“[Am I The Jerk] For Calling My Brother’s GF A Gold Digger After She Googled The Cost Of Our Christmas Gifts?”

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Christmas is a joyous occasion to gather with your loved ones and spread the spirit of goodwill, harmony, and gratitude for the things you have in life. And perhaps talk about money. Oh wait, what? But seriously, Christmas is a time to share your love with others and not ask them how much you spent on gifts or how much their decorations cost, because that’s just—well—inappropriate. Yet, this woman did exactly that and then accused her brother’s girlfriend of being a gold digger when she used Google to assess the monetary value of the things she was curious about.

Family drama unfolds when "Lindsay" googles the cost of holiday gifts 🤔

golddiggergoogle | golddiggergoogle

Sister's shock levels 🤯after her brother's GF Googles the cost of Christmas gifts!

golddiggergoogle | golddiggergoogle

Cringe-worthy questions about money left a family uncomfortable. 🤦‍♂️ 🤔 💰

golddiggergoogle | golddiggergoogle

A dinner conversation goes from festive to awkward when one family member's gold digging tendencies are exposed

golddiggergoogle | golddiggergoogle

Family drama😳 Over the line or not?🤔

golddiggergoogle | golddiggergoogle

“Was I the jerk for calling out my brother's GF's gold digging?” 🤔

When a brother's girlfriend asked the cost of the family's expensive Christmas decorations, the family thought it was inappropriate. After she declared the total amount spent on presents, the family was left speechless and one member had to call out the gold digger. Was it wrong for that one family member to speak out, or utterly justified? Let's dive into the reactions and comments.

😳 Is googling the cost of Christmas gifts normal? NTA 😡

urReplyisDumb | urReplyisDumb

The commentor was dumbfounded by the replies that deemed the behavior of the brother's girlfriend as acceptable. According to the commentor, she was being incredibly rude by asking people about their money and adding up the totals of Christmas gifts, and should not be considered an a**hole for calling her out on it. The replies agreed that the questions were totally inappropriate, even if there are certain cultures where it's accepted.

Is this GF🤔 a gold-digger? 🤔

FictitiousOwl | FictitiousOwl

The comment questions why everyone is defending the girlfriend, who continuously asked how much gifts were and then went on to google their cost and tally it up, while making comments on the family's financials. One reply states that mental issues should not be an excuse for rude behavior, while another agrees that the original poster is 'NTA'.

NTA 🙅🏼‍♀️ Brother's GF crossed the line 🚫

NJtoOx | NJtoOx

The comment suggests that the OP is NTA for defending themselves after their brother's girlfriend questioned them about money and appraised the items in their home. Replies argued that the GF was out of line, and that OP could have avoided the 'gold digger' comment without compromising their defense. Everyone concluded that OP was NTA.

Family drama! ⚔️ NTA

SandBrilliant2675 | SandBrilliant2675

Commenter states that the original poster (OP) is Not The A**hole (NTA) in this situation, mentioning that the brother's girlfriend came into their house inquiring about their assets like they were to be auctioned, which is invasive and disrespectful. Replies include jokes about a possible heist and a comparison to any other type of invasion of privacy.

NTA 🤔😳

columbospeugeot | columbospeugeot

The commenter and the replies unanimously agree that OP is not the a**hole, as the GF had been incredibly crass and rude. The replies even noted that the GF had only been with the family for 7 months, yet the level of crassness is not appropriate for even long-term family members.

NTA💁‍♂️: Brother's GF's judgey comment wasn't appropriate

crockofpot | crockofpot

The commentor is 'Not The A**hole' because they realize there may be benign explanations for the situation, but nonetheless, the comment was judgey and rude at any income level. Additionally, they suggest that the brother could have curbed the comment the night before.

👀 Don't apologize to 😏The Human Cash Register

Humanguardianof2cats | Humanguardianof2cats

NTA: The commentor agrees that the brother's girlfriend is a gold digger and recommends not apologizing to her. One reply jokes that she might be practicing for a TV game show.

🤔 NTA - OPs brother's GF is tactless and bizarre.

Consistent-Cut9230 | Consistent-Cut9230

It's not an a-hole move to call out the rudeness of OPs brother's GF acting strangely, even if 'gold digger' was not the correct term to use. A reply agrees that the GF's behavior was not ideal, and suggests that it may be a result of being uncomfortable with the wealth or on the spectrum.

Brother's GF🤔NTA👍

sw33tlips | sw33tlips

The commenter said that the brother's girlfriend is 'not the a**hole' and that people like her can easily make bad decisions, which can be worse than just being called a gold digger. One reply said that the brother probably didn't say anything to her.

