Woman Refuses To Give Up Her Pet Opossum Because Her MIL Is Horrified Of It, Drama Ensues

Pet Opossum
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Animals often have a huge impact on our lives and have special places in our hearts. Some people can’t imagine their life without a dog or a cat and treat their pets just like their children. But sometimes it happens that two people in a family like pets, and another two dislike them and this situation becomes quite a challenge. Especially if the pet is taken as an example of the owner’s personality and habits. Reddit user WolfHDDiskCMF decided to tell the community of Reddit’s AITA community about her very personal situation and ask people for advice. She also shared some pictures of her pet opossum Mjoll so that everyone could see how adorable she is.

A 24-year-old wildlife specialist refuses to let go of her pet opossum, Mjoll, despite her mother-in-law's horror 😱

wofhdiskcmf | wofhdiskcmf

Family drama erupts as woman refuses to give up her pet opossum.

wofhdiskcmf | wofhdiskcmf

Drama arises when the MIL refuses to accept the woman's beloved pet opossum 🦡

wofhdiskcmf | wofhdiskcmf

Mom refuses to abandon her pet opossum despite MIL's shock and horror

wofhdiskcmf | wofhdiskcmf

Her MIL's horrified but this woman refuses to give up her pet opossum 🦝

wofhdiskcmf | wofhdiskcmf

Family drama over an unusual pet, can the opossum stay? 🤔

wofhdiskcmf | wofhdiskcmf

A possessive pet-owner battles her MIL over her beloved "possum tax" 🐾

wofhdiskcmf | wofhdiskcmf

Woman defends her pet opossum against hate and calls out perceptions of what is *loveable

wofhdiskcmf | wofhdiskcmf

Mjoll the pet 🦝 possum has one 💪 fierce mommy who won't compromise with 🤔 in-laws 🤭

I 24f, a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist, proudly own a pet opossum, Mjoll, who I raised from very little. Recently, my mother-in-law had to move in with us due to my father-in-law divorcing her and she couldn’t live alone. She hates having Mjoll around and has demanded I give her away or keep her outside. As Mjoll's home and the only mother she's ever known, I have refused to do that. While I understand it’s a hard thing and I have an unusual pet, am I the a**hole for not even considering compromising? Among a flurry of comments, people are up in arms, saying it's wrong to call a pet ugly. Read on to see how this story unfolds...

🤔 Compromise: Opossum 🐛 Outside 🧡

Timmylaw | Timmylaw

Commenter suggests a compromise, suggesting OP get her pet opossum a heated doghouse to live outside. Commenter says it might be tough at first for MIL to get used to it, being fair to compromise. Replies agree that it's OP's house, and the comment gains a lot of support.🧡

🤷‍♀️ MIL disapproves of pet opossum but NTA!

LadyCass79 | LadyCass79

The comment says that the MIL should find other accommodations if they can't tolerate the pet opossum, as the guest. A reply mentioned a sister having a pet tarantula and the fear of arachnophobia.

💪 MIL doesn't get to demand anything! 🔥

Zazzog | Zazzog

The commenter bluntly refuses the MIL's unreasonable demand, asserting that her husband can't expect her to cave in. Everyone in the replies feels the same way and is standing up for her, saying she doesn't need to "compromise" and is completely NTA.

Mjoll has 🐹 seniority 🐹! 🤣

lonnielee3 | lonnielee3

NTA, Mjoll has the seniority in the house and the commenter suggests rehoming the mother-in-law. In the replies, one suggests looking into a 55+ living community and another disagrees, suggesting taking her to the shelter.

🤔 MIL demands an “opossum-free” home!

MamanBear79 | MamanBear79

Commenter NTA believes the woman is making a large sacrifice with her MIL moving in, and the MIL's demands are unreasonable. Another comment suggests that the MIL's divorce might be related to the situation.


lesboshitposter | lesboshitposter

Commenter is Not The A**hole (NTA) and urges OP to watch her MIL closely as others have shared similar horror stories where the pet is 'accidentally' kicked out. Replies suggest tracking the pet with a discreet device and to be aware of MIL's potential to cause harm to the pet. 🕷️

Dictionary ≠ Compromise 🤔

Veteris71 | Veteris71

The commenter believes that the MIL's staying in the house doesn't constitute a compromise as the MIL gets 100% and the OP gets nothing, and that the pet should be treated as part of the family. Replier agrees and considers that at the slightest risk, the MIL should be thrown out with no recourse. NTA.

