes to visit from out of town and always conveniently forgets her wallet when it's time to pay up for expensive restaurants. She's implied that I, making more money than her, should pay her share and I'm fed up. In a move straight from two and a half men, I grabbed her wallet as I pretended to 'forget something' and then had to confront her with it in the restaurant. Needless to say, she was furious but AITA? Read on to see the reactions!

NTA but flip the switch 💡

jizzy_lizzie | jizzy_lizzie

The commenter points out that the original poster should not have been the a**hole but should have taken a different approach to get back at her sister-in-law for stealing her wallet - which was leaving her wallet at home and only bringing her license so her SIL would have to cover the bill. One reply noted that they wish they had thought of this idea.

SIL's wallet drama 😱

Bitter-Conflict-4089 | Bitter-Conflict-4089

Commenter claims that the woman who invited her to the restaurant was responsible for paying the bill. Many replies agreed, citing it's the same principle of when someone asks someone out, they should pay the bill. A few added that it's better to give something back to the host, like treating them to a nice meal. NTA

💪 NTA! SIL gets what's coming to her.

TemptingPenguin369 | TemptingPenguin369

The comment correctly labels the act as 'not the a**hole', lauding the woman's power move. However, the comment questions whether the husband will ever stand up to his SIL. The replies indicate that the husband's old habits are hard to break and that it's an uphill battle to help him stand up for himself.

Stealing sister-in-law's wallet⁉️ Drama ensues!


The commenter NTA declares the action of stealing the sister-in-law's wallet a "boss move". They suggest the OP not let the husband drive until the SIL shows her wallet and wonders why OP keeps going out with her. Replies suggest either asking for separate checks or reminding the SIL to get her wallet before leaving.

SIL steals wallet and drama ensues 🤦‍♀️

SamGamgE | SamGamgE

Commenter suggests NTA as SIL takes advantage of husband's family and steals wallet. Replier explains that SIL's family had a tough upbringing, which is why the husband has not stopped the behavior.

👊 Make a stand! 😡

Bitter-Conflict-4089 | Bitter-Conflict-4089

Commenter suggested to stop eating out with her sister-in-law, and replies agree this is a good permanent solution to stop being dragged along to dinners against the commenter's will.

👀 He saw right through her!

lost_squid89 | lost_squid89

NTA. The commenter called out the woman for her BS move and said she's playing checkers while he's playing chess. One reply noted that it's 'bars'.

🤔 Setting boundaries 📝

Iataaddicted25 | Iataaddicted25

The OP comments that they are usually against people touching their property, but in this case, they find their SIL's actions acceptable. They suggest to their husband to take the role of the "bad cop" in order to set boundaries to the SIL. The replies agree with the OP and suggest an alternative if their SIL is hard up financially.

Busted!! 😲 💰

greyburmesecat | greyburmesecat

"NTA. Stone cold busted. Next time she books an expensive restaurant, just stand her up, and even better, tell her to find a hotel for her next visit." replied one user, to which another replied, "Yeah. The most expensive place I'd take her is taco bell. They have a value menu for her."

NTA 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

ladygreyowl13 | ladygreyowl13

The section comment is a reply to a woman who was caught stealing her SIL's wallet, with the commenter noting that the woman is really just angry because she got called on her 'crap'. The commenter also suggests that the woman should have given the wallet back in the car. A reply to the comments added the suggestion that the woman would have been 'out of that car so fast' had she done that.

A legend 🤩

PJfanRI | PJfanRI

The comment states that the commenter is not an a**hole, but that they might be a legend.

NTA: 🤣😝 Badass move!

glamm808 | glamm808

The comment said Not The A**hole (NTA) and described the woman's move as a 'stone cold badass move'. 🤣😝

Husband lays down law 🤝

NerdySwampWitch40 | NerdySwampWitch40

NTA, but the comment suggested that the husband needs to lay down the law to his sister. He should ensure that she pays for her own meal and that they conduct a wallet check before she leaves the house. Also, his wife's job should not be used to supplement his sister's lifestyle.

🤪Sil stole SIL's wallet!

Lastwespoke | Lastwespoke

The commenter loved the idea of SIL stealing SIL's wallet and getting a taste of her own medicine. They suggested that next time SIL should hide her wallet better and be more aware of her SIL. As an extra precaution, the commenter jokingly suggested that SIL be asked to show her wallet before leaving the house.

Nothing but a NTA🤦‍♂️

stacity | stacity

The comment uses a list of phrases to mock the situation. Nobody is considered an a**hole here.

Hosting your SIL ❌ or refusing 👍?

Mostenbockers | Mostenbockers

The commenter suggests refusing to host the SIL in the home or take her out to dinner as an alternative to the current situation.

