Singer Pink Invites Her 11-Year-Old Daughter On Tour - and Pays Her!

Mary Forster
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In a recent and what appears to be a surprising development, popular singer - Pink has announced that her 11-year-old daughter has gotten a real job that she will get paid for. This job will see her play a role in her Trustfall tour that will commence in June starting from the United Kingdom.

The Trustfall Tour

Pink kissing Willow
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So, this means that Pink will be going on her tour with her two kids while Willow will have actual work while on tour and that work will not be a free role.

Not Everyone Agrees with Pink

Pink performing with her daughter on stage
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While Pink was excited to make the announcement, it has been met with several reactions from several people on the internet - some in agreement, and others sharing a different view.

The Age Factor

Pink with Willow on stage
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According to one of her fans, "this is not something she should be doing with an 11-year-old.

How Appropriate?

Pink and Willow posing for a shoot
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Another fan feels it is an inappropriate thing to do.

Pink's Firmness

Pink in her fullness
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However, Pink does not love being told what to do and what not to do. She is not the type that loves to seek the opinions of others on matters she feels okay with.

Music and Views

Award-wining Pink
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The singer of the popular "Trustfall" album is known not only for the quality of music she produces but also for her feministic views of life.

Pink Started from the Scratch

Pink Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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Starting with the girl-group Choice in 1995, Pink rose through solo stardom to become a pop icon with several successes recorded and awards to her name.

Her Voice, Her Power

2021 Billboard Music Awards - Show
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She is one of the best-selling musical icons of all time and has a strong voice against homophobia, animal cruelty, and misogyny.

Pink Always Takes Responsibility

Pink in her pink hair
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In her illustrious and celebrated career, she has taken several bold steps in speech, songs, and appearances [especially her popular Pink hair appearances]. What makes all these interesting is that she takes responsibility for every action and speech.

Is the Announcement a Surprise?

Pink smiling at Willow
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For many who have been following her for a long time, the announcement of getting Willow a paid job on her tour won't come as a surprise, even though they disagree.

Like Mother Like Daughter

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While Pink has Willow and Jameson as her kids, many have suggested that her daring personality has rubbed off in no small ways on 11-year-old Willow. You get that when you have a cool and amazing mom like Pink.

Pink Cries Too

Pink with her husband and kids
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Although Pink has admitted on several occasions that parenting can be overwhelming and that on some occasions, she is sometimes always in her closest, "crying a lot."

Investing in Family

Pink, her husband, and kids
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In all of these, she continues to invest a lot in being a great wife to her husband and a caring and understanding mom to her two kids - Jameson and Willow.

Willow Will be Getting Paid

Pink talking with Willow
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Speaking with TODAY, Pink mentioned that her daughter Willow has a job on the tour and also stated that she is confident her 11-year-old girl will do a great job. She also quickly added that a bit of work needs to be done to improve Willow's negotiating skills.

The Tour Starts in June

Pink holding her daughters hands
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With the tour said to commence in June, Pink is doing all she can to teach her daughter the art of negotiation.

Some Negotiations Lessons Will be Taught

Willow staring at her mom
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"I said it's about $22.50 a show, depending on how long I go, if I run over. She goes, 'I'll take $20; it's easier math.' I'm like, 'That's not how you negotiate for yourself.' I'm like, 'You'll take $25, so it's easier math.'"

Pink is Offering Willow Above the Minimum Wage

Pink staring at Jameson
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Something was missing in all of these - there was no clear indication of Willow's role on tour to earn above the minimum wage in each state.

Willow May be on the Stage with her Mom

Willow performing alongside her mom
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However, we have seen Willow feature alongside her mom on stage on different occasions like when she performed at her first recital. She is said to have been on the vocals for "Cover Me In Sunshine," Pink released sometime in 2021.

Willow Can Do It...

Pink's Trustfall album launch
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The role may be unknown, but the capacity of the 11-year-old is not in doubt.