Riley Keough Wears Elvis Presley's Iconic Graceland Sweater Amidst Family Feud

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Riley Keough
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Riley Keough made a bold statement with her wardrobe choice amidst the ongoing inheritance feud. The actress recently stepped out wearing her grandfather, Elvis Presley's iconic Graceland sweater. 

Riley Wears Elvis' Iconic Graceland Sweater Amidst Family Feud

Riley Keough
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Lisa Marie Presley's first daughter, Riley stepped out for lunch with her husband, Ben Smith on Tuesday. The 33-year-old actress made a bold statement with her outfit by paying homage to Elvis.

She Made Quite A Statement

The star wore a Graceland-print sweater which she nicely paired with black joggers and trainers. Meanwhile, Ben wore a grey shirt with blue jeans as the couple enjoyed lunch in Calabasas. She rocked her casual look with a sweep of her hair in a low ponytail while shielding her eyes from the sun with a pair of cat eye sunshades.

Riley Skipped Premiere Of Her Latest Project Due To Family Feud

Riley Keough
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Riley's statement-making look came a week after she skipped the UK premiere of her latest project. The actress could not attend the premiere of Daisy Jones & The Six because of her ongoing family issues. The actress took to her Instagram page to tell fans she had 'FOMO' (fear of missing out.)

Details Of The Event

Despite her absence at the premiere of the movie in which she starred as a lead actress, her costars Camilla Morrone and Suki Waterhouse did a good job promoting the Amazon Prime series.

On Riley's Absence At The Series' Premiere

A guest at the event shared that "no one' really thought Riley would be involved in the project. The individual relayed, "No one really thought Riley would be involved in the screen and Q&A, given everything she has been through over recent weeks, but her absence was noticeable as her co-stars discussed scenes involving Daisy."

Inside Her Family's Feud

Riley Keough Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley
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Riley has been in a family feud with her grandmother, Priscilla Presley. Priscilla was written out of her late daughter, Lisa's will, and this did not seat well with her. After the content of the amended trust was revealed, Priscilla filed a lawsuit to have it considered invalid.

On How Riley Feels With Priscilla Challenging Lisa's Will

Earlier this month, a source gave an insight into how the actress feels about the ongoing family feud. The source revealed that Riley was disappointed that her grandmother, Priscilla, was challenging her mother's will.

Riley Wants Togetherness

The insider shared that the actress wanted to keep her mother's legacy in a positive light. However, she felt Priscilla's actions were pushing the family apart. The source continued that Riley wants to have a relationship with her grandmother. However, due to the ongoing inheritance feud, they are not close. 

Lisa Marie And Priscilla Had A Complicated Relationship

Priscilla Lisa Marie and Elvis Presley
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Contrary to how the star actress is said to be looking on how to improve her relationship with Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and the latter were always at loggerheads. The insider relayed that the mother-daughter duo did not have a healthy relationship.

Lisa Marie Felt like Her Mom Wanted 'Control'

According to the informant, the late music star always felt her mother was "trying to have control over her." They added that Lisa Marie always meant for her children to take over Graceland after her, and also inherit the trust. Lisa's kids "meant the world to her."

Joel Weinshanker Speaks In Favor Of Riley 

The ongoing inheritance battle with Riley and Priscilla came as a shock to a lot of people. A managing partner at Elvis Presley Enterprises, Joel Weinshanker spoke about the situation. In the wake of Lisa's death, Weinshanker shared that Elvis wanted Lisa to carry on his legacy. In the same light, Lisa wanted her children to carry on the legacy after her.

Lisa Marie Reportedly Wanted Her Kid To Take Over

Lisa Marie
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Weinshanker added that Lisa had also talked about Riley carrying on the legacy. He continued that anyone who was going against that was not looking out for Riley, Lisa, and Elvis. After Weinshanker's comments, Priscilla urged fans to 'ignore the noise' from outsiders concerning the dispute. 

Priscilla's Statement

She relayed that her daughter was the product of the love she shared with Elvis, and anyone who opposed that was making a mockery. She alluded to "an individual that bought their way into the family enterprise "who was trying to speak on behalf" of the family. Priscilla stated that the said person was not a representative of her family. Through her address, the public figure did not mention any names.

Priscilla And Her Granddaughter, Riley Are No Longer Communicating

The Presley family feud has taken another shocking turn. A source revealed that Priscilla was no longer talking to her granddaughter, Riley amid the ongoing inheritance dispute. The insider shared on February 16, that Riley was mourning the loss of her mother.

Their Lawyers Have Been Communicating

Riley Keough
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The actress is also heartbroken over the dispute with her grandmother. The source added that Riley and Priscilla have only been communicating through their lawyers. The source continued that Priscilla is convinced that she will prevail in court. Meanwhile, Riley is stressed over the dispute and is trying to maintain a positive attitude.

A Legal Battle Is Bound To Take Place

It was further shared that the Logan Lucky actress would prefer to settle her family issues outside court, but with the situation on the ground, it is inevitable that she and her grandmother will battle it out legally.

About The Ongoing Feud Of Lisa's Inheritance

The Presley Family
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The family feud has been going on for a month after Lisa's memorial service at Graceland. On January 27, 2010, Lisa named her mother, Priscilla, and her former business manager Barry Siegel as trustees. The trust includes the family's Tennessee property Graceland.

A Change Was Effected

However, in 2016, Lisa made a change and removed Priscilla and Siegel as trustees. Instead, she named her children, Benjamin and Riley Keough as her new trustees. Benjamin died by suicide in 2020 which leaves Riley as the sole heir of Graceland. 

Priscilla Challenges The Authenticity Of Lisa's Trustee Amendment

Since the contents of Lisa's will were released, Priscilla has adamantly questioned the authenticity of the amendment. She claimed that the signature on the 2016 amendment will be inconsistent with Lisa's. The Naked Gun actress added that the amendment was not delivered to her when Lisa was alive. Another of the 77-year-old suspicions over the amendment was that her name was misspelled.