Possum Tax Party 💃 💰 🤗

whatmademethisway | whatmademethisway

The commenter is NTA - not the a**hole - for not allowing her MIL to dictate her pet preferences. Everyone in the comment section agrees that the possum tax needs to be implemented 🤣.

NTA! 🐁 Your home, your pet.

Hurrydownhere | Hurrydownhere

The commenter thinks that the MIL is wrong to demand that the pet opossum be put outside or given away, citing that if the pet were a dog, people would be outraged. They suggest that the MIL should find her own place soon.

Family drama 😱

Samarack | Samarack

The MIL is not taking kindly to the pet opossum and the comment suggests keeping the pet away from her. A reply to the comment says that these type of people end up in these situations for a reason, and possibly could try to harm the pet. The reply further says that the husband needs to "grow a spine."

Woman refuses MIL 😱🦝

RonsGirlFriday | RonsGirlFriday

The commenter suggests that the woman rehomes her MIL who is horrified by her pet opossum. The commenter is declaring that the woman is not the a**hole (NTA).

🤔Guest MIL needs to compromise!

Aggressive_Cup8452 | Aggressive_Cup8452

The original poster is questioning if the MIL will demand they compromise on everything in their house just because she's going through a tough time. It's suggested that she adapt to the new environment and that they should prioritize not giving up their pet over the MIL's discomfort. The reply reveals that it's the OP's inherited house. NTA.

The 😯 irony 😂 of this drama!

Double_Lingonberry98 | Double_Lingonberry98

Irony is that opossum actually can't carry rabies. The commenter's reply was 'Exactly'

The cutest of 🔬science is unleashed!

TheNightWitch | TheNightWitch

The commenter is NTA, as they suggest making a dedicated opossum TikTok account to film her and "general opossum shenanigans." The MIL can live alone if she wants to, but they found the OP's "OMG" opossum photo incredibly adorable. Replyers agree and want to see the opossum cuteness...."for science."

Woman stands 💪 for pet opossum ✌️

RiverSong_777 | RiverSong_777

The commenter asked for a possible compromise to the MIL's demands regarding their pet opossum, Mjoll. The reply suggested her room and the basement could be pet free.

Trouble in paradise 🤔

Purple_Mirror23 | Purple_Mirror23

The commenter says NTA (Not The A**hole), suggesting that the husband may be looking for a divorce to fit in with his MIL. One reply suggests that it could be his Christmas wish.

The pet of contention 🐾

kittysparkled | kittysparkled

A comment pointing out the choosy beggar nature of the woman's MIL who was horrified by her pet opossum.

Rabies resistant or not, 🤔

ph8drus | ph8drus

The original comment suggested that the woman should give away her pet opossum or keep it outside, as her mother-in-law is horrified of it. A reply mentioned that at least the opossum is rabies resistant. 🦝

🤷 NTA! It's Mjoll's house, family and pet opossum!

LadyOfMay | LadyOfMay

The commentator believes NTA (not the a**hole), noting that it is Mjoll's house, family, and pet opossum, and that the mother-in-law should either accept it or move out.

Sassy reply for 🐨 drama 💥

ivgonecra | ivgonecra

The original comment was "Please tell me you told him no!!" and the reply was "I’ve told him I’ll put him outside". The comment was in reference to a drama between the poster and their mother-in-law regarding an opossum pet.

🤷‍♀️ She stands her ground 😲

Karen125 | Karen125

The commenter enlightens everyone on the facts about possums; they don't carry rabies and they eat bugs and ticks. The commenter's MIL is described as awful, and in response to her comment, a replyer chimes in that they too have shared the same facts and that no one listens.

🤔 What's the compromise?

cosmicbursts | cosmicbursts

The commenter urges the original poster to consider a compromise between her and her mother-in-law, as the latter is "horrified" of her pet opossum. The reply suggests "putting her outside".