Going out for dinner 👩‍🍳⏰+💸 = Drama! 🤦🏽‍♀️

mdthomas | mdthomas

The comment suggested changing the tradition of going out to eat as the sister-in-law (SiL) would always forget her wallet and expect the commenter to foot the bill. It was judged as NTA (Not the A**hole).

Move over criminals! 😂

alc1982 | alc1982

The commenter expressed their amusement of the pro move the woman made, and declared that she is NTA (not the a**hole) for the incident. 😂

Breaking free from a toxic cycle 💪

Necessary_Rate_4591 | Necessary_Rate_4591

This commenter recommends the OP to talk to her husband as well as his sister to understand why she thinks her behavior is acceptable. They've made progress, but the cycle needs to be broken and his family might paint the OP as the villain. The commenter is hopeful that they'll be able to move forward with baby steps soon.

NTA: 🤔 No More Games!

frogmuffins | frogmuffins

The commenter, who identifies as NTA (not the a**hole), calls out a relative for playing stupid games, and explains that everyone now refuses to go anywhere with them.

NTA calls out thieving SIL 🤔

Chaoticgood790 | Chaoticgood790

Commenter is NTA and claims that the woman's thieving behavior is why she's mad that she got caught being a mooch.

💁‍♀️ Not the a**hole! 🤭


The commenter found the story funny and approved the woman's move, declaring her as 'not the a**hole'.

When forgetting your wallet pays off 🤑

SvenG0lly | SvenG0lly

NTA (not the a**hole). The commenter argued that the woman was mad her ruse was up and that even if she paid for herself, it would not be enough as the normal social convention when staying with someone for free is also paying for their dinner.

Maturity ✖️ Fun factor ✔️

underwhelmed1001 | underwhelmed1001

Commenter laughed at the situation, saying that the woman is not the a-hole for stealing her SIL's wallet but is definitely immature for thinking she can take advantage of her.

Dream come true 💫

LollipopThrowAway- | LollipopThrowAway-

The commenter declared that the post's outcome was 'NTA (Not The A**hole)' and that it's the dream of all of us when we see similar posts.

Friendships tested🤔

247cnt | 247cnt

Commenter says NTA (not the a**hole) for reclaiming what was due. Even after 12+ years of friendship, the commenter was forced to ask for reimbursement, and now Venmos the friend for their share even for just a slice or two of pizza. Commenter recommends letting the SIL (sister-in-law) know about her 'accidental' forgetfulness before the bill comes.

NTA 🤷‍♀️

TheQuietType84 | TheQuietType84

Commenter is not the a**hole and encourages the OP to keep being themselves.

NTA but 🤦‍♀️

sarella93 | sarella93

The commenter is not the a**hole but advises not to attend expensive restaurants with the sister-in-law as she had already stolen her wallet previously and left it behind again, leading to the commenter having to pay for the meal.

NTA: Not ok to ✋❌ play games 🃏

Player4our | Player4our

Commenter says it's not ok to play games and suggests talking to the sister about it but refusing to offer any free handouts anymore, even if it means forgoing dinner.

NTA. Mama Bear is 🔥

Gregboi6969 | Gregboi6969

Commenter says NTA and that Mama Bear did the right thing by calling out her sister-in-law's b.s.

Is politeness rewarded? 😕

Hour_Coyote3326 | Hour_Coyote3326

The comment asked if the woman paid for the expense and the reply stated that the commenter paid and the woman left the restaurant. It looks like politeness is not rewarded in this case.

A 🤔 Petty Move 🤷‍♀️

NoreastNorwest | NoreastNorwest

The commenter judged the woman's petty move to be brilliant and noted that she could have just canceled the restaurant reservation instead. It was also noted that SIL sounded terrible.

😂 Best good Samaritan ever!

trustyminotaur | trustyminotaur

The comment suggests the protagonist is either NTA or YTA but in a good way for stealing her SIL's wallet and bringing it to the restaurant. A reply adds "Oh, I saw your wallet so I grabbed it for you!" as another take on the situation.

Firmly setting boundaries 🔨

Electrical_Treat_591 | Electrical_Treat_591

NTA (not the a**hole). The commenter encouraged the OP to set boundaries with their sister-in-law firmly.

NTA! Don't let people take advantage 🚫

shurejan | shurejan

Commenter suggests that the person should not let the SIL get away with forgetting her wallet again. They suggest making sure the SIL has her wallet before pulling out of the driveway to go anywhere with her and asking if she usually brings a purse when she "forgets" her wallet.

🤔 NTA: Nobody has "forgotten" their wallet

StinkingDischarge | StinkingDischarge

Commenter declares that NTA (Not the A**hole) as nobody has ever "forgotten" their wallet. Reply reveals one's own experience of mortification due to a similar incident.

👏🏻 Genius idea pays off 💰

pfashby | pfashby

The commenter is not the a-hole for coming up with an ingenious idea to catch their sister-in-law, Amy, in the act of being a mooch.

