People Share Jobs That Are Fine On Their Own But Suspicious If You Have Them Both

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Whether you’re an aspiring detective or just naturally curious, sometimes it’s quite hard to not notice things. Seemingly innocuous details pop out of nowhere and you can’t help yourself but wonder what they're hiding.

A few days ago, user, crustpad, raised a question that prompted people to list two professions that, on their own, are perfectly fine, but if you do both, they become suspicious. “What two jobs are fine on their own but suspicious if you work both of them?” they asked, and their call was answered by nearly 38k redditors.

As we scroll down and check out the answers these folks gave, you may find yourself nodding your head in agreement. Got any other suspect professions in mind?

😳 Two Jobs At Once🤔

PayYourBiIIs | PayYourBiIIs

The comment suggested having two jobs as a day trader and being a member of congress, which might be suspicious. Replies indicated that having day and night trader jobs should be the first suspicious activity, and that it is still considered legal by congress.

🤔🤔 Two Suspicious Careers?

DancingBear2020 | DancingBear2020

The section comment suggests the combination of two careers - wedding planner and divorce lawyer - that are not usually seen together. Replies suggest it could be a lucrative enterprise, either as a joke or in a movie-like atmosphere.

‍🐕‍⚖️ Is It Ever A Good Idea To Be A Veterinarian And Taxidermist? 🤔

NoesHowe2Spel | NoesHowe2Spel

The initial comment asked if it was ever a good idea to be both a Veterinarian and Taxidermist. Chuck Testa, DVM replied with a joke, saying either way people would get their dog back.

What A Dark Combo! 😱

Ordinary_potato_peel | Ordinary_potato_peel

The comment was about the questionable combination of being a butcher and a gravedigger. One reply mentioned that in Germany there is a law that specifically forbids this, while another reply stated that it is the plot of the game Graveyard Keeper.

Would You Like Some🤔Financial Advice💰?

Cataloniandevil | Cataloniandevil

Commenter shares an interesting job pairing that is suspicious to have both at the same time: casino manager and debt consolidation. One reply suggests the concept of vertical integration, bringing in many elements of a process under one single entity.

🤔 Selling Soap And Working In A Liposuction Clinic🤔

federicoaa | federicoaa

A comment suggested working at a liposuction clinic by day and selling homemade soap by night. One reply jokes that they are selling the fat of the patients back to them.

Suspicious 🔍 Jobs 👩‍💼👨‍💼

really_bitch_ | really_bitch_

Antique jewelry dealer and Funeral director might be suspicious if someone has them both, but one reply suggests that it's a probable answer and it would not be surprising if it showed up in a murder mystery TV show.

Selling🕷Pictures And Being 🕷Spider-Man🕷?

bedfashion | bedfashion

A comment mentions a suspicious job combo: selling pictures of Spiderman, and (perhaps) being Spiderman. Replies range from pointing out that being Spiderman is not a job, to musing that Superman-related activities may be unethical.

🤔 Paramedic Or Mortician??

wigginsadam80 | wigginsadam80

A commenter mentioned an interesting combo of jobs - paramedic and mortician. A reply reminisced about a former ambulance partner whose family owned a funeral parlor and joked about how they would know not to expect a cardiac arrest back when the partner started handing out business cards.

👀 Two Suspicious 🤔 Jobs 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment suggests that having a job as both a proctologist and a ventriloquist simultaneously can seem suspicious. One reply humorously suggested not to threaten them with a good time, while the other suggested to raise hands up all the a**es.

🤔 Plastic Surgeon 🤔 And Psychiatrist? 🤔

DaimyoDawn | DaimyoDawn

The comment suggests a suspicious combination of a plastic surgeon and a psychiatrist, with replies adding that the suggestion is 'evil.'

👀 Creepy Two-In-One 💀 🚑 Businesses 🤔

zerostar83 | zerostar83

Commenter references a real life example of two businesses that should never be combined, a funeral home and a cadaver sales. Replies mention the creepy conflict of interest of having a funeral home and ambulance service, as well as the unfortunate name of the business mentioned: Bang's Funeral Home and Ambulance Service.

A 🤔🤔Dirty-A** Porn Store 🤯by Night, Ice Cream 🍦 Truck 🚚 By Day?! 🙃

TruthOrTruthy | TruthOrTruthy

A guy worked in a porn store at night and drove an ice cream truck by day, and a reply reveals that he also sold drugs to cover up his activities.🤔

👀 A Chemistry Teacher And A Car Wash Owner? 🤔

Crunchnuggz | Crunchnuggz

Someone makes a suggestion that having both a chemistry teacher job and a car wash ownership job is suspicious. The comment replies with a joke, another joke, and then a name.

🧐What Can Go Wrong?

nameforus | nameforus

Head of the FDA and a board member of a pharmaceutical or food company at the same time? Something doesn't sound right... A reply to this comment asks if this was a real thing at one point.

🤔 Dentist & Candy Seller!?

FLIM_fn | FLIM_fn

Commenter joked that this combination of jobs sound like an episode from Parks and Rec. Another reply shared a fond memory of their dentist giving out lollypops in the 80s or 90s.

👇🏼🤔 Barber And 🥧 Shop Owner? 🤔👇🏼

Galileo258 | Galileo258

One comment suggested that owning both a barber shop and a meat pie shop could indicate suspicious behavior, as the price of meat would likely determine one's profitability. A reply to this comment provided a humorous quote about a barber shop in London Town that had fancy clients and good renown, regardless of their souls being saved or not.