🤔 NTA: It's OK to call out bad behavior!

dangineedathrowaway | dangineedathrowaway

The comment states that the original poster (OP) is not the a**hole (NTA) for calling out the brother's girlfriend's gold-digging behavior. The replies agree that it's ok to call out the gold-digging behavior and that the brother and girlfriend should apologize for the bad behavior.

Was the original poster NTA for calling their brother's gf a gold digger?

Lady-Woodie | Lady-Woodie

The original poster was deemed NTA (not the a**hole) for calling their brother's gf a gold digger. Replies argued that using the term in this context implies something more severe than the gf being simply 'busy body' or 'rude & nosy' as the original poster suggested.

NTA: 🤯 Don't Talk About Money 🤐

cdreid26 | cdreid26

The commenter labeled the brother's girlfriend 'NTA (not the a**hole)' for googling the cost of the family's Christmas gifts. She believes it's a well-known unspoken rule not to talk about money and expressed shock that so many people think it's acceptable.

[Am I The Jerk] Guest Who Tallied Up The Cost Of Gifts? 😱

LittleMidnaBall | LittleMidnaBall

NTA. The commentor believes the stigma against talking about money is harmful and that a guest who tallies up the cost of gifts should have the courtesy to keep it to themselves. A reply agreed, normalizing talking about basic finances, but noting that the guest should f**k off nonetheless.

👀 Has Lindsay been casing the joint? 🤔

ICULooking_719900 | ICULooking_719900

Lindsay's behavior has raised eyebrows and suspicions. The comment and its replies agree that she is NTA (not the a**hole) for doing this.

No 🤨 about it: 💵👀

goodolarchie | goodolarchie

The comment bluntly points out that the brother's girlfriend could be a gold digger and her presence could mean an increase in property taxes. A reply was removed from the comment section.

NTA 👊🏼

FrameMindless3997 | FrameMindless3997

The comment states that the original poster is not the a**hole, and instead suggests they they should publicly smack down the person accused of being a gold digger.

NTA 🤣 Accountant line 😁

BreRaw | BreRaw

The commenter declared that the original poster (OP) is not the a**hole (NTA) in this situation, and found the accountant line amusing. They asked if the girlfriend may have been autistic and lacking in understanding of the social cues, as they themselves are autistic and have had similar misreads in the past.

NTA! 🤔 What's up with Googling gift costs?

Bright_Sea_7567 | Bright_Sea_7567

The comment replies that the original poster is 'NTA' (not the a**hole) for calling their brother's girlfriend a gold digger. They add that it's rude to ask about the cost of gifts and the girlfriend's behavior was even more rude than the original comment.

Is 👮🏻‍♀️ an IRS agent? 🧐

BabyCake2004 | BabyCake2004

The comment asks what the explanation is for the brother's GF Googling the cost of the Christmas gifts, and replies suggest a good reason or an unusual IRS agent assignment. "She's just really into "The Price is Right" and likes to estimate the MSRP of everything she encounters."

Do you call out 🤔


The commenter thought it was wrong to call the brother's girlfriend a gold digger, and suggested to instead address the matter to the brother himself in front of the family. One reply agreed with the comment and thought it was strange that it was so far down the page.

NTA on questioning 💰

Human_Management8541 | Human_Management8541

The commenter thinks that it's rude to question people about money and how expensive gifts are. They compare this to an example of a 5-year-old asking a wealthy friend many questions like that, and they say they had to tell the child to stop since it was rude. No replies were found.

🤔 Is the girlfriend gold digging or just surprised by the gifts?

MariaInconnu | MariaInconnu

The comment suggests that the girlfriend may not be gold digging and is instead taken aback by the family's wealth. The comment replies agree that the girlfriend was inappropriate, but disagree that the original poster's response was reasonable.

Sibling drama 🤔

Agitated-Net-33 | Agitated-Net-33

One word for the brother: "prenup" 👊 NTA. A reply adds that a better word would be "breakup". 🤔

Are some countries less 🙅‍♀️ about money talk?

DoingThatRag | DoingThatRag

The comment is questioning the cultural difference in asking questions about money. The replies discuss the difference between asking a friend and their parents and asking about the cost of a hotel versus the cost of gifts.

🤔 Is calling someone a gold digger NTA or YTA?

Icy-Cherry-8143 | Icy-Cherry-8143

Commenter thinks the person being called a gold digger is NTA, due to their lack of table manners, and the brother should have spoken up to the other party. Reply suggests that the acronym ESH (Everyone Sucks Here) be spaced out so the bot doesn't register it.

