Adorable! Chrissy Teigen Shares Precious Video of Newborn Baby Esti Hiccuping

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Chrissy Teigen
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Chrissy Teigen is over the moon with the birth of her third child Esti Maxine Stephens who arrived in the world a few days after the new year. Her husband, John Legend shared the good news during a private concert saying he'd become a father for the third time.

Welcome Home Esti

On Jan. 15, the All of Me singer and his wife, Teigen shared a joint post introducing baby Esti to the world. Teigen said her family couldn't be happier to welcome the baby despite her dealing with post-partum.

Proud Older Siblings

Teigen and John Legend
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The announcement picture featured the couple's older children, Luna and Miles, cuddling Esti in the hospital. Teigen and John Legend revealed that the children were pleased with their sibling's arrival, and they followed their mother's pregnancy from the beginning.

Luna And Miles Were Very Involved With The Pregnancy

Since Teigen dealt with fertility struggles after losing her previous pregnancy in the pandemic, she coached Luna and Miles to prepare for the possibility of losing Esti (thankfully they didn't).

Baby Updates

Since the big announcement, however, Teigen hasn't stopped sharing updates about the newborn. Her children mean a lot to her, as her almost 41 million Instagram followers know so well. The model is honest about her life, from her birthing journey to her family care.

Supporting Each Other

At the end of January, Teigen shared a recent slide show of her life, from Luna and Miles' gameplay in their living room to chatting with her husband over video calls whenever he's away at work.

Teigen has her hands full raising two children under seven but gets through it with John Legend's assistance.

Missing Grammys Day

Part of Teigen's honesty showed on Grammys Sunday when the model confessed to being too fatigued to bother dressing up and looking pretty at the award show.

Loves Her The Way She Is

Teigen and John Legend
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John Legend didn't mind that the model preferred to stay home with their infant and watch the show online. He reminded her that she was beautiful to him via the comments.

A Proud Mother

Esti's growth and mannerisms fascinate her mother so much that Teigen can't resist showing the world. Yesterday, the cookbook author shared a video of Esti hiccupping while Teigen fed her milk from a bottle.

Like Baby, Like Mother

A recent Instagram post on Teigen's feed showed that she burps like her baby. One user said the model's burp is cute while another wondered why she posted such a video on social media.

Spending Time Together

Although John Legend's work takes him away from home most days, the family finds time to enjoy themselves often. They shared a sweet valentine's picture showing how they spread the love on Feb. 14.

Family's Day Out

Legend tagged it the best valentine's celebration he's ever had. The singer wore a red, white, and black sweater over black pants, Esti wore a red and white set, Miles wore brown khakis with a white shirt and red jacket while Luna wore a red dress with a pink and red coat.

Matching With Mom

Luna's polka heart coat matched her mother's baby pink ensemble. Teigen wore a ruched mini dress with long sleeves and bell cuffs accessorized with a blazer jacket.

Valentine's Day At Disney Hall

John Legend performed in Los Angeles at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and told his audience to thank Chrissy for sharing him with them. The feedback in the comments showed that it was a great performance like many of his past outings.

Fans Were Pleased

John Legend performing
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One fan commented,

"This was a FABULOUS evening!!! No band, no Orchestra. Just pure John legend at his FINEST."

New Music From Legend

The singer releases a solo piano version of his album Legend a few days before valentine's day. It reminded his core fans of his early days as a singer before the Grammy win and fame.

Still A Businesswoman

Meanwhile, Teigen still dedicates time to cooking for her followers and promoting her cookware.

People Love Her Recipes

Teigen has an audience of 1.5 million people on her recipe and cookware page, Cravings by Chrissy Teigen.

An Established Cookbook Author

She's the proud author of three cookbooks including the most recent, Cravings: All Together: Recipes to Love: A Cookbook (2021).

Perfect Partners

Teigen and Legend prove that you can do it all with the right partnership.