🤔 Working Two 🧑‍🔪Suspicious 💼Jobs

Canuck_dad | Canuck_dad

A comment suggested being a coroner and a sausage maker may be a suspicious combination. A reply asked if this meant the worst pies in London were coming. 🤔

You Can't Be Both 🤔

Midori_Schaaf | Midori_Schaaf

The comment mentions two jobs that can't be held together: police constable and court judge. An example of a reply is 'Illegal in the UK (and probably in many other places)'. Another reply suggests that combining the two would make the person a 'judge, jury, and executioner'.

Doctor+Funeral Parlor=🤭

pildorarojo7777 | pildorarojo7777

A comment discussed the joke of a doctor and funeral parlor owner being brothers, and the replies talked about their actual experience with a doctor-funeral parlor owner. One reply mentioned the doctor's humor when asked about it, while another described a morbid advertisement of the parlor.

Mixing 🍸 And 🤕: 🤔

NachiseThrowaway | NachiseThrowaway

A comment was made about a friend of the commenter who held jobs as a bartender and a substance abuse counselor simultaneously. Replies to the comment focused on the potential benefits the combination of jobs could offer, such as making an experienced budget therapist and creating a referral opportunity. No a-hole here!

😲 Father By Day, 👨‍❤️‍👨 Daddy By Night

11B-1P-CIB | 11B-1P-CIB

An intriguing combination of professions- a priest and a sex worker- was presented in this comment, yielding interesting replies such as 'No kidding. If you ever went into a bar, everyone would think it was a joke' and 'Father by day, daddy by night.'

Could This Be A Conflict Of Interest? 🤔

tryinreddit | tryinreddit

A comment was made regarding a Congressman and investor, to which two replies were made, one suggesting a possible conflict of interest involving a judge and private detention facility shareholder, and another involving a senator and coal baron.

Small-Town 'A-Hole' Alert 🚨

willy_manneth | willy_manneth

The comment discusses a rural city having its ambulance drivers doubled up as mortician services, until it was ruled a conflict of interest. One of the replies cites a similar situation happening over 100 years ago with hearses run out of funeral homes.

🤔 Two 'Unique' Jobs 🤔

daniel_redstone | daniel_redstone

Someone talked about two jobs that sound suspicious if someone had them both: sperm bank organizer and mayonnaise mixer. One reply joked about flying in from both of the jobs, and another laughed about the mayonnaise mixer's title.

The Hospital Owner's Wife In Charge Of The City's Parking? 😒🤔

sawcondeesnutz | sawcondeesnutz

The comment talks about how the hospital owner got his wife in charge of the city's parking and this has resulted in good parking only near the hospital. One reply states that this could be because of more attention to the problem, and not necessarily corruption. Another reply adds that if good parking is desired anywhere, it should be at the hospital.

🤔 🤔 🤔 Analyzing The Odd Dual Roles 🤔 🤔 🤔

Chairchucker | Chairchucker

Someone commented that the roles of a therapist and analyst might raise suspicion if someone has both of them. A reply added that the same could be true for a Blue Man Group understudy.

Defying Logic? 🤔

derpolizist | derpolizist

The comment suggests the highly unlikely combination of careers, pilot and YouTube-prankster, and a reply offers a listicle full of stunts passengers do on fear of death. It's a unique and fascinating context, to say the least!

Ventriloquist 🤔 And Psychiatrist 🧠

Ratclife | Ratclife

The section comment sparks curiosity about the overlap between being a ventriloquist and a psychiatrist. A reply suggests that a psychiatrist might use puppets, so why not go professional with it?

👀 Picking Locks And Lawyering 🤔

Questioned_answers | Questioned_answers

One comment suggested being a locksmith or operating a pawn shop is a suspicious combination of jobs, while a reply said being a lock picker and lawyer is an even more suspicious combo.

🤔 🔎 Double Suspicious Job?

spoonybard326 | spoonybard326

A comment in the section states that owning electronic billboard and being a manager of a collision repair shop might be a bit suspicious. No replies were found in relation to this comment.

👀 Double Trouble 😈

robophile-ta | robophile-ta

Having a job as both a butcher and a mortician may seem suspicious, as if it implies somebody knows something the rest of us don't. No replies found.

Suspicious Combo 🤔

codeninjaking42 | codeninjaking42

Comment suggests that being both a veterinarian and a butcher is suspicious as these two roles do not usually go hand-in-hand. No replies were found.

Double Dipping 🤔

Diabolus_IpseSum | Diabolus_IpseSum

A comment suggested that being a board member of both the Environmental Protection Agency and an oil or energy company could be seen as double-dipping. One reply noted that thankfully this scenario rarely happens.

What's With The A-Holes? 😉

TetrizZ1 | TetrizZ1

Two secret agents? Sounds suspicious! Maybe someone's up to something not so legal here.

"Marriage Counselor + Divorce Lawyer?" 😲

glueberryog | glueberryog

This comment suggests that holding both a marriage counsellor and divorce lawyer job at the same time may seem suspicious. No replies were found for this comment.

Going From "Fur-Ever Friends" To "Fur-Ever Freeze" 🤯

DanBeecherArt | DanBeecherArt

One user noticed the stark difference between the professions of a Build-A-Bear employee on the sunny side of life and a taxidermist in the more solemn side of life.

It's A Fine Line 😨

Electronic_Rub30 | Electronic_Rub30

A comment suggested that having a job as both a financial advisor and a debt collector is suspicious. No replies were found to further elaborate on the subject.

🤔 Straddling Two Roles: Midwife And Adoption Consultant

CaDeCroBo_Luci | CaDeCroBo_Luci

This comment highlights the suspicious nature of combining two roles: midwife and consultant at an adoption agency. The commenter raises the question of possible conflicts of interest when a person straddles both roles.

🤔 Being A Sommelier And A Stay-At-Home Mom At The Same Time 🤔

EveryRecording | EveryRecording

Commenter suggests that the combination of being a sommelier and a stay-at-home mom could be suspicious, raising questions about the legality of it all.