Woman Exposes Husband’s Mother As A Snoop By Planting A Fake Pregnancy Test In Her Bedroom, The List Of Problems Only Grows From There

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If you think that snooping is a bad thing, you’ll agree with us that it’s even worse if the snooper happens to be your mother-in-law. And if she moves in to live with you—well, you can imagine how stress-inducing that may become. Sure enough, one redditor shared just how stressful it’s been for her and her husband since his mother moved in: his very own mother started snooping around their bedroom. “I felt like I was going crazy,” the author of the post wrote, so she came up with a plan to catch her MIL in the act. Turns out, it worked like a charm and as you can imagine, created quite a mess in their family. Read on for the full story and let us know in the comments who you think was in the wrong here.

Planting A Fake Pregnancy Test Led To A Woman Exposing Her Mother-In-Law As A Snoop. What Will Happen Next?

milathrowaway37 | milathrowaway37

Woman Plants Fake Pregnancy Test To Test Husband's Mom's Snooping Habits, And The Consequences Were Unexpected

milathrowaway37 | milathrowaway37

Exposing MIL's Snooping Technique With A Fake Pregnancy Test Outrageously Backfires!

milathrowaway37 | milathrowaway37

She Took Drastic Measures To Catch Her Mother-In-Law Snooping And Now Her Husband Is 🤯 😳. What Happened Next? 🤔

A woman noticed her bedroom was being tampered with, but couldn't figure out who was causing it. When she realized her mother-in-law was the snooper, she took drastic measures to expose her. She planted a fake pregnancy test in her bedroom in the hopes of getting a reaction out of her mother-in-law. And get a reaction she did - her family soon caught wind of the news and her husband was not pleased. What follows is a story of manipulation, lies, and confrontation between family members - leading to the ultimate question: was this woman wrong?

Planting A 🤭 In Her Bedroom 🤯

babymargaret | babymargaret

NTA, but ordering a lock for the door and kicking MIL out seems easier. The commenter suggests ordering a lock and kicking MIL out as it seems to be an easier solution to the woman's problem. Replies discuss the husband's behavior and the MIL's entitlement to y’all someone else's pregnancy assuming that it was true. Everyone agrees that the MIL should go and the husband should too for his controlling behavior.

👇🏽🤔 Wives, Beware!

gastropodia42 | gastropodia42

The commenter has declared the original poster (OP) as 'Not the A**hole' (NTA). The comment is urging the OP to not have kids with their spouse as they are likely to end up on the wrong side of their partner's family. This is further shown by the husband's outrage against the OP and not his mother's wrongdoing.

🐭Trapped Two Rats! 🐭

JazzyKnowsBest13 | JazzyKnowsBest13

The commenter NTA declares that the OP did not lie but set a trap and caught a rat. To this, a reply suggested that two rats have actually been caught - the MIL and the husband who blindly refuses to take any action. This validates the initial comment that the OP has both a MIL problem and a husband problem. Both of the rats have been exposed.

🤯🔍 The MIL Snooping Gets Worse!

ctortan | ctortan

The commentator is NTA but points out that the husband seems more concerned with his mother’s hurt feelings than the fact that she was snooping in the marital bedroom and spreading private news to everyone without any confirmation. The replies reinforce the sentiment, with one suggesting that the OP take extra precautions with her birth control, and the other proposing a lighthearted suggestion to make the MIL stop snooping.

👋The 💩 Hits The Fan When A Woman Plants A 🤰 Fake Pregnancy Test In Her 🛏 Bedroom! 🤔

Calico-Kats | Calico-Kats

A woman sarcastically mentions that if her husband ever asked her to take a pregnancy test in his presence, she would tell him to put his head in the toilet while she does it. Her comment was met with laughter and a follow up questioning the absurdity of such a request.

🤬 NTA! 🤬

PointlessGeolocation | PointlessGeolocation

The comment declares that the commented person is Not The A**hole (NTA), and should throw out their partner's family. It all started when the partner forced them to take a pregnancy test in front of him. The comment is supported by a reply which reveals that the partner had done this after they got home and the commented person could not refuse due to the pressure placed upon them.

Kicking MIL 🤔out & Husband 💼Therapy? NTA!

CyclonicHavoc | CyclonicHavoc

The comment suggests kicking MIL out of their home and getting husband therapy to address his co-dependence issues. The reply adds that MIL could be messing with the couple's birth control, so they should check for holes in the condoms. NTA - not the a-hole.

