Family Raise Over $250K For Domino's Driver Who Fell While Delivering Pizza

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Domino's driver
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A Domino's delivery worker from South Carolina had her life turned around in a matter of days after an accident. The woman received an outpouring of love, and more than $250,000, after she fell while delivering pizza to a family. Here are the details.

What Happened To Barbara?

Kind people still exist, and 72-year-old Barbara Gillespie has benefited greatly from such kindness. What began as a normal day for the delivery worker in early February 2023 turned out to be a day that would change her life drastically.

According to reports, on February 3, Barbara delivered a Domino's pizza to a family in South Carolina when she fell and injured herself. The accident was captured on the family's home security camera and quickly went viral after the video was shared on TikTok, amassing over 16 million views at the time of this writing.

The Nest cam video showed Barbara struggling to get up after the fall and apologizing for dropping the food. However, a member of the household who was less concerned about the food rushed to help.

The Homeowners Show Kindness To Barbara 

During a chat with Good Morning America, homeowner Kevin Keighron recalled opening the door and seeing Barbara on the ground, trying to get up.

Kevin said the delivery worker cared less about being injured and more about the food. But it was the opposite for the homeowner, who was more concerned about Barbara's well-being. So, shortly after the incident occurred, Kevin and his wife, Lacey Klein, chose to do something kind for the 72 year old.

The duo set up a GoFundMe for Barbara to leave an extra tip. In no time, over 14,000 people donated to the cause. As of February 16, Kevin and Lacey had raised over $250,000, which left them shocked.

Barbara Is Surprised By The Love And Care

Kevin told GMA they wanted to get a bigger tip for Barbara and bring it to her, but they never expected to receive as much as they did. The homeowner noted that he and Lacey were thrilled to share the big news with Barbara.

After hearing of her incredible tip, the delivery worker said she was stunned by the amount of money donated by strangers. Barbara said she had almost given up on people because many of them were mean. However, the show of love and care from the strangers was enough to change her mind.

Domino's Shows Appreciation To The Homeowners

Barbara wasn't the only one who appreciated Kevin and Lacey's kindness. In a chat with GMA, Domino's said they were grateful the caring couple could meaningfully transform Barbara's life. 

According to them, Barbara is a customers favorite who always wears a big smile. They revealed that in 2022, she was honored with their company's Team Member of the Year award. 

It was a life-changing experience for Barbara, who revealed she planned to retire. And on February 8, she submitted her two-week notice to Domino's. Hopefully, Barbara's story will inspire many to show kindness to people whenever they can, as such little acts of love and kindness go a long way to changing the world.

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