ABC Execs Celebrate Ryan Seacrest's Departure From 'Live'

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Ryan Seacrest
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It's been a week since Ryan Seacrest announced his exit from Live with Kelly and Ryan. While the news was shocking, sources reveal that ABC executives are allegedly excited about his departure, and we'll be spilling all details below.

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Ryan's Departure

Ryan and Kelly
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The former E! producer shook the media world to its roots last week when he revealed he would be leaving his titular show on ABC after six years on board and co-hosting alongside Kelly Ripa.

Alleged Excitement Among Executives

However, sources have claimed that ABC executives were happy to learn of his decision to bid the show farewell.

Mark and Kelly's Connection

Kelly, Ryan and Mark
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Their excitement is because Kelly Ripa has a better connection with Mark Consuelos, who's set to replace Seacrest, even though Seacrest and Ripa have maintained an excellent on-air relationship over the last six years.

Mark Consuelos On ABC

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The actor who'll replace Seacrest after his exit this spring is a familiar face on Live, as he has already served as a guest co-anchor many times over the years.

A New Era

Mark and Kelly
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The undeniable chemistry between Ripa and her real-life husband has urged ABC executives to decide to capitalize on it and welcome a new era for Live!

“ABC has been eager to replace Seacrest with Mark. Mark and Kelly have TV magic. Viewers can’t get enough watching the sparks between them whenever he fills in for Ryan.”

Seacrest's Time Was Up

An insider at ABC confirmed that Seacrest had a good run on the show for six years, and now it's his time to go, reiterating that the ABC network adored him and appreciated having him around.

More Viewership

Mark and Kelly
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They also noticed that Consuelos's appearance on the show led to more viewers tuning in and engaging. The network's executive traced it to the couples' honesty about their active sex life and articulate delivery of hot and trending topics.

Ryan's Ego

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Seacrest's ego also came to the forefront in the disclosure, as the source said he doesn't like Consuelo's popularity when he fills for him, which may also be the reason for his leaving.

No Tears

Apparently, there were no tears shed when Seacrest started talking about leaving, which only means that they're ready to welcome Consuelos with open hands.

What's Next For Ryan

A source has told Page Six that the Tv personality is keen to work more in the culinary sector. It's no secret that he grows his own olive trees and has been pressing olive oil to share with friends.

"He’s really interested in learning how to make wine, he has a passion for cooking, and this is the kind of thing he wants to invest in.”

Ryan Will Move Back To The West Coast

Seacrest is set to move back to the West Coast, where he recently sold his Beverly Hills home for $51 million. His girlfriend Aubrey Paige also lives in California.

Ryan's Fortune

He has an estimated net worth of $450 million and was paid $10 million annually during his time on ABC's Live!

Still With The Family

The actor will continue to host Idol and his New York Rocking Eve special for the ABC Network. His departure from Live isn't the end of the road for his working relationship with the network.

An Experienced Producer

He's also a producer of The Kardashians on Hulu, which Disney owns, and also premiered a scripted drama called The Watchful Eye on Freeform. He also has a radio show deal that extends till 2025.

Working With Kelly

Ryan and Kelly
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In his exit announcement, he described working with Ripa as his dream job and one of the highlights of his career.

A Tough Decision

He described his decision to leave as a tough and bittersweet one. The show will be rebranded as Live With Kelly and Mark.

Ripa's Tribute To Ryan

His co-host also had nice words for him.

“There is nobody else like you. There is nobody who can really do what you do. I know you in real life as well as TV life. I say this about very few people: what you see is what you get. This is not an act, this is a good man. I am so endlessly impressed by you.”

The Third Co-Host

Mark Consuelos
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Consuelos is Ripa's third co-host since she joined the show in 2001, replacing Kathie Lee Gifford and joining Regis Philbin, who died at 88 in July 2020. Philbin's last show was in November 2011.

Mark And Kelly

Mark and Kelly
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The pair got married in May 1996 and shared three children. They live alone at the $27 million Upper East Side home as all their kids are out.

"With their kids out of the house and forging their own paths, the timing couldn't be better for them to return to being colleagues."