🤭 Prenup drama 👀

shutupdutch | shutupdutch

The comment asked about a prenup and the person replied that their house is solely theirs and they have a prenup in place. "The house is mine and mine alone. My husband is not on the papers and we haven’t been together long. And yes, we have a prenup."

Reddit loves ❤️ opossums!

KrissiNotKristi | KrissiNotKristi

People are showing love and support for Mjoll and her pet opossum on Reddit. Mean ignorant people who don't understand the awesomeness of opossums are told to stay away. Everyone agrees that Mjoll is Not The A**hole (NTA) in this situation.

🤬 MIL disagrees with 🦡 pet!

Puzzleheaded_Bird166 | Puzzleheaded_Bird166

The commenter declares that the poster is not the a**hole, as it is her house and she has taken her mother-in-law in during her time of need. The mother-in-law doesn't have the right to dictate things in the house, particularly if it's causing her no harm.

Adorable possum wins❤️

Electronic-Orchid-59 | Electronic-Orchid-59

The commenter admires the possum and is glad to be its mama. Replyers agree, praising the possum and agreeing with the commenter that she is a great mama.

😮Woman Refuses Pet Theft🔐

Unhappysong-6653 | Unhappysong-6653

The comment advised the woman to get security, microchip her pet, and file theft charges if the pet is ever stolen. The woman mentioned she takes her pet with her when she leaves and keeps it in a purse like a pet dog.

In defense of Mjoll 🐻

nolee23 | nolee23

Commenter stands up for their pet opossum, Mjoll, in the face of MIL's disapproval. Commenter is sure that Mjoll is the "cutest little baby ever" and they'd "die" for her. NTA.

🤐 MIL needs to accept or 😞 move on!

FinchtasticFinch | FinchtasticFinch

The commenter declares NTA (not the a**hole) in this situation, suggesting that the compromise with the MIL was allowing the pet opossum to stay in the home and that she should either accept the living situation or move on.

NTA: She's attached to you😍

SnarkyBeanBroth | SnarkyBeanBroth

The commenter is not the a**hole and expresses concern that the opossum might be "taken on a drive to somewhere remote and dropped", highlighting a potential husband problem as well. The original poster reassures that the opossum is "attached to me at the hip" and still young. 🐾

🦙 NTA: No beggars allowed!

MidnightTL | MidnightTL

The commenter is in agreement with the article's protagonist, maintaining that the mother-in-law is a guest and has no right to demand the protagonist give up her beloved pet opossum. They also exclaim their love and appreciation of opossums and their cuteness. "Also, OPOSSUM TAX! I love little opossums, I'm kinda jelly you have one omg they're lovely", they exclaim.

MIL horrified of ;) opossum ?

mysteresc | mysteresc

NTA: "Keeping Mjoll posed no health risk." Replies discuss the potential for MIL to go as far as harming OP's pet.

A follower in life and in Skyrim 🤔

ambermanna | ambermanna

The commenter asked if their pet opossum was named after their favorite Skyrim waifu, to which the comment-replier confirmed it was indeed the case.

🙄 MIL against pet opossum? 🤔

YoureNotSpecialLol | YoureNotSpecialLol

Commenter says that the OP is supportive enough of her MIL by letting her stay with them, even though she is against the pet opossum. They believe the MIL and her husband should just "get over it" since the pet doesn't affect anyone. They also state that opossums are cool, and it is "how fragile some people" are that is an issue. Overall, the commenter states they are **NTA** (not the a**hole).

⁉️Finding the middle ground

Sleeping_Lizard | Sleeping_Lizard

The comment questions how the original poster (OP) can compromise with their mother-in-law (MIL) who is horrified of their pet opossum, Mjoll. The comment goes on to explain that it is the MIL who is staying in the OP's home and should adjust as long as Mjoll is not dangerous, deeming the MIL as not the a**hole (NTA). The reply adds that Mjoll is only 6 pounds and pure kisses and has never even bitten the OP.

MIL disapproves 🤦‍♀️, NTA!