SIL's wallet stolen, 😱 drama ensues!

hateful-kurmudgon | hateful-kurmudgon

The comment inquires about the reaction of the husband or brother of the woman who stole her SIL's wallet and brought it to a restaurant. One reply suggests the woman is a bully and that the man has tried to have multiple 'come to Jesus' talks with her, but she is very manipulative.

NTA: 🤣 When forgetting her wallet caused drama!

TrEvIzE18 | TrEvIzE18

Commenter agrees that the woman's act was not the a**hole move, calling her a badass for stealing her sister-in-law's wallet and bringing to the restaurant when she conveniently forgot it again.

👍💪 Power move!

Same_Command7596 | Same_Command7596

This commenter expressed admiration for a seemingly bold move carried out by the woman in the article, calling it a 'power move'.

💪 NTA! Power play!

MeltedStones | MeltedStones

Commenter approves of OP's power move - stealing SIL's wallet to teach her a lesson and bring it to the restaurant when she conveniently “forgets” it. Commenter is enjoying the drama that ensued from this.

NTA and 💰💸 is the 🔑!

smolsanastan418 | smolsanastan418

Commenter believes the SIL is behaving immaturely and should be responsible for her own expenses. Replies suggest that the husband should firmly state that the SIL either pays for herself or she can't go out with them, and that he should be prepared to stay behind in case the SIL refuses to return with her wallet. Everyone agrees that the SIL should be held accountable for her actions and is NTA.

Hilarious response to T**A! 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter declares Not The A**hole (NTA) in response to the story, finding the protagonist's retribution to the situation 'hilarious'.

😂 Respect for NTA's👍

Sad-Technician-1778 | Sad-Technician-1778

The comment expressed that the situation is not the a**hole's fault and that it is actually quite funny.

Setting boundaries 👊

ProjectDefiant9665 | ProjectDefiant9665

The comment author is defending the original poster, saying that it was their right to grab the wallet since their sister-in-law had ignored their boundaries even after clear communication. NTA – they would have given it back sooner if they had seen it.

🤔 Call out your SIL.

InvaderZimm90 | InvaderZimm90

Commenter says NTA (not the a**hole) and calls out Sil for not paying her meals. Suggests to stop going to restaurants with her.

Someone's in trouble 🙊

sleepakeepahomie | sleepakeepahomie

The commenter states that the woman who stole her SIL's wallet is 'NTA - not the a**hole' and expresses their wish to see the woman's face, in a humorous manner.

👎 Not the a**hole's POV

NeverThereNeverHere | NeverThereNeverHere

Commenter said NTA (not the a**hole) for the woman stealing her SIL's wallet and bringing it to the restaurant when she forgot it again. Commenter suggests to refuse to join these expensive dinners in the future, and for the husband to only carry enough cash to pay for his own meal.

Heroic NTA ⭐️

solarfireflare | solarfireflare

The comment praised the original poster for their actions, declaring that not only are they not the a**hole (NTA), but also proclaim them a hero.

NTA: 🤷‍♀️ Don't pay for her again!

engg_girl | engg_girl

The commenter declared NTA (Not the A**hole) because the user grabbed their SIL's wallet when they realized she had left it behind at the restaurant. They advised never to agree to go to restaurants with their sister again, nor to pay for her unless they had explicitly offered beforehand.

Making the right move👍🏻

bonecouch138 | bonecouch138

The commenter believes that returning the SIL's wallet was the right thing to do, since it is considered 'invasive' to touch someone else's wallet. They suggest that the OP should have handed the wallet back to her SIL as soon as they realized it was forgotten, to make it less obvious that they had gone out of their way to do it.

Can you believe it?! 🤯

jagz27 | jagz27

Although the commenter believes the woman is Not The A-hole, they question if she ended up paying this time.

🤔 What Rules Apply?

Forward_Squirrel8879 | Forward_Squirrel8879

The commenter declares NTA as they comment on the irony of the SIL not being allowed to touch the OP's wallet while freely spending the OP's money whenever she comes to town.

SIL burned 🔥, karma served 🤗

jamobbin | jamobbin

The commenter declares that the original poster (OP) is Not The A**hole (NTA) for stealing her SIL's wallet and returning it when her SIL conveniently forgot it again. The commenter commends the OP's 'badass move' in light of the situation and offers their understanding of the situation.

🤔 NTA: Stop Going Out With Her?

Kitsune_Scribe | Kitsune_Scribe

The commenter said that it was Not The A**hole's fault, and suggested they take this as a sign to stop going out to restaurants with their SIL.

Mooching SIL gets 👎

CocoButtsGoNuts | CocoButtsGoNuts

The commenter stated that the SIL is not the a**hole, as she was mooching, and suggested that she should stop doing it.