🤔️ NTA: Husband's Mom Snoops And Causes Chaos!

tatasz | tatasz

The author is Not The A**hole because they did not lie to anyone, but the husband's mother snooped in the author's bedroom and made assumptions which caused the chaos. The author should have put across that they had no use for the item found and that the mother-in-law had crossed a line going into the bedroom. The husband is also an a**hole for not being on the author's side. Everyone should respect personal boundaries.

Ah-Mazing How MIL Snooped 🤯And Spilled Pregnancy News 🤰 Without Consent 😲

Pro_crastinator451 | Pro_crastinator451

NTA! OP's MIL is an a**hole for snooping around and announcing the OP's pregnancy without their consent, trying to shift the blame for her violation of privacy. This situation could've been even worse if OP had wanted an abortion and MIL had already spread the pregnancy news.

Caught In A "Lie" 🤔 🤷‍♀️

ChibiSailorMercury | ChibiSailorMercury

The commenter questions whether the wife lied by planting a fake pregnancy test in her mother-in-law's bedroom, since there would have been no need had the MIL respected her boundaries in the first place. The commenter suggests the husband should ask himself what the right thing to do in such a situation is instead of holding it against his wife. Overall, NTA. One reply agrees with the comment and also wonders why the husband made the wife take a pregnancy test in front of him.

NTA: MIL ❤️ Snoopin' 😱

Proud_Fee_1542 | Proud_Fee_1542

The comment declares the MIL as NTA for snooping around the OP's bedroom and violating her privacy. The comment also talks about how the MIL should not have the say in when and how to announce a pregnancy as it's none of her business. The replies suggest that the OP's husband had asked her why she didn't tell him first, which shouldn't be the correct question to ask in such a situation.

Should 🤔 🤷‍♀️ She Rethink Her 💍?

Impossible-Peach-985 | Impossible-Peach-985

The comment suggests that NTA (not the a**hole) and advises the original poster to rethink the marriage. A reply to the comment mentions that the husband is more worried about his mother having hurt herself than invading their privacy. Both comments suggest the marriage is not a healthy one.

A Case Of Snooping 👀 And Manipulation 😩?

PerkyLurkey | PerkyLurkey

The section comment asks why the husband isn't concerned that his mother-in-law felt comfortable snooping and reporting what she found, and the reply reveals that he wasn't concerned, even after his wife explained the situation - and instead he accused her of being manipulative.⁠

👏🏼 No Trust 🤦‍♀️

Cherie-sweetie | Cherie-sweetie

NTA stands for Not the A**hole. The comment states to get the snooping mother-in-law out of the house as soon as possible, as she cannot be trusted.

🤦‍♂️👩🏻‍🦰 NTA 💔 Red flags 🤝 Divorce 🤯

casschley | casschley

The commenter advises the OP to take a hard stance and leave the toxic situation. They mention that there are a lot of a**hole (NTA) red flags, such as the MIL snooping and lying to the OP, the MIL telling the family before talking to the OP, the husband forcing the OP to take a pregnancy test in front of him, and the husband siding with his mother. They advise the OP to file for divorce before the situation gets worse, to get on birth control if not on it already, and to look after themselves.

NTA: 🤯🤔 Husband's Mother Snoops And Reveals Fake Pregnancy Test Without Giving OP A Chance To Process.

idksammi | idksammi

The commenter was not the a-hole, and suggested that the husband needed to decide his priorities. The mother had told people about the fake pregnancy test before the OP had a chance to process it, which was an issue. Replies to the comment empathized with the OP, noting that the mother had snooped and announced the news before the OP had time to process the news.

🤦🏻‍♀️Problematic in-laws

Defiant-Currency-518 | Defiant-Currency-518

The comment is in agreement that the original poster's NTA, and states that the poster has "very serious" husband problems to address.

Get Away 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

mgutier | mgutier

A comment advises the woman to get away from the man and his family, as the commenter believes that he would never put the woman or their future children first. NTA (not the a-hole).

A Woman Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands ✊

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

NTA – the commenter expresses support for the woman's action, believing she had not lied about anything given the hypothetical situation of a friend taking a test at her place. No replies were found.

An issue with ✋ multiple parties 🤔

inubasket | inubasket

The commenter suggests that the woman should move out and let her husband and his mother live together, as they are both at fault in this situation. No other replies were found in the comment section.

