Tennessee Animal Shelter Encourages Paul Rudd To Adopt Look-Alike Dog

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Paul Rudd
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Talk about a match made in adoption heaven. A Tennessee animal shelter has called on actor Paul Rudd to adopt a dog for the sweetest of reasons: they look like each other! Keep on reading for the full story.

Doggie Doppelganger

The Collierville Animal Shelter shared an adorable tweet in an effort to get one of their Australian Shepherd mixes adopted, and they specifically wanted the Ant-Man actor, a.k.a. his doppelganger, to be the new dad.

'Meant To Be With Paul Rudd'

The tweet began with, “While making love connections between pets and people today, we discovered one of our dogs is meant to be with Paul Rudd.”

His Nickname Is Pawl Ruff

The shelter even came up with a creative nickname for the pooch, thanks to his celebrity connection: Pawl Ruff!

Hope Rudd Sees The Tweet

Paul Rudd in a suit
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Since the 53-year-old star doesn’t have a Twitter account, the Collierville Animal Shelter tagged the page of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania instead. Hope it reaches him!

Hope The Dog Gets Adopted

Dog peeking through fence
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We also hope Pawl Ruff finds his forever home. “And honestly, what is more heroic than adopting a shelter pet?” the tweet concluded.

See The Side-By-Side Photos

And to prove that the two are indeed doppelgangers, the animal shelter included a collage of their side-by-side photos. Yep, even their facial expressions matched!

His Petfinder Listing

Pawl Ruff also has a listing on Petfinder under his real name, Waffle House. On his page, he’s described as “Independent, Affectionate, Quiet.”

'Internet Famous' Doggo

Paul Rudd in navy suit
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The listing references his resemblance to Rudd, too, saying, “You may have seen me when I become internet famous after a follower created a photo mash up comparing all my expressions to Paul Rudd’s. They started calling me Paul Ruff!”

What Else Do The Two Have In Common?

Closeup of Paul Rudd
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It also mentions everything the pooch has in common with the actor. “Like Mr. Rudd, I'm a gentle, easy-going fella, the kind of guy you want to be your neighbor, best friend, or life long companion,” it says.

'Canine Version' Of Rudd

“Maybe I really am the canine version of Paul!” the page adds.

He's Not Just A Celebrity Clone, Though

Paul Rudd at a football game
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However, his resemblance to the Hollywood celeb isn’t the only thing he has going for him.

His Other Traits

According to the listing, he’s also “affectionate," “kind,” and “potty trained.” Plus, he was “such a good boy” when the shelter gave him a bath.

'Any Family Would Be Lucky To Have Me'

Person with dog
Unsplash | Patrick Hendry

The fluffy 65-pound Aussie mix is downright adorable, and he knows it. “They tell me I'm a gem and any family would be lucky to have me,” the listing further says.

Conversation With The Shelter Manager

Commercial Appeal talked to the shelter’s manager, Brandon Wallace, who gave more details about Waffle House/Pawl Ruff.

Pawl Ruff's History

He said the doggo came to the shelter on January 28. Soon, a Collierville resident named Jenny Dixon noticed his resemblance to the Clueless actor. She was the one who made the collage.

'Hilarious And Rather Fitting'

“Everyone here thought it was hilarious and rather fitting,” Wallace said about the mashup. “Waffle House has shown he can be quite the goofball, but also extremely charming, which does describe many of the characters Paul Rudd’s portrayed.”

Up For Adoption Since Early This Month

His adoption posting has been up since February 9.

Has Rudd Responded Yet?

Closeup of Paul Rudd
Flickr | Unification France

Although the cute fluffball has gone viral and the shelter has gotten several applications, there’s no word yet from Rudd.

He'll Be Bringing Lots Of Fun To His New Home

Whether he finds his forever home with the Marvel star or somewhere else, though, he looks like he’ll be blessing his new family with lots of fun!