FootballWithTheFoot | FootballWithTheFoot

The commenter remarks that the poster is 'Not The A**hole' for not giving up her pet opossum, and that her house- her rules should be the deciding factor.

👀 FIL's shady past revealed!

AstarteOfCaelius | AstarteOfCaelius

The original poster (OP) gets asked why the FIL divorced his mother. People assume the OP's mother (MIL) is Not-The-A**hole (NTA). But then it's revealed that the FIL had an affair and left her. 🤔

Don't give up your pet! 🐾

sithmom_78 | sithmom_78

The commenter firmly states that anyone expecting the woman to get rid of her pet is an a**hole.

🚨️ MIL refuses to accept pet opossum in daughter-in-law's home!

tigydav | tigydav

NTA, it's Mjoll's home, not hers. MIL has to respect her daughter-in-law and her pet's needs and should keep her nasty comments to herself.

OP's 🦇 🐨 drama 💥 💣

R1ngBanana | R1ngBanana

OP is not the a-hole for not posting possum pics and the OP's mother-in-law is the a-hole for being horrified by the possum. The OP tried for 20 minutes to post pics of the possum but didn't know how.

🧐 Setting boundaries in your own home

OrganicMarionberry44 | OrganicMarionberry44

The comment suggests graciously opening her home to her MIL, but then also suggests protecting her pet from her MIL. It's recommended to set boundaries, like a pet-free room or area, but if MIL is not happy with that, it's time for her to find a different place to stay. 🐾

Sticking to your guns 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter agrees that the MIL should not dictate the rules of her home, citing that the MIL moved into their home, not the other way around.

Protecting one's pet 👊🏻

cruces555 | cruces555

The commenter declares **NTA**, that the mother-in-law's fear of the opossum is unfounded and is probably due to the fact that rabies are common carriers. The commenter suggests that protecting a pet is more important than placating the mother-in-law."

NTA! Don't give up on your pet 🐾

Beneficial-Cap9223 | Beneficial-Cap9223

The commenter is saying they are NTA (Not The A**hole) for not compromising and giving up her pet opossum even if her MIL (mother-in-law) is horrified of it. The commenter also believes having an opossum in her midst could teach her MIL some compassion. The reply to this comment says that the commenter is asking if they're the a**hole for not compromising, suggesting they don't plan on giving up the pet.

Husband and wife stand up to MIL 🤗

OldKing7199 | OldKing7199

The commenter labels the MIL's behavior as 'not okay'. They argue that the wife's 'excuse' is not valid and husband should be supporting her more. They also allege that MIL's fear of rabies in opossums is 'bigotry'.

No 🐁 🐀 for MIL 🙅‍♀️

Junior_Ad_5712 | Junior_Ad_5712

The commenter said NTA (not the a**hole) and claimed that the MIL (mother-in-law) doesn't get to dictate what lives in the house, adding that if she doesn't like it then she can live somewhere else.

👊 NTA: 🔒 It's 🏡 your 🏠 home 🐾 🙅‍♀️

MoniHaavi | MoniHaavi

The commenter believes the MIL is out of line for expecting the woman to get rid of her pet opossum, Mjoll. They suggest that if the MIL cannot handle living with Mjoll, she should find somewhere else to live.

🐾 NTA - Possums are 🐀 and 🐤 fighters! 🐾

Avalon_Lynn | Avalon_Lynn

The commenter suggests that they are not the a-hole (NTA) as possums are cute, help to control populations of rats and ticks, and are physically incapable of carrying rabies.

NTA, but be prepared! 🎒 ⚠️

UggoMacFuggo | UggoMacFuggo

The commenter is not the a**hole, but suggests to be prepared in case the MIL calls animal control for revenge. The individual is certified to have the pet opossum and it's legal in their state to own her. The individual is also responsible for making sure the house is spotless, in case there's an unannounced inspection.

NTA: 🐾 🏠 🙅‍♀️

not-too-crazy-swede | not-too-crazy-swede

The commenter states that the MIL should be grateful for the pet and move if she can't handle it, as it's the commenter's house and pet. The commenter also adds that if it were a cat or dog, there would be no question about it.