‍🤦‍♂️Am I The Jerk for calling my brother's GF a gold digger?

cakivalue | cakivalue

The commenter was embarrassed by their brother's girlfriend, who loudly calculated the cost of their Christmas gifts, possibly indicating she was a gold digger. The commenter stated they weren't the a**hole in the situation and acknowledged the calculation was an impressive skill, if true.

NTA: concise quip!

frmthebottomofmyfart | frmthebottomofmyfart

The comment is NTA (not the a**hole): the commenter believes the speaker was not out of line when they called their brother's girlfriend a gold digger. They thought the quip was concise and did its job in getting the message across to her. The commenter also expresses sympathy for the brother's extreme delusion.

★ 🤬NTA: 🤬Financial 🤔questions 🚫Don't 💬belong 🎁at 🍗Christmas 🙅🏽‍♂️!

muskiesfan1 | muskiesfan1

The poster categorically states that it's not okay to make comments or ask questions about someone's financial situation, and that there was no need to make such comments & questions. Such behavior is deemed unacceptable and rude.

The cost of 🎁🎁 shocks 🧐

missy20201 | missy20201

The commenter questions if the original poster is the jerk for calling their brother's girlfriend a gold digger after she googled the cost of the Christmas gifts. They suggest the girlfriend maybe didn't get the talk they said they would, but still should know better.

NTA: Brother's GF shut down for tasteless, crass comments 🤔

Pandasrthebest | Pandasrthebest

The commenter declares 'NTA' (Not The A**hole) in this situation, as the brother's girlfriend was shut down for her tasteless, crass comments. The commenter suggests the brother owes the family an apology.

👀 Are they ex? 👀

ClimbaClimbaCameleon | ClimbaClimbaCameleon

The commenter confirms that their ex is a gold digger, and reassures the OP that they are not the a**hole (NTA).

Is Lindsay a gold digger or just anxiously over her head?

coprtopblues | coprtopblues

OP is not the a-hole exactly, but the comment suggests that Lindsay feels insecure and in over her head in what she considers a well-to-do family. This might be causing awkward questions exacerbated by her nervousness, making it hard to agree if she's a gold digger or not.

Middle--Earth | Middle--Earth

😳🤷‍♀️ Calling out the gold digging ways!

dybbukdiva | dybbukdiva

The original comment refers to the brother's girlfriend as a gold digger for googling the cost of Christmas gifts. One reply asks if wearing multiple condoms increases the likelihood of breakage. 🤭

NTA 👍GF was 'rude' and out of line.

d0mini0nicco | d0mini0nicco

The comment defends the OP's brother, calling out the GF's behavior as socially inept and 'rude'. The replies do not challenge OP's judgement and agree with the comment's sentiment.

NTA: It's rude to ask the cost of gifts!

preppy-sweater | preppy-sweater

The comment says that it is very rude to ask people the cost of their gifts and tally them up, and it's a huge red flag. The commenter believes they are NTA (not the a**hole) in this situation.

Sibling drama 🤷‍♀️

silentstorm211 | silentstorm211

The commenter acknowledges that the OP is not the a**hole, but suggests meeting the person in question before making a judgment and suggests it might be undiagnosed autism. However, it is still unclear if the person is the a-hole or not.

NTA: 🤨 She was way out of line

quackerjacks45 | quackerjacks45

The commenter is firmly Not The A**hole, as they believe the brother's girlfriend was way out of line for publicly announcing the cost of the Christmas gifts. The commenter believes the best course of action would be for her to learn from the feeling of shame she is experiencing and not expect people to baby her for her inappropriate behavior.

Family drama over Christmas gifts 🤔

Designer-Mirror-7995 | Designer-Mirror-7995

The commenter expresses shock and disbelief that someone would enter another's home and inspect their possessions, only to tell them what to do with their money. They believe the original poster is not the a**hole in this situation and call for a return of Miss Manners in the lives of the general public.

🤔 Is Lindsay from 🇺🇸?

PrincessVeganBimbo | PrincessVeganBimbo

The comment asks if Lindsay, the brother's girlfriend, is from the United States. The reply is [removed].


Lani_567 | Lani_567

The commenter says NTA, or Not The A**hole, for the situation described in the article headline.

NTA: Here's why!

smallbird42 | smallbird42

The comment expressed that the original poster is not the a**hole (NTA), and that it's not normal for their brother's girlfriend to bring up the cost of the Christmas gifts. No replies were found.

Have you seen this before?

TitaniaT-Rex | TitaniaT-Rex

The commenter says that they've seen the post before, implying that the story may be exaggerated or untrue.