Meet the 'Trophy Husband' Enjoying Three Sister Wives

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Nick Davis and his three sister-wives, posing for a selfie in their hallway.
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In almost every way, Nick Davis is your average stay-at-home dad — save for one. Unlike most families who co-exist in a monogamous romantic relationship, Nick has not just one, but three sister-wives.

While Nick stays home with the baby, his three wives work hard to bring home the bacon, which they, in turn, cook up for him. But what's perhaps most peculiar about the entire situation is how happy everyone seems to be.

Nick Davis Is A Self-Styled "Trophy Husband."

While his three sister-wives are career women, working outside the house, Nick stays at home.

It's Not That Nick Can't Work, But Rather Than He Chooses Not To.

Nick Davis and his three sister-wives.
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That's because Nick believes the "queens" in his life should hold all the power.

Reality TV Fans Were First Introduced To The Davises In Season 4 Of TLC's 'Seeking Sister Wife'.

Nick Davis and his wife, April, posing for a selfie.
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It all started when Nick met his first wife April, some 15 years ago.

After Spending Nine Years Together, April Suggested They Introduce Another Woman Into The Fold.

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"Nick's a lot to handle," April told TLC's Seeking Sister Wife. "Let's just say that… in a lot of ways."

"Nick Is A Lot To Handle In The Bed," April Said Bluntly.

Nick, April, and Jennifer Davis posing for a selfie together.
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So in order to help carry the load, a second wife, Jennifer, was introduced into the mix.

April Said That She Liked Jennifer Right From The Start.

Nick, April, and Jennifer Davis posing for a selfie.
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She also explained how she knew that her husband would feel the same way that she did.

However, Jennifer And April Still Weren't Enough To Satisfy Nick's Voracious Appetite.

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Hence why a third sister-wife, Danielle, was brought into the relationship just last year.

Shortly Afterward, Nick And Danielle Were Married.

According to Nick, he's "living the dream." Danielle also said that she couldn't imagine being happier with anyone else.

Jennifer And April Fully Supported Nick's Marriage To Danielle.

The Davis family posing for a selfie in the mountains.
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"Nick's a lot to handle, in general, with his personality. It's nice to be able to have helping hands," April said.

Some Fans May Be Wondering How The Davises Are Able To Sidestep Certain Laws Regarding Polygamous Relationships.

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Speaking in strictly legal terms, Nick is only married to Danielle.

Whereas Jennifer And April Are Actually Married To Each Other.

Jennifer and April Davis posing for a selfie together.
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Therefore, as far as the government is concerned, Nick is living in a polyamorous relationship — not a polygamous marriage.

Shortly After Nick And Danielle's Wedding, Jennifer Became Pregnant.

Jennifer Davis kissing her husband, Nick.
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She later gave birth to the group's first child, a daughter named Vera.

Nick's Only Responsibility Is To Stay Home And Take Care Of The Baby.

Nick Davis holding his newborn daughter, Vera.
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Nick also has a teenage son of his own, from a previous relationship, who helps out from time to time.

Nick Told TLC That He Receives Constant Messages From Hopeful Women Wanting To Join His Family.

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"Yall need a 4th one?" an Instagram user commented on a recent photo.

Nick's Popularity With Women Has Left Many Men Baffled.

Nick Davis posing for a selfie with his three sister-wives.
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"Poor me being cheated in all my relationships so far and this guy has three together no complaints and doesn't even work," another Instagram user wrote.

Some Have Questioned Nick's Underlying Motivations.

Nick Davis and his three sister-wives dressed up for Halloween.
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"If you fell in love with someone who didn’t work full time would you still accept them into your family?" @figgys.treehouse commented.

Many Have Asked Whether The Women Are Dating/Romantic With Each Other.

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Although the women are not romantically involved, they all sleep in the same bed on most nights.

The Only Exception Being When Nick Chooses To be Intimate With One Of Them.

Nick Davis alongside his son and three sister-wives on the day of his wedding to Danielle Davis.
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When this happens, the other two sister-wives simply gather their pillows/blankets and sleep in the guest room.

They Also Have Designated Sections Of The Home Where They Can Be Alone.

Nick Davis and his three sister-wives celebrating New Year's Eve at home.
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You can watch and learn all about the Davis family on Season 4 of TLC's Seeking Sister Wife.

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