Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Get Cozy During Mexico Getaway!

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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes
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Amy Robach and T.J Holmes were recently caught on camera getting cozy during a steamy Mexico getaway. The former GMA3 co-anchors celebrated their affection for each other with PDA-filled moments. Here are the details.

Robach And Holmes Get Cozy During Mexico Getaway

The 50-year-old former GMA3 co-host was spotted earlier this week with Holmes by the poolside in Puerto Vallarta. The mother-of-two was photographed leaning down to kiss her former colleague. Holmes was seated shirtless in plaid shorts. The reporter looked stunning as she donned a black bathing suit that had cut-out bottoms with gold hoop details at the front.

The Couple Is Living It Up

Amy Robach
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The TV anchor also paired her steamy outfit with a black baseball cap and a pair of gold hoop details. Another photo obtained by TMZ on Saturday showed the couple walking in town. The couple had their arms around each other's waists as they enjoyed the stroll and even stopped to greet fans. 

The Final Decision Months After Their Workplace Affair

The romantic getaway came one month after the couple exited ABC. This follows closely to the months their workplace affair became public and caused quite a scandal. Holmes and Robach first spent weeks off the air while the network carried out investigations.

ABC Let The Pair Go

In January, a spokesperson for ABC at the time their exit was announced, said that it was best Holmes and Robach moved on. The spokesperson shared that the network arrived at the decision after having several productive conversations with the couple. The statement concluded, "We recognize their talent and commitment over the years and are thankful for their contributions."

Robach And Holmes Office Affair Come To Light

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes and their spouses
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The workplace relationship between Robach and Holmes became public in November 2022. At the time, a source told Page Six that the affair was months-long, starting in March. This was during the time they trained together for the New York City Hald Marathon. They would later be seen in bars around the ABC News office.

They Tried To Keep Things Private

A colleague of theirs stated that the pair went the extra mile to keep their relationship from the public, but that seems to have not panned out well. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, Holmes and Robach rented a cottage in a remote location where they heavily indulged in their display of passion.

She Reportedly Finalized Her Divorce Months Later

Amy Robach
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What made things even more scandalous was that the duo was married to other people. A month later, it was revealed that Robach had almost finalized her divorce from Andrew Shue by the time she got to thick of things with Holmes. Robach was married to Melrose Place star Shue for 12 years.

His Estranged Wife Was Affected

Meanwhile, Holmes's wife, Marilee Fiebig, was said to have been blindsided by the affair. She later filed for divorce from the journalist in December 2022. Holmes also shares a 10-year-old daughter with Fiebig. 

Holmes Was Reportedly Entwined In Older Affairs At Work

TJ Holmes
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More information got out concerning the former CNN personality possibly having past affairs within the organization. One of the speculations was about an alleged three-year affair with GMA producer, Natasha Singh, who was said to be married. Singh, who has since divorced her spouse, declined to give any comments.

More Accusations Levied Against Holmes

A second source shared more details in December 2022. The source revealed that Holmes had inappropriate moments with different ABC coworkers, which Robach was aware of. According to the first source, Holmes's history of workplace affairs was a determining factor in his severance package. The source further shared that Robach on the other hand had no history. 

Robach Gets Larger Severance Package From ABC Than Holmes

Amy Robach
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Holmes and Robach got severance packages each from ABC News after they exited the network. A source shared that Robach got a larger severance package than her beau. However, there were no specific details of the settlement.

Still addressing the publication, the source explained that Robach had a bigger contract than Holmes and had been with ABC longer. Robach was co-hosting GMA3 with Holmes and was appearing on the news magazine 20/20. Another source shared that the duo got paid the remainder of their contract and a little more. The source added that it was also possible the couple got a little more to sign an NDA.

What Pals Think Of The Affair

In light of her affair with Holmes and the butterfly effect that followed, Amy Robach's friends shared their opinion about her romance. They revealed that the pair's romance might fizzle out soon. Robach's friends stated that they felt "she's painting a picture of how happy in love they are." However, the worries bordered on if Robach was giving up her career for a love that might not last.

Some Feel They Are In Love

There are opposing views to the terms with which Robach and Holmes are together, and while some of their friends think she might be throwing away her career for something fickle, others have shared that the pair are truly in love. An insider stated that they were two consenting adults who fell in love with each other.

Holmes Spotted Buying Luxury Jewelry During Robach's 50th Birthday 

TJ Holmes
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Robach recently celebrated her 50th birthday on February 6, 2023. The charming beau, Holmes, was later seen buying luxury jewelry. The bling included a $650 ring from Tiffany & Co. The gift was supposedly a birthday gift for his girlfriend, Robach.

Shue Doesn't Want To Be Mixed In The Drama

The golden jubilee was supposed to mark the 13th wedding anniversary of Robach and her ex-husband Shue. However, the Melrose Place heartthrob wants no part of their messy affair.

More About Robach And Holmes's Relationship

Despite the revelations of other possible office affairs on Holmes' part, Robach doe snot seem fazed, and Holmes has been unbothered. The former CNN correspondent stood by Robach after they departed from the network.

The Couple Is Moving On

Amy Robach
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Also, Holmes never admitted to the other affairs during the investigation. The couple is yet to address the rumors. Hours after their exit was publicly announced by ABC in January, the couple was spotted being cozy in Los Angeles.

The Situation Has Relatively Simmered Down

It is safe to say that now that ABC has made its final decision to have Robach and Holmes exit the network, the uproar surrounding their relationship has reduced. Now, the pair can only look forward to more work opportunities in the future.

Their Romance Seems To Be More Intense With Each Passing Day

An image posted by DailyMail showed Robach with her legs wrapped around Holmes' waist. The 45-year-old then lifted his lover into the air. One thing to note is that Holmes and Robach seem to be more into each other after their affair saga went under public scrutiny. They have been spotted at different locations showing they are not ashamed of the affection they feel.