Will Smith Reminds The World That He Won An Oscar After Slapping Chris Rock - The Comments Are Wild

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Will Smith
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It hasn't been even a year since the world stood still after the famous but controversial exchange between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Yet, it remains a defining moment. In his recent TikTok appearance, the Hollywood actor appeared to allude to the Oscars slap, and the whole event of that fateful day while holding up his trophy, and making silent reflections.

Will Hinted At The Unforgettable Moment Of His Oscars Win

The 54-year-old is reflecting on his Oscar win last year after he slapped Rock. The Men In Black actor took to his TikTok account to duet a video from @missmoneyworking. In the short clip, Smith listened to the TikToker sharing an interesting life hack. The TikToker shared that one could pick up an object and ask what it thinks of them. 

He Showed Off his Oscars Accolade

Will, who seemed very interested, wanted to try it out and picked up his Oscar award from last year. The award was his first Academy Award given for his work in the Richard Williams biopic, King Richard.

The TikTok Clip Was Profound

The video ended with Will trying to ask the award a question. It is safe to say that in that instant, Will Smith could have remembered all that transpired at the 2022 Oscar Awards while contemplating the question to ask his trophy.

Reason For Will And Rock's Fallout At The Oscars

Will Smith
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Although the star entertainer did not directly mention last year's Oscar incident, he referred to it. At the Oscars last year, Will slapped Chris Rock. The slap came after the comedian joked about Will's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith's, baldness.

Jada Has A Hair Condition

Prior to that event, Jada opened up about going through alopecia and losing a good portion of her hair. This led her to adopt a shaved look, which she has since been rocking. The fallout at the Oscars ended up leading to a lot of repercussions for her husband, Will.

Repercussions From Oscars 2022

The actor was banned from attending Academy events for 10 years. Also, some projects he was working on were scrapped and others were halted indefinitely. After the event, Will reflected on his actions and apologized to Rock on social media in July. 

He Recently Reflected On His Bond With His Youngest Child, Willow

Will Smith and Willow
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Will seems to be reflecting on a lot of things recently after his fallout with Rock. On Sunday, the proud father-of-three took some time out to revel in his special bond with his youngest child, Willow.

Will Smith Celebrated Fatherhood

In the Instagram post, Will shared a father-daughter meme and two adorable pictures. The first meme showed a muscular man holding up meat to his mouth with a knife. The meme was captioned, "The woman that can control me hasn't been born yet," Meanwhile, the second half of the meme showed the muscular man wearing fairy wings and a tutu. It also showed him having a tea party with his daughter.

A Wholesome Dad/Daughter Moment

Will captioned the meme, "That Daddy/ Daughter thing is REAL" and it got a lovestruck emoji from Willow. Will's post was an allusion to the lovely bond fathers and daughters share that can soften even the toughest of men.

About His Parenting Journey

Although Will had an intensely dramatic moment with Rock last year, he had some amazing memories to look back to. Will shared with People in December last year that the year was the greatest period of his fatherhood.

Will's Blended Family

Will Smith, Jada and Sheree Zampino
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The actor has two children with Jada Pinkett, Willow, 22, and Jaden, 24. He also has a son, Trey Smith, 30, who he shares with his ex-wife, Sheree Zampino. He described himself as "an okay dad" to his oldest child.

On How His Fatherhood Style Differed With Each Kid

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star added that things got, "a little better" when he welcomed his second son and his first with Jada. He noted that his fatherhood lifestyle with his youngest child, Willow, had him developing his "sea legs." While sharing his advice for fathers, the Hitch actor continued that making mistakes was okay.

Kids Should Be Allowed To Explore

According to Will, the best thing to do for your kids is to grow and learn. He shared that instead of forcing his kids to do something, he does things with them as a team. The Shark Tale star also noted the importance of working on one's self continuously.

Willow Shares About How Early Fame Made Her Feel

Willow Smith
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Being the daughter of famous parents has not been easy for Willow. She also got personal fame at the age of 10 with her hit song, Whip My Hair. In 2011, Willow was supposed to open for Justin Bieber on his world tour. However, she walked off stage and told her father she was done.

She Struggled With Childhood Fame

Willow got fed up with fame and even shaved her hair. During an interview with The Guardian last year, Willow described how it felt at that time. She shared that she felt powerless and did not have enough experience. During the interview, she also deflected a question about her dad's Oscar meltdown. 

Will And Lawrence Confirm Sequel For "Bad Boys"

After Will and Rock's altercation last year, there were doubts over the status of Bad Boys 4. Earlier this month, the iconic actor laid fans' curiosity to rest with a mind-blowing announcement. He shared a video on his Instagram page where he reunited with Lawrence.

Will Pulled A Dramatic Announcement

In the clip, the movie star dropped hints of what fans should expect as he drove toward Lawrence's home. During the ride, he played the opening lines of Nelly, Sean "Diddy" Combs, and Murphy Lee's song, Shake Ya Tailfeather, which was the soundtrack of 2003's Bad Boys II.

'Bad Boys 4' Is In The Works!

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence
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When he got to Lawrence's crib, the duo then announced the news of Bad Boys 4 together. They also joked that the title of the third film, Bad Boys For Life, was supposed to be for the fourth film. The sequel is currently untitled and will be directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. 

More About The "Bad Boys" Franchise

The original Bad Boys film in 1995 earned about $141 million (£114m) worldwide. While the 2003 sequel, Bad Boys II, earned $273m (£222m). The third film, Bad Boys For Life, topped the previous two films combined. It got about $426m (£346m) at the box office. It was one of the last successful blockbusters before the COVID-19 pandemic.