This Husband-Mother Relationship Is 🤯

[deleted] | [deleted]

The commenter states that the husband is delusional, and that his mother revealed the news of the pregnancy before the woman did. The commenter also expresses surprise about the situation.

Mother-In-Law Drama 🤭

isham66 | isham66

The comment suggests that the mother-in-law should move out due to her snooping behavior around her daughter-in-law. No replies were found for this comment.

🤔 Grandchild Drama!

kaaresjoe | kaaresjoe

A commenter questions a strange statement that the person's spouse made about breaking the mother's heart in hopes of a pregnancy. The commenter suggests that the potential pregnancy would not be hers, but a grandchild, which the spouse finds strange.

Woman Takes Revenge On Snooping MIL 👩‍❤️‍👨

UnsuspectingPuppy | UnsuspectingPuppy

The commenter commends the woman for taking vengeance on her snooping mother-in-law. They believe that the husband should have supported his wife instead of worrying about his mother's feelings.

🥵 No Snooping Allowed 🤷

Jollycondane | Jollycondane

NTA, according to the comment, the husband's mother broke the first rule of snooping by not acting surprised when she found out what she already knew.

NTA! MIL Was In The Wrong🤬

WinternallyScreaming | WinternallyScreaming

The commenter says the MIL was wrong and acted with incredible entitlement. The MIL intruded the OP's home and shared news that should have been the OP's to share. The MIL even called the OP a liar and a manipulator. The commenter suggests that the OP stands her ground on this issue and that her husband is also TA for not standing by her. It might be a momma's boy situation with her husband.

🤯 Wife Catches In-laws Snooping😳

my__name__is | my__name__is

NTA (not the a**hole)--the commenter finds it funny that the wife was able to expose her in-laws snooping using a fake pregnancy test. They also raise a red flag on the husband for brushing it off, and recommend to the wife to leave a strap-on on the bed next time. 🤭

NTA: MIL Snooping 🤯

veni_vidi_dixi | veni_vidi_dixi

The comment declares that the MIL is snooping through the trash and adds WTF to show surprise and disbelief. No replies were found.

Woman 🤔 Catches MIL Snooping 🔍👀

Life_Is_Good199 | Life_Is_Good199

The commenter is NTA, as they did not lie about anything. They face both a husband and a MIL problem as the MIL was caught snooping. The commenter suggests kicking the MIL out or at least putting a lock on the bedroom door and rethinking their relationship with their husband. Good luck! 🤞

NTA! MIL Needs To Get Out 😨

AnwenCACH | AnwenCACH

The comment states that the husband's mother is not the a**hole here and that she needs to get out, as the husband forcing his wife to take a test in front of him is worrying. No replies were found.

NTA: Woman Confronts 🤬 Husband's Snooping Mother

manta002 | manta002

The commenter declared Not The A**hole and wrote that the woman's husband must talk sense to his mother and enforce boundaries or she cannot stay over ever again. They also advise the woman to think carefully about how to handle the situation and if the relationship is lasting.

NTA - 🤦‍♀️👩‍👩‍👦 🤷‍♀️

zwergschnauzer | zwergschnauzer

The comment author states that NTA (not the a**hole) - the woman hasn't done anything wrong. She is surprised and baffled that her husband, MIL and the rest of the family are mad at her, as her MIL is snooping through the trash in her bedroom without her permission.

🤔 Sneaky MIL Exposed! 🤔

Ok_Cryptographer2659 | Ok_Cryptographer2659

The commenter is appalled by the situation, pointing out that the husband knew his mother was snooping and he didn't mention the pregnancy before the woman did. They also question why he made her take a pregnancy test in front of him. The commenter concludes that the MIL should be removed and that couples therapy should be sought, determining that the situation makes the woman Not The A**hole (NTA).

Woman Takes A Stand 💪

EnemyoftheEmpire | EnemyoftheEmpire

The commenter declared the woman to be NTA (not the a**hole) and advised her to get her MIL (mother-in-law) out of the house as soon as possible, as they felt her presence was damaging the marriage.

🔐Can A Lock Be The Ultimate Solution?

harleybidness | harleybidness

The comment suggests that the woman put a lock on her bedroom door in order to keep her husband's mother from snooping around. The reply adds that one should also be careful that the husband does not give his mother a spare key.

NTA- 🤯 Husband's Shocking Request!

DiggityGiggity8 | DiggityGiggity8

The commentor states that they are not the a**hole (NTA) in the situation, and is shocked that the husband asked them to take a real pregnancy test. They suggest that the MIL should go and that the husband needs to learn to trust the commentor.

