Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly's Relationship Still Struggling Despite His Denial Of Cheating

Dani Sanders
Megan Fox and MGK
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Megan Fox and MGK have made news previously for being a couple that can barely keep their hands off of each other. From their passionate displays of affection to their out-of-the-ordinary rituals, the engaged couple surely has some unusual ways of expressing love for each other. 

In recent times, however, the couple seems to be making news for entirely different reasons. With the couple leaving marriage counseling sessions visibly troubled, it seems like the honeymoon phase has paused. Is there trouble in paradise or just a bump along the way? We’ll let you in on all the hot details below.

The Grammy's Red Carpet

Megan Fox and MGK
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Just a couple of weeks ago, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly dazzled at the Grammy’s red carpet hand in hand.

A Message Of Support

Support gif
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While the rapper failed to bag the award for his nomination, his fiancée tweeted in support of him, praising the “maturity” with which he handled the situation.

Red Hearts and Cherry Blossoms

Love is in the air gif
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These appearances and messages were enough for MGK and Megan Fox shippers to conclude that all is well in paradise and the stars are getting along with each other really well.

An Insta Post Hinting At Trouble

Trouble gif

However, not even a week after this event, Megan Fox reached out on her Instagram to share a cryptic message hinting at a scandal or, worse, a breakup.

MGK Gets Erased From Megan’s Insta Handle

Megan Fox

Soon after sharing the cryptic post, Megan Fox erased all traces of her fiancé from her Instagram handle, further fueling breakup rumors.

Fox Started Following Eminem, Harry Styles, and Timothee Chalamet

Giphy | Eminem

It’s unsurprising that Eminem and MGK share a history of beef. Hence, Fox following him shortly after deleting all pictures with Machine Gun Kelly sends a clear message about the status of their relationship.

A Cheating Scandal Is Brewing

Fans of the couple quickly started deciphering the cryptic post, and regardless of how many angles they tried to look at it from, it clearly indicated that the rapper had cheated on his fiancée.

The Speculations Begin

Speculation gif
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With the details of the relationship status or the cheating rumor still known, fans took to the internet to share their horror at the unexpected news. Some, however, saw this coming.

Megan Finds Suspicious DMs on Kelly’s Phone

Messages Gif

From among the chatter of the baseless speculations, an unknown source surfaced claiming that Megan had supposedly found suspicious DMs on Kelly’s phone, leading her to believe that the singer was cheating on her.

Sophie, The Guitarist

Some fans even accused Sophie, the guitarist from MGK’s band, of being the person the rapper cheated with. Although Megan herself quickly shut down such rumors.

The Media Erupts

Crazy Media Gif
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All media needs is a spicy news, isn't it? Right after the news of their split, the media played a crucial role by spreading it like a wildfire, and who gets excited the most after such news if not the memers?

Memes At Their Peak

Meme gif

While the couple struggled, the Internet shared memes to express their opinions. One of the memes read: “He hit the lottery but still went to the slot machine.”

Whose Side Are You On?

Megan Fox
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The Internet was divided. While most blamed the rapper for being unfaithful, the other more dense half somehow managed to point fingers at Fox.

The Twin Flames Seek Help

MGK and Megan Fox
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Soon enough, images of the couple surfaced on the Internet again. But this time, instead of their flashy attires and smoking expressions, the couple was spotted in their casuals as they left a marriage counseling session.

Distressed Written All Over Their Face

Megan Fox
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Both Fox and Kelly seemed visibly distressed as they left the office while Megan even had tears in her eyes!

Trust Issues Pulling The Strings

Before fans could begin their game of speculation again, anonymous reports cleared the air claiming “trust issues” as the ongoing issue in their relationship.

A Passionate Explosion

Making headlines about their passionate affair, the couple’s relationship was anything but private. Thus, when the passion exploded, people began talking.

Megan Sets Things Straight

Megan Fox's Latest Insta Post
instagram | Megan Fox

As fans continued to point fingers at either party, Megan cleared the air by sharing a post clarifying that there was no cheating in the relationship.

Working Things Out

Making Amend gif
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Although Fox clarified the situation, and the couple seems to be trying to work things out again, we find it hard to believe Megan’s latest Insta post. Share your thoughts below.