Gia Giudice Expresses Heartbreak Over Teresa Giudice And Melissa Gorga's Drama

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Gia Giudice
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Gia Giudice has shared her displeasure on how her aunt, Melissa Gorga, made her mom look like the villain in their ongoing feud. She accused Melissa of lying to make her mother "look bad."

Gia Shares Her Two Cents

On Tuesday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Gia Giudice joined her mom, Teresa Giudice, and younger sister, Gabriella, to talk about Teresa's fight with Melissa. The altercation between the women aired in the previous episode. Her husband, Luis Ruelas also joined the women.

Teresa Explained Her Part

Gia Giudice
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During Teresa's explosive argument with Melissa, the latter had accused her of knowingly sitting the entire Gorga family at the non-family table at her engagement party. Teresa strongly disagreed, stating that it was not her intention. She stated that she tried rectifying the issue by asking Melissa to be her bridesmaid, even after publicly announcing initially that the TV star did not make the cut.

Gia Spoke Of A Previous Issue

At this point, the media influencer told her mom she did not need to extend the bridesmaid offer to Melissa due to a previous situation she was still upset about. Gia reminded her mom that she was still displeased with how Melissa claimed she was there for them during a difficult period.

Melissa Laid Claims On Some Developments

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Back in May 2022, Melissa claimed on her On Display podcast that she and her spouse Jor Gorga were the catalysts for how Teresa and her family got their three-part special, Teresa Checks In. The show gave an insight into the Giudices' lives, as Teresa served her 11-month jail term in 2015. She shared that Teresa's ex-partner JoeGoudice need to make money on the shown, and he needed someone to film with, so they offered.

Gia Shared Her Take

During that podcast session, Melissa's husband also claimed to have been there for Gia and Gabriella and that if they had not taken charge, the girls would not be living in their home or having any food. Gia claimed it was a lie; as she stated in a confessional, "The only times we really saw them was when we were on camera together. I really can’t remember any other time when I saw them.”

Gabriella Also Chipped In

The 19-year-old relayed that the claims made by the Gorgas were "hurtful" and even more pathetic because it was a sensitive period. The youngster stated that credit should not be accorded where it was not earned. Her mom's fiance-turned-husband, Ruelas, also weighed in on the issue as he called Joe Gorga out.

Teresa Says Joe Is Her Only Immediate Family Member

Teresa Giudice
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At one point, the TV personality and her eldest daughter teared up as they reflected on how things went bad with the Gorgas. This was because Joe was the only immediate family member they had. Gia addressed her mom stating, "Like at this point, it’s kind of like the trains gotta stop.”

Gia Recently Called Her Uncle Out

Earlier in the week, Gia had a social media outburst attacking her uncle Joe after he shared a clip of himself and her father. Joe Gorga had taken to Instagram to post a quick clip of himself and Joe Giudice hugging and reuniting. According to the original poster, he and Joe Giudice happened to have walked into the same spot in the Bahamas.

They Had A Warm Reunion

The clip showed the two men embracing while sharing smiles. Joe Gorga captioned his post letting fans know they shared a lot of history. He noted that he and the former TV star had memories since they were kids. The media star added, "I’m happy he’s doing well and looks good. We were both happy to see each other and catch up. Glad someone caught it. #life #rhonj.” 

Their Daughters Reacted To The Reunion

Joe Gorga's daughter joined many delighted fans in the comment section to gush over the lovely moment. She commented with a heart-eye emoji as she stated, "so sweet." However, Joe Giudice's daughter, Gia, had a different opinion. Gia went on full blast as she referred to her uncle as an "opportunist."

Gia Lashed Out At Joe Gorga

Melissa Joe Gorga
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She referred to the clip as "comical" while noting that her uncle did not spend up to five minutes with her dad, enough for him to get somebody to film them and the post afterward. She claimed that her uncle's demeanor was in contrast to how he spoke poorly of her dad in past times. The 22-year-old added, "You are such an opportunist to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see my father and use it for a post.”

Joe Gorga Was Not Having It

Firing back at his niece in his comment section, Joe Gorga stated that he and Giudice have said "horrible things about each other." Nevertheless, it was a nice moment they shared in the Bahamas. He concluded by telling Gia to "get the hate out of your heart."

The Family Feud

Over the years, the Gorgas and the Giudices have had a back-and-forth that played out on TV, and it culminated in the former not attending Teresa's wedding to Luis Ruelas. However, it all stemmed between the women: Teresa and Melissa. The women brewed a sister-in-law feud, where Teresa felt like Melissa was turning her brother against her.

There Were Some Accusations

Teresa Giudice
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While Teresa joined RHONJ as an original cast member from season 1, Melissa became a housewife in the third season. While it seems the women would bond better being from the same family, it was the total opposite. At some point, Teresa accused her sister-in-law of being a gold digger.

Teresa Claimed Melissa Cheated

In 2012, Teresa started peddling rumors that Melissa cheated on he brother, with whom she shared three kids. Melissa was deeply displeased by this as she shared on BravoTV that the repercussion of the claims could ruin her marriage.

Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga Once Got In A Fist Fight

All chronicled on the long-running show, Gora and Giudice once got into a brawl after Teresa told her then-husband that her brother referred to her as "scum." At the time, Melissa tried to separate the men and got thrown against not a window. The family drama only intensified from then on.

Teresa And Joe Giudice Went To jail

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Following the shattering fistfight, things seemed to simmer down. This was due to the indictment of Teresa and Joe Giudice. The couple had been sentenced to prison for committing federal fraud, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, and making false bank statements among other charges. The Giudices called a truce with the Gorgas who seemed to help with their daughters while they were away.

They Were United For A While

From 2015 through 2018, the family seemed to be one. After Teresa got out of jail, she teamed up with her brother and his wife to launch Gorga's Homemade Pizza & Pasta restaurant. Although the fast-food business did not survive for long, the family continued being one. However, towards the end of 2018, things went into a spiral again.

Where The Giudices and The Gorgas Currently Stand

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga
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Teresa started complaining about how her brother did not spend enough tie with his family while asking his wife to control him. This did not sit well with Melissa, and with time, the women fell out. Things were weird between them during their 2021 appearance on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. By March 2022, Teresa did not ask Melissa to be her bridesmaid as she set to marry Ruelas, and ultimately, Melissa and Joe Gorga did not attend the wedding.