Ryan Seacrest's Exhaustion Sparks Fear As He Leaves 'Live'

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Ryan Seacrest
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Leading up to the announcement of Ryan Seacrest's exit from Live with Kelly & Ryan, the Tv star sparked worry among his friends and colleagues. Many within his circle and at work were not even surprised about his departure because the star appeared physically exhausted most of the time. Due to the way he constantly appeared, Seacrest's friends were worried about his well-being.

Seacrest Has A Very Demanding Schedule

Seacrest might have amassed millions of dollars for his expertise in the entertainment industry. Still, all this did not come easy, as he had to man several responsibilities in his career.

Before the announcement of his departure, Seacrest filmed Live in New York City, including American Idol, and his syndicated radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. he has been at this since 2018.

He Started Experiencing Fatigue

Ryan Seacrest
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In more recent times, fans have witnessed Seacrest's absence on Live, and fatigue plays a role in how he has not been active on the live show. Seacrest's absence created tension with the show's crew but was mostly out of concern for his health. An inside told Page Six, that everyone was looking out for the TV presenter.

ABC's Decision

All of these led ABC's bosses to quietly formalize a contract for Seacrest's replacement on the show. Sources revealed that only a few staff were privy to the plan for a replacement. An insider noted, “They started talking about Ryan leaving last summer."

The Concerns About His Health

ABC has been concerned about Seacrest's well-being as far back as May 2020 as they feared that he was "overdoing it,' in terms of work. Fans were also worried when he appeared to have slurred his words on stage during an episode of American Idols. Many feared that he suffered a stroke. He would later reveal that he was dealing with exhaustion.

Seacrest's Hectic Schedule

Ryan Seacrest
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The 48-year-old who lives in Los Angeles often commutes to NYC daily to film Live among his other engagements. An insider relayed that while he did this, he also had to travel to different places for auditing and it was all 'exhausting." The insider added that it was hard doing Live every day while referring to it as a "grueling schedule."

Seacrest Needs A Break

According to the Page Six source, the media personality often did double tapings while running between his radio show and Live. And most of the time, he would only get a 10-minute break in between. The insider stated that all these became something more than one person could handle. Seacrest was also said to be not quite burned out, but he knew he needed a break.

His Other Interest

Ryan Seacrest made $10 million annually on Live and having amazed over $400 million, it is safe to say that he can fuel his other interests.

Away from TV, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians producer is quite fascinated by the culinary field. The source stated that the star had a passion for cooking and learning how to make wine. Seacrest grows his own olive trees and has been pressing olive oil.

Moving Forward

Although Seacrest's stint on the daytime show is coming to an end, his other work engagements still stand. He has a longstanding work relationship with ABC and he would continue hosting American Idols. He will also keep hosting the New York Rocking Eve special, ad holding on to his job as a producer on Hulu's The Kardashians.

An Emotional Announcement

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa
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The star and his co-host, Kelly Ripa had announced his departure as they veered into an emotional path concerning their time together on the show. Seacrest relayed that leaving was a "tough tough decision" and a bitter-sweet one at that. He shared that working with the All My Children actress for over six years was one of the highlights of his career.

Seacrest Also Announced On Social Media

Taking to Instagram, Seacrest addressed his exit from the show noting that he looked forward to coming back as a guest host. In the post, the TV star showed several photos chronicling his Live moments with Ripa. Through the lengthy post, the star outlined what he would be up to after his successful transition from the long-running TV show.

Kelly Ripa Addressed Seacrest On His Exit

Kelly Ripa
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Addressing her Live colleague, Ripa noted that there was "no one" like him. She continued, "There is nobody who can really do what you do. I know you in real life as well as in TV life. I say this about very few people: what you see is what you get. This is not an act, this is a good man." Ripa added that she was "endlessly impressed" by him.

Still speaking on his exit, the mom-of-three relayed that it was a collective decision that it was time for Seacrest to move on. With the final decision being implanted, Seacrest will remain on the show through spring until the show's title changes.

When Did Seacrest Join 'Live'?

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The star became a part of the show in 2017, taking over from former NFL star and GMA host, Michael Strahan. Seacrest originally signed a three-year contract but extended it by another three due to how he loved being on the show.

Who Will Take Over From Ryan Seacrest?

Mark Consuelos
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It's about to be a family affair for Kelly Ripa as it was announced last Thursday that her next co-host will be her husband of decades, Mark Consuelos. By spring, the show will officially be rebranded as Live with Kelly and Mark. Leading up to this, Consuelos often filled in for Seacrest, and he once took up the role for a week.

Ripa Welcomed Her Spouse On IG

She took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with Seacrest and her spouse on the set of Live. Ripa hilariously captioned the post, "@instasuelos welcome home, or to the contractual obligation phase of our relationship." 

A Hollywood Power Couple

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa
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Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa are one of Hollywood's most-recognized power couples from their acting careers and an expansion to other spheres of entertainment. The pair also serve premium couple content on social media from time to time, even to the mock chagrin of their grown kids.

Inside Their Relationship

Kelly Ripa and Mark consuelos
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The lovers met back in 1995 when they appeared on the popular soap opera, All My Children. The pair had a connection almost immediately and started seeing each other afterward. The couple became man and wife the following year, but according to Ripa, they briefly broke up, before deciding on forever. Consuelos also revealed that their breakup was not a major one and he proposed on the day they made up.

Inside Their Family

Ripa and Consualos welcomed their first child, Michael in June 1997. In her Live Wire memoir, Ripa chronicled how she once fainted while being intimate with her spouse. This was six months after they became first-time parents. According to her, intimacy could be difficult for women especially when they just had a baby. Their second child Lola was born in 2001, while their last child, Joaquin joined the beautiful family in 2003.

Celebration Of Love

Kelly Ripa and Mark consuelos
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The couple has celebrated several wedding anniversaries and by May 2023, they would be commemorating their 27th year of marriage. Once celebrating their 22nd anniversary, Consuelos gushed over his wife on Instagram while showing several throwbacks from their honeymoon.

About Their Long-lasting Union

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa
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Consuelos has once spoken about their marriage relaying that he was a slow learner, and was constantly learning the ropes. He noted that it was great to have a life with someone, and while he never supports horrible marriages, he believes in being able to work things out. It's been over two decades since their marriage, but Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa have maintained a healthy intimate life.