Protective Husband Or Enabling Partner? 🤔

sprinkle_and_sparkle | sprinkle_and_sparkle

The person in question states that their spouse's mother is snooping in their bedroom and going through the rubbish bin, raising privacy issues. They asked their partner to choose between them and their mother, as someone has to leave.

🤔😳 MIL Needs To Move Out!

RatioNo1114 | RatioNo1114

The section comment states that the mother-in-law is NTA and needs to move out due to her snooping behavior.

NTA, Hubby's Mom Crossed The Line!

Creepy-Bag-5913 | Creepy-Bag-5913

The commenter is calling out the husband's mother for snooping and telling the entire family before checking in with the woman. She advises the woman to reconsider the situation if her husband doesn't see the sense of it.

A MIL Snooping🤔

Chaij2606 | Chaij2606

The commenter states that the woman is not the a**hole in this situation and implies that her mother-in-law is to blame for snooping. No replies were found.

👀 Exposing Her Husband's Mother And Finding Out Her Husband Is Trash? 🤦‍♀️

MidCenturyMayhem | MidCenturyMayhem

The commenter declared that the woman's husband was 'trash' for making her take a pregnancy test, and characterized the mother-in-law as 'terrible.' They suggested calling the 'Whole Man Disposal Services' to take him away.

🤔Exposing A Mother-In-Law's Snooping😱

staciegee | staciegee

The commenter is agreeing with the poster, saying they are not the a**hole in this situation. They advise against bringing children into this family, claiming they sound insufferable.

MIL Vs. Daughter-In-Law⁉️

Thejackalope72 | Thejackalope72

The commenter believes the poster of the article is Not The A-Hole in this situation, and recommends she not have children with her husband, as their mother-in-law could become worse when grandchildren are involved. They indicate that the husband not backing the commenter up is as bad as his mother's behavior.

👀🤔 NTA 🤷‍♂️

CuteHoodie | CuteHoodie

The commenter said that the woman's husband's mother is not the a**hole, and that the positive pregnancy test found in her bedroom is not reliable information. They also stated that even if it was accurate, she would not have the right to tell everyone.

🤔 MIL Snooping And Husband Enabling?

Rstar2247 | Rstar2247

NTA: The commenter points out that the MIL's snooping and the husband's enabling of it is the main issue, as the rest of the story is a distraction from their disrespectful behavior towards the wife's privacy and boundaries.

A MIL Snooping & Her Blabbing ---A Husband Believing His Wife

badnewsfaery | badnewsfaery

NTA admonishes the poster to stay vigilant with her BC to make sure that the mother-in-law is not in control of it. The poster is being held to different standards by her husband, who values his mother's gossip over his wife's truth. It looks like the poster is now on the mother-in-law's bad side and something needs to be done to intervene.

Setting Boundaries📏 With MIL!

gracenweaver | gracenweaver

The commenter states that the MIL should be held accountable for her snooping, and that the couple should have a serious discussion to set clear expectations for her going forward. The commenter adds that MIL should comply with the rules or leave.

Wife Takes 🔥 Action 🔥 Against 🚫 Snooping 🚫 Mother-In-Law 🤯

Mysterious-Choice568 | Mysterious-Choice568

The commenter said the wife of the husband should take action against his mother, which is not the a**hole in this situation.

Trust Issues In 🔐 Marriage? 🤔

AwkwardAquarian | AwkwardAquarian

The commenter believes that the OP has bigger issues than their snooping MiL. They advise that the OP should seriously consider packing their stuff and leaving for a couple of days to consider their marriage moving forward. The commenter stresses that the OP needs to think about how or if they want the marriage to function in the future. Good luck to the OP!

🤯NTA - Nobody Lied!

Inevitable-Tour-1561 | Inevitable-Tour-1561

The commenter shares that nobody lied to the mother-in-law, and that she made an assumption, making an a** out of herself in the process. They questioned how the mother-in-law is longing for grandchildren while being creepy and skulking around the bedroom.

NTA: 🤔🤔 Is He Really Worth It?

Material-Profit5923 | Material-Profit5923

The commenter suggests that the woman consider if the husband is really worth having children with, given their glimpse into how both the husband and his mother will treat their child.

No One To Blame Here 😉

Regular-Tell-108 | Regular-Tell-108

According to the comment, the woman did not break her mom's heart; instead, her mom broke her own heart.