Teaching a lesson 🤔

stroppo | stroppo

Commenter states that the actions of the OP were NTA (not the a**hole) and provided advice on how to handle future occurrences, such as sending a letter, not letting the SIL stay with them, and only carrying cash when out with them to avoid having to pay for their share.

🙌🏻 Brava!

mrslII | mrslII

The commenter applauded the woman's actions by saying she was not the a-hole, labeled as NTA.

NTA and 👏🏼shine that spine👏🏼!

imthecaptainnao | imthecaptainnao

The commenter is not the a**hole and praises the original poster for her actions, advising her to take a firmer stance on boundaries with her family.

🤔 NTA: She Got Caught!

AlbertaDaisy | AlbertaDaisy

The commenter says that the woman who stole her sister-in-law's (SIL) wallet and conveniently forgot it at the restaurant is 'NTA', short for 'Not The A**hole'. The commenter believes the woman is mad she got caught.

SIL drama? 🤪

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Commenter finds the situation amusing and declares the woman NTA (not the a**hole).

Sibling tensions arise 😥

miaaad | miaaad

The commenter pointed out that the sister-in-law had touched the original poster's wallet despite milking their own finances. The commenter deemed the original poster 'not the a**hole' in this situation.

🤔 Drama on TikTok Reddit!

Sea_Discipline_4767 | Sea_Discipline_4767

The comment shared an intriguing link to TikTok Reddit, and the reply was surprised to discover it was a thing. 👀

A family drama 💔

rebel_scum51915 | rebel_scum51915

The comment describes the situation in which the woman's sister-in-law steals her wallet and brings it to a restaurant, yet conveniently forgets it again, using the acronym NTA (not the a**hole). The commenter calls the woman a self-entitled b*tch.

No a-hole here 🤷🏼‍♀️

shclapstik | shclapstik

The commenter believes the OP (original poster) was NTA (not the a**hole), as their pre-meditated plan saved them from taking their SIL (sister-in-law) out again. The commenter also believes a pass should be given as it did get their SIL to finally pay for the bill.

👏 Hero steps in!

TreesRGreen1212 | TreesRGreen1212

The commenter declares "NTA, you are my hero, right now. Best thing I heard all day." showing their support for the protagonist.

Woman pulls ✨queen move✨ 🤭

NakedAndAfraidFan | NakedAndAfraidFan

The comment acknowledges the woman's act as a 'queen move' and states that they are not the a**hole (NTA).

NTA: Shutting down 💰 freeloading 💰

ProjectKurtz | ProjectKurtz

Not The A**hole: The commenter agrees the situation was wrong and approves of the action taken by shutting down the behavior.

A case of ^lying and 💰 stealing^

SecretWeapon013 | SecretWeapon013

Commenter questions the value of lying when everyone knows it's happening, as they discuss a story of a woman who steals her sister-in-law's wallet and returns it to the restaurant when she 'forgets' it again.

Popular opinion: 🤔 Well played!

Traveling-Techie | Traveling-Techie

The commenter declared that the protagonist was 'NTA' (not the a**hole), implying her actions were justified and well-played.

Girl meets drama queen😳

stseomfs | stseomfs

Commenter NTA, stated that she wouldn't go out to eat with the SIL anymore due to the drama she keeps causing.

Whoa 🤯 NTA!

maxsebas00 | maxsebas00

The commenter approved of the woman's move, declaring her 'not the a**hole' in the situation.

Well played👏🏼

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter deemed the woman's move as 'not the a-hole' and praised her for it by saying 'well played!'

Nobody's an a**hole 🤷‍♀️

Expert_Elderberry_17 | Expert_Elderberry_17

The commenter suggested leaving the SIL's wallet alone and having her pay her own check for the restaurant, feeling that no one was the a**hole in the situation.

Divine satisfaction! 🤩

-mi-stake | -mi-stake

The commentator declares NTA and calls the incident a "divine satisfaction" and "sublime orgasm" with a rating of 10/10. 👍

😂 NTA: To Catch A Cheapskate Predator ⭐

Be_nice_to_animals | Be_nice_to_animals

The comment said NTA and also included a laugh, probably in relation to an episode of To Catch A Cheapskate Predator.

😲 NTA for awesome move!

The_Fires_Of_Orc | The_Fires_Of_Orc

The commenter exclaims that the woman stealing her SIL's wallet and bringing it to the restaurant was an awesome move and she should not be obligated to pay for her expenses just because she makes good money. They also note that it was douchey of her SIL to pick the most expensive restaurant.

😧 NTA: Respect Lost!

Reasonable_Deal8415 | Reasonable_Deal8415

The commenter isn't an a**hole for not wanting to have dinner with the woman who stole her SIL's wallet and brought it to the restaurant. She admires the commenter's self-control and cleverness.