Family Raises Over $250K For Pizza Delivery Driver Who Fell On Their Porch

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A family has donated over $250,000 to help a Domino's delivery person who was hurt on February 3 while delivering the family's meal.

The family's home security camera captured Barbara Gillespie falling, and the video has since gone viral online, receiving over 16 million views on TikTok.

The devoted 72-year-old delivery woman was more concerned with the condition of the food than she was with herself, the family claims. After the incident, she is seen apologizing for losing the meal as a family member rushes to assist her.

About the incident

South Carolina homeowner Kevin Keighron told Good Morning America that when he opened the door, Gillespie was lying on the floor and was trying to get up after tripping and falling into a chair in front of the house. In the video, she says "I'm sorry" to someone who checks on her.

Here's the footage of her fall:

The Family Set Up GoFundMe For Gillespie

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Kevin and his wife Lacey Klein started a GoFundMe to give the driver an extra special tip, and nearly 14,000 individuals contributed to the total of more than $250,000.

“We thought we would get her a bigger tip and bring it to her," Kevin said. "We never expected to get as much as we did. We were just so excited and thrilled [to] be able to tell her the next day.”

Gillespie expressed her surprise at the incredible "tip" she was presented with.

“I almost gave up on people because so many people out there today are so mean,” she told GMA, adding that this proves there are still compassionate individuals in the world who are concerned about another person like her.

Gillespie has worked at Domino's for over 5 years.

After working for years as a school lunch lady, she was unable to unwind at home as most ladies her age could after retiring. Due to her circumstances, she was compelled to work a physically demanding job delivering pizzas. Gillespie never brooded over her difficulties and consistently showed up at work to carry out her duties. Despite having less energy than her younger coworkers due to age, she worked just as hard.

Workers are increasingly retiring later in the US. According to a Gallup Survey, the average stated retirement age is 61, and those who have not yet retired have raised their target age to 66 from 60 in 1995.

Domino's Praised Gillespie

In a statement to GMA, Domino's said Gillespie is a diligent worker who has received recognition for her efforts.

"Barbara is a cherished member of our family and was recently recognized by the firm as Team Member of the Year for 2022," the statement continued. "She consistently has a smile on her face and is a favorite of our clients."

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