Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Fraudster Jen Shah Reports to Prison

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Jen Shah walking out of court
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Things have taken a turn for the worst for 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' star Jen Shah She's been found guilty and begins her prison sentence today.

Drama is usually the main source of intrigue in ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ and there’s nothing more dramatic than being sent to prison over fraud. That’s exactly what happened to the star of the show, Jen Shah. Surprised? So were we. But don’t worry! Here’s a complete breakdown of everything that happened to get you up to speed.  

How It Got Started?

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It was back in July 2022 that Shah pleaded guilty to defrauding hundreds of people in an elaborate telemarketing scheme.  

Who were the Victims? 

Jen Shah stood as a mastermind behind a scam that specifically targeted the elderly.  

Did Jen Shah Ever Confess Before? 

Jen Shah
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The star defended herself multiple times on RHOSLC before pleading guilty.  

Jen Shah Apologizes  

After receiving her sentence, Jen released a statement that clarified how sorry she was for the mistakes that she had made.  

The Sentence 

Jen Shah
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She just surrendered to the Federal Bureau of Prisons on Friday to serve a six-and-a-half-year sentence. 

Where is Jen Shah Getting Sent To? 

The Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas is a minimum-security facility that’s specifically made for women. The 49-year-old star will be serving her sentence there. The camp can be found northeast of Austin and northwest of Houston about 100 miles away.  

What You Need to Know About the Federal Prison Camp?

Jen Shah
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The Camp is a minimum-security prison. Thanks to that, Jen Shah won’t have to worry much about experiencing a harsh prison life. The camp is known to be “cushy”.  

An Infamous Inmate? 

Elizabeth Holmes
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She’ll also be joined by another infamous inmate, Elizabeth Holmes.  

Who’s that? 

Silicon Valley
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You might remember her as the biggest scam artist that Silicon Valley ever had the fortune of producing.  

How Is the Camp? 

According to Doug Murphy, a criminal defense attorney, the camps feature dormitory-style housing for their inmates. Complete with bunk beds, different facilities, and freedom. 

A “Cushy” Prison  

 Jen Shah will have easy access to commissary items such as toiletries, soups, gourmet snacks and so much more!  

What Jen Shah Has to Say?  

Jen Shah
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Jen is looking to make amends. Her attorney clarifies that Jen is looking forward to serving her sentence with courage and purpose. The star is ready to redeem herself and help others in her community. 

Jen Shah Wants to Make Amends 

Make amends
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Priya Chaudhry clarifies the star’s position through the following comment. “[She’s] fueled by her desire to make amends for the hurt that she has caused.”  

Jen Shah Is Going to Make the Most of Her Sentence 

The path ahead is definitely challenging for the star, but Jen is committed to brave through this storm. As per Priya, Shah is determined to use her time in prison to make restitutions for all those whose lives were impacted by her.  

The Unwavering Love and Support of Family 

While Jen Shah may be going through a tough time, she’s fortunately not all. Her family and friends have remained by her side and with their support.  

What Jen Shah Intends to Do in Prison? 

Despite the hurdles, the TV star is optimistic. Shah wants to come out of this experience as a better person.  

Jen’s Mini Transformation  

Jen Shah got tattoos of her husband's and sons’ names on her right forearm. In support of his mother, her youngest son also inked his mother’s name on his left arm.  

Jen Shah Accepts Her Punishment  

The TV star considers her six-year-long sentence to be just. 

What Jen Shah Plans After Her Release? 

Jen Shah

Jen is looking forward to the end of her sentence. Shah plans to pay her debt to society and later on, to the victims of the scam.