Paris Hilton Opens Up About Her Asexual Struggles Before Meeting Carter Reum

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42-year-old Paris Hilton is opening up about the ramifications of being a sex symbol in the 21st century. After welcoming her first child through surrogacy last month, the socialite is ready to discuss marriage and sex.

Misconception About Sex

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Hilton told Harper's Bazaar that she feared sex as a teenager leading her to self-identify as asexual. It shocked her in her 20s because the world knew Paris as a sex symbol but didn't realize she wasn't having sex.

The Kissing Bandit

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One sexual act held Hilton's fancy, however, and she did it so well. The reality star called herself the Kissing Bandit because she enjoyed making out even if she didn't get past second base.

Early Days

Hilton's catchphrases, "That's Hot" and "Sliving," paved the way for the generation's reality TV stars and celebrities, from the Kardashians to the Vanderpumps. However, beneath the partying and fame lay deep-set traumas she's now unpacking.

Smarter Than People Think

Hilton has shown herself to be more intelligent than people give her credit for as she launched businesses in her name. The reality TV star is a model, DJ, and beauty and fashion mogul. Recently, she's toned down her "ditzy" persona to embrace the smart side of herself, which scares her.

Switching Her Style

Fans noticed that the star's fashion choices changed recently although she retained the Barbiecore personae for her club appearances.

Childhood Trauma

Hilton's trauma started as a teenager when her parents sent her to a reformation boarding school. Rather than improve her life, the institution left her with scars that she's still healing.

Troubling Early Year

Revelations from her memoir showed that the socialite also experienced abuse from a middle school male teacher. Coupled with these troubling experiences, the socialite dealt with a sex tape released without her consent in 2004.

Relationship List Before Carter Reum

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The scandal didn't break her spirit but it colored Hilton's relationship with her past boyfriends. Hilton's ex boyfriends include Edward Furlong, Rick Salomon (the second party in the sex tape scandal), Nick Carter, and Chris Zylka (ex-fiancé).

Getting Married To Reum

Hilton broke her engagement to Zylka in 2018 after 11 months then surprised fans with news of her new relationship with Carter Reum in Decemer 2019. The couple married each other in 2021 after a ten-month engagement.

Becoming A Mother

At the beginning of this year, Hilton announced the birth of her newborn in a cryptic Instagram post saying the child's loved beyond words.

Moving Silently

Hilton and Reum's child's existence changed her perspective in life. The socialite said she used an alias and disguise in the hospital during the birth as the immediate family plus surrogate were the only privy parties.

Her Family Found Out With The World

She felt it was necessary to keep such a beautiful news private because her life has always been public - even her three-day wedding to Reum.

Little And Big Changes

Paris Hilton says That's Hot

Hilton is taking the mask off and scares her because everything is about to change. She revealed to Harper's Bazaar that she has two voices - the high-pitched voice for public appearances and the low-toned note for private conversations.

Hilton is dropping the high-pitch for her natural tone.

Dropping The Act

Hilton's ditzy persona is a shell meant to shield her from the internet and trolls because she believed they wouldn't be so hard on her if they thought she was clueless.

Inspiring A New Generation

Although Hilton is shedding her Barbiecore skin, she still has her eye on fashion as the socialite admonished designers for their lack of originality. She realizes her position as a fashion icon but wants younger girls to aspire to be more with her new era.

Fastening Her Business Acumen

Hilton is a staunch businesswoman who's delved into the NFT space alongside expanding her perfume brand.

Earning Her Respect

At 42, Hilton believes people now respect her for her achievements and because she has become a confident woman.

The Best Partner

She drew courage from her husband, Reum, who's nothing like the men she's dated. Romance with Reum is different and more intimate than Hilton used to, clearing her doubt about being asexual.

Anticipating Motherhood

The socialite can't wait to experience motherhood with Reum and she'll have